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  1. where is a good reputable dealer of feathers i live in Springfield so Bass Pro is here just curious to see where you guys buy at
  2. SOunds good, I forget is this on the 31 or the 1
  3. hes perfect size for eating
  4. jester, We can catch them and ill clean and we will have a fish fry I can make a trip Saturday or Sunday if anyone is interested
  5. Bow fish them out, or they like crank baits resembling shad, they are great to eat as well or big hair jigs in similar pattern
  6. My opinion is i dont mind bowfishing I prefer shooting gar because they are great table fare, maybe there could be length limits but since its Nongame fish i reasoning y there isnt I for one arent against regulation but i also feel that if more are applied the less enjoyable the sport could be. I honestly think enforcement should be up but at what cost, but it all goes back to the judges that slap the wrist of violators compared to the COs doing there jobs trying to enforce the laws.
  7. you will be just fine at fellows just make sure u register ur boat at Marina
  8. Has anyone met or talked with the New Manager Ben Havens Hope he does the Hatchery Some good compared to what it used to be run like.
  9. I was thinking the same thing. I myself cant figure out the difference between large and spotties
  10. I catch the bigger ones while BB for Walleye
  11. Lmt out I just cant believe the Numbers you are catching because its hard for me to believe it can be done. I know others/guides that will even say those numbers are hard to accomplish. I will say myself i catch more shorts than i do keeper but for me thats just the fun of fishing.
  12. mostly around 13" to 14" is a size i catch alot of
  13. Lowe im the same way i throw all bass back, now i am getting to where i wont keep a walleye unless its around 18 in or better. i find it just as fun and relaxing to catch and release than to have to take the fish home to clean unless i really want to eat it.
  14. yea that was one of of the reasons i mentioned something is because i started seeing that realtor sign alot around that area
  15. i like spoons for walleye and whitebass
  16. Did find it interesting that some of the Old Circle J was up for sale, guess the guy decided he wasnt as interested in all the property.
  17. thanks for the inputs but we just decided to stay at the park. fished around the spring not much activity, moved down to handicapped dock and it was on. interesting thing is we saw several large mouth bass around the dock.
  18. is there a size limit on google eye, pretty new to fishing river and its regulations
  19. was jsut curious about input in to catching fish in the river outside of the park not necessarily fishing for trout but anything that might bite. If no luck or ideas then i will buy a tag and fish the zone 1 area
  20. yea i had issues with log-in but got it figured out.
  21. The walleye bite was slow today no keepers had some shorts and a few white bass
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