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    fishbait3 got a reaction from JestersHK in Gar Flys   
    We can catch them and ill clean and we will have a fish fry 
    I can make a trip Saturday or Sunday if anyone is interested 
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    fishbait3 got a reaction from Daryk Campbell Sr in A Question of Ethics?   
    My opinion is i dont mind bowfishing  I prefer shooting gar because they are great table fare, maybe there could be length limits but since its Nongame fish i reasoning y there isnt
    I for one arent against regulation but i also feel that if more are applied the less enjoyable the sport could be.
    I honestly think enforcement should be up but at what cost, but it all goes back to the judges that slap the wrist of violators compared to the COs doing there jobs trying to enforce the laws.
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    fishbait3 reacted to nomolites in Crazy Lake Today!   
    Sounds like some great song lyrics...
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    fishbait3 reacted to zarraspook in campgrounds   
    If you go to the National Recreation site .. it will give you a map to click on all the sites at Stockton and then click on "check availability" and them click on "facility Map" which will show all the camp sites..
    Personally I use Ruark Bluff east or west... This link will take you to Stockton lake page....

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    fishbait3 reacted to minnowhooker in Walleye report   
    My guess is it's Stockton and most of those fish weren't keepers an sometimes things just go right, lmt an family had a good day. Can anybody do this everyday on Stockton no, not even guides.

    Bob has always been helpful in his reports which he does not have to do. When you get the depth an what their biting on that eliminates 90% of water an baits, it doesn't get any better than that...maybe GPS coordinates
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    fishbait3 got a reaction from smbasser in fellow fisherman   
    Sure Sure!!!!! maybe he will take his advice and be gone for good this time but i bet not since he likes BSin on here
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    fishbait3 got a reaction from Flysmallie in where to buy "live crickets" and preferred way to rig?   
    who stops at lakeys when there is a very nice new store on the Corner and they arent as rude or unhelpful as lakeys
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    fishbait3 reacted to mjk86 in Walleye report   
    Bob is one of two guys who have helped me the most with fishing on these forums. Not just stockton but fishing in general. His reports are great. His seminar on crappie fishing at stockton was very informative. He explained what they do in detail for every season and how he targets em. Clearly he knows how to catch walleye too. Thanks for all of your fantastic contributions to this forum!
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    fishbait3 reacted to kwall in Walleye report   
    Aggressor -- I second what WM says and I've fished with Bob and he knows Stockton better than most and is worth the money for anyone who wants to get some pointers on fishing that lake
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    fishbait3 reacted to Walleyedmike in Walleye report   
    Um, I don't think lmtout is a guide. He's just a dude that fished with his wife for a couple of days and tore it up. This thread was started by Bob Bennet who is a guide and backs up his reports with actual photos of fish that were caught by his clients on the day that he reported about. I've chatted with Bob at the Hartley ramp before, I have no reason to believe he is anything but a stand up guy. I don't know lmtout, but I do know lundone who saw lmtout catching many walleye. So, in my mind his report is completely credible.

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    fishbait3 reacted to Dirtracer35 in fellow fisherman   
    Here's a response. Cause I know you were itching to get one. You've said your fair share of BS. Hope that eases your pain
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    fishbait3 reacted to Dutch in fellow fisherman   
    Humm? I thought this happened last winter?
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    fishbait3 reacted to jbooth24 in Live bait   
    Moores market off of glenstone sells minnows
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    fishbait3 got a reaction from flyfshn in No More Circle Js   
    Any new news on this original topic or is everyone waiting to talk about it on the set auction date??
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    fishbait3 reacted to dprice in Very sad and shocking news   
    Same. With the funeral. Jim was laid with 5 generations of family. His sister. Lead us all in singing amazing grace.
    Bearers were Mr Mike Dill- Mr Mike Higgins- Mr Brad Taylor- Mr Dave Engroff- Mr Billy Brake- Mr Sherman Wilkerson
    They were top notch. Wearing tournament shirts and each with a deep respect for Jim and his Family
    Billy Brake brung Jims ranger He set Mountain Dew on it laid rods out and tied a Pappys spinnerbait. On. That Jim was smoking them on
    Jim had great Amigos
    Preacher Lendall Morris. Was amazing . God intended for Lendall to Guide people. Lendall at one time was a Professional Fisherman with a desire to whoop you at fishing ! I have a church home in Republic. if I Did not. I wouldn't wait a minute to attend his service!

