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  1. Jdecoudres

    Best stretch to float

    Can anyone tell me the best access points to float with the current water level in a kayak?
  2. Jdecoudres

    Helix 7Chirp Sonar GPS G2

    Did this ever sell?
  3. Jdecoudres

    Smallmouth float

    Thanks, Yes I wanting to put in at point A and float. Camp and then continue on to point B
  4. Jdecoudres


    I threw hopper this weekend down to fall creek. Had couple of lookers but no takes.
  5. Jdecoudres

    Smallmouth float

    I’m planning a camping float to chase smallmouth this fall. My question is, will my river Jon boat with a jet work or am I going to need a kayak for this adventure?
  6. Jdecoudres

    Hopper bite

    Any one heard of any hopper bite with the push of water they are running in afternoons?
  7. Jdecoudres

    Simple app

    Im a little confused, So you just text that number and they send out a text everyday?
  8. Jdecoudres

    spoonbill questions

    Ok thanks a lot guys.
  9. Jdecoudres

    spoonbill questions

    Cool thanks. What’s the best ramp to use. I have a supreme jon boat with a jet.
  10. Jdecoudres

    spoonbill questions

    Was wanting to try in the morrining. Being this is a few days old, dobyo guts still recommend flat creek?
  11. Jdecoudres

    spoonbill questions

    Thank You so much.
  12. Jdecoudres

    spoonbill questions

    Anyone up for helping a newbie out in finding spoonbill in the james river with a boat. Thinking of giving it a shot next week and give the trout a rest. Thanks.
  13. Jdecoudres


    What happen with this thread? Almost a year since anyone posted anything.
  14. Jdecoudres

    Boat numbers

    I’ll check them out
  15. Jdecoudres

    Boat numbers

    Any of you local Branson residents know a good place to get boat numbers made. One shop in Branson west wanted 75.00 for numbers with shawdow effect, and that that was too high. Thanks

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