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  1. Boating on the river

    I have never been to this river but looking at trying it out in the near future. My question is, I don't ever hear of any one using a boat on the river. I did a youtube search of fly fishing the current river but all i see is videos of people wading. I have a river jon, this boat will work on the river correct?
  2. Sink Tip fly line

    Do they work well with big streamers on high flows? I didn't know if those sinkers leaders would be long enough on high flows to getting down?
  3. Sink Tip fly line

    Does any one have a recommendation for a sink tip fly line to throw streamers with heavy generation with a 8wt fly rod? Thanks for your input
  4. Hopper flow

  5. Hopper flow

    What's the best flow for the hopper bite on the white?
  6. Anyone have any experience with the big MFC boat boxes?
  7. New boat has arrived...

    I would be interested in seeing pictures as well
  8. New boat has arrived...

    What's the drag chain do? Are they legal?
  9. New boat has arrived...

    Nice boat. I almost went with topwater, but went with xtreme. Mine is getting close as well. I also went with the 60 mercury and I have also always had a prop. Let me know how you like it. Do you plan on rowing yours at all?
  10. Another good morning on the Upper end

    I have the same upload problem.
  11. Is there a advantage of the pulleys vs the electric winch style?
  12. What anchor size and Manual or electric anchor system for a river Jon boat?
  13. Yamaha 4 stroke 40hp tiller

    Low hour Yamaha 40 hp tiller, Turn key start, electric tilt/trim Motor is in excellent shape. Motor has had oil changed annually, Motor has skeg guard protector installed, Motor will start on every key turn, I have had zero issues with this motor, Owners manual present. $4500
  14. Stealthcraft ATB 16x60 with Merc 15hp

  15. 2013 Stealthcraft ATB boat, 16x60 with a 4 stroke mercury 15hp electric start. TROLLING MOTOR NOT INCLUDED!!!!! Eric Hornung fiberglass veil Concave Transom and Bottom For Easy Motoring and Improved Turning Integrated Rolled-Edge Rails with 4 CutOut Handles 2 In Front, 2 in Back Stealth Bottom Full GelCoat Full Keel Guard Bow Protection, so excess wear will not happen at point of eye bow & trailer Sawyer square top oars with matching wrap to the boat 6" extra long oar-locks for lots of rowing height options 4 UHMW Spacers Included For Extra Adustment "Switch Rowing Oar Blocks" 8 Oar Spots to Move Oarlocks, allows boat to be rowed front or back Stealth Super Strong Oar Blocks Counter Sunk For Flush Bolting DiamondPlate OarBlock Washers on the Outside of the Hull For Extra Durability River Larry electric wrinch with three different switches positioned throughout the boat 70IB pyramid anchor Rear Deck With Cut Out So Gas Tank and Battery Will Fit In, Also Cut Out so Person Can Fit Under Deck Into Casting Brace, Casting Brace Pieces Laminating In for Flush Mount No Catch Casting, Casting Braces Are Removable, 2 CupHolders in Casting Brace, 2 CupHolders in Rear Deck, Rear Deck Edge Finish Trimmed For Fit and Finish Rear Level Casting Decks with Pedestal Laminated in Stealth Grande Rowing Box Aft, With full Hinged Lid Stainless Riveted The Whole Way Rower Box on Front Deck With Laminated Casting Braces , Casting Brace has Solid Screw In Screw Out With 25" Poles and Molded Casting Brace, Flush Mount Rowers Cup Holder Rod holders on both sides of the boat x8--10' with Tackle Tray Above, Rod Holders Has Finsh Trim Edge To Protect Rods, Tackle Tray has Plenty of Room For Tackle Etc Removable Rod Holders Set at Customers Preference For End of Rod Front Bow Deck with Removable Seat For Flush Mount No Snags Seating, Storage Opnening Low Back Rowing Seat, Removable Rear Seat, Pedestal Front Seat Glassed in wire runner from front to back for easy no catch wiring 10 Cup Holders/2 Flush mount floor cup-holders MK 160 On-Board Batt. Charger 1 Bank 6 amp Installed, Plug in Walk Away and Charge 6 LED Exterior Lights (head lights in front) with Wired Switch 24" Interior Led Lights (under tackle trays, near motor well etc) W/ Fused Switch x 2 12 Volt Power Point (@ rowers station, rear motor area, etc., stainless steel) Galvanized Trailer with Torision Suspension, Jack, Adjustable Winch, Knot Sense Bearings G2 Boat Buckle Tie Down Strap, ratcheting Diamond Plate Anchor Nest Installed on the Trailer Supra Roller System For Trailer Boat cover. Transom has been beefed up to accept bigger motors as i had a 40hp yamaha on there. you can stand up there and sight fish no problem. Here is links to the exact boat from the factory. jeremydecoudres@gmail.com 620.222.5940 $13500

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