    Any one should speak to this fellow fisherman . I think very Highly of him. I hope to share a trip with him one day

    I walked away with a perspective from his message I know I am twisting his words a bit but this what I took of it

    The difference. Between saints and sinners is Saints have a past. And sinners have a future : heaven and lost family members
    sac River was a Saint type person

    to all that attended If you see me on the water say howdy
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    fishbait3 got a reaction from Ketchup in Bowfishing   
    Well im glad they are here because they are shooting fish that most people complain about.
    if i had a setup i would be a bow fisherman.

    If people would just try carp once they might have a whole new out look as they r good to eat
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    fishbait3 reacted to Flysmallie in Fishing ethic   
    I used to. But I figured out it's a hell of a lot more fun when you aren't. If your hobby stresses you out then you are doing it wrong.
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    fishbait3 got a reaction from conorsixtakc in 8.5 Bass   
    So there u go running ur mouth again acting like u know everything about fishing its people like you that will run people off of this forum.

    Just because U dont use a Ned Rig doesnt mean its not Capable of catching Quality fish. NO myself i dont use it but that is a choice i make doesnt make be a better or worse fisherman.
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    fishbait3 reacted to fishinwrench in Problems shifting into gear. Merc 150 xr6   
    No prob. I find it hard to believe that none of the shops down there will slip you in for a quickie cable swap.
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    fishbait3 reacted to hknfsh in Limit/Law/Game Warden Question   
    Do you also know that when you reach your limit...you can not keep fishing for the that species ? Unless in a bonifide tournament that allows culling...you can not continue to fish to cull what is already kept in your limit.
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    fishbait3 got a reaction from Sac River Jim in boat ramp sons creek   
    ive been with bob bennett and i know we have hit a few of the trees but not goin very fast u could feel the jolt though
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    fishbait3 reacted to fishinwrench in fellows lake bass tournament   
    Why don't you clowns just go fishing, and then swap stories ?
    If you need to win/loose money then play liars poker with 20's
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    fishbait3 reacted to Flysmallie in fellows lake bass tournament   
    If this is going to be a success then someone needs to take on the responsibility to make it that way.

    Not attacking you Aggressor but you can't have a moving date and demand everyone that wants to fish PM you. As you can see it doesn't work well like that. I ran a bass tournament for several years for a large company based in Springfield. The first thing you have to know is that no matter what you are never going to do it correctly in the eyes of some. You have to get over that and just let it go. If you want some success here is how you should do it.

    1. Post some rules. Not just here and there and all over the place. Create a document of rules and post it. You can find all kinds of tournament rules online and edit that to match your needs.

    2. Set a date and time and stick to it.

    3. Show up to the ramp early and make sure everyone can find you easily to register and pay their fee.

    4. Make sure everyone knows what time "weigh-in" is and where it is.

    Some guys are never ever in a million years send you a PM so they can be in a tournament. They decide spur of the moment and just go. Or the weather turns bad and they don't want to go. It looks like you have some interest and have put in some work to get it this far. Take it to the next step and see where it goes from there. It's going to start small but after it's proven then you will get some good turn out. But right now it's just a joke. Nobody knows when and where or if it's even going to happen.
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    fishbait3 reacted to Sac River Jim in Guides?   
    Bob Bennett Stockton Lake Guide Service lives up at Greenfield he's very good and Stockton Lake Guide Service is on the forums.
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    fishbait3 reacted to Chief Grey Bear in Help the cause   
    I just wanted to say that even if you do not live in Missouri, I encourage you to please contact all legislators you can.

    Let them know that you are an avid hunter and\or fisherman from out of state and that one of the reasons you come to this state to spend your money is because of the great management work done by the MDC. Let them know that you are not satisfied with the current state of attacks being lodged against the MDC and that you can and will take your hard earned money to other states that work with their conservations programs.

    I thank you and so do all of the bussiness' that are supported by your generosity.
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