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  1. How long is your boat? I don't have a topwater but I do have an Xtreme and I think they are pretty much built the same.
  2. lol, i imagine i could pull that off as well
  3. LOL maybe. Im just trying to figure out if adding 24v is going to kill how shallow I can run.
  4. I honestly not sure I have one other than the day I bought it and it doesn't have the motor mounted yet.
  5. What game changers does lithium batteries do?
  6. Picture of the boat?
  7. I have a a xtreme river boat with a 60/40 jet. Was thinking of upgrading my trolling motor to a 24v but curious if that was going to be too much weight to run shallow. Is anyone else running 24v trolling motors and if so are you keeping the batteries in the front hatch or move them to the back deck. Thanks
  8. Jdecoudres

    WTB micro power pole

    Looking to see if anyone has any micro power poles for sale.
  9. Jdecoudres

    Power pole measurements

    If i lived near bass pro I would do that.
  10. Hello, I am trying to make an attempt at making my own power poles. I was curious if anyone on here that has power poles would be kind of enough to give me some measurements. I am trying to find out the measurements of each rail or arm. Like how wide it is and how long each side or flange is. I would also like to know how much the cylinder expands out when they are deployed. IM looking more into the 8fters. Thanks.
  11. Jdecoudres

    River jon boat owners

    I like the idea that i can put them on my river boat and then move them to my kayak. I get what your saying. I found a deal of barley used for 350 a piece so i'm considering it. Heck if they don't work looks like it wouldn't be hard to get my money back from the market I have been seeing.
  12. Jdecoudres

    River jon boat owners

    Curious if any of the river jon boat owners has any experience of the micro power pole anchors. Looking pretty hard at them for my river jon which is a xtreme with a 60/40 jet. I fish the white and taneycomo often along with other waters but figured this forum had the most river jon owners on it so I figured I would start here. Thanks for the advise and information from you all.
  13. Jdecoudres

    Best stretch to float

    Can anyone tell me the best access points to float with the current water level in a kayak?
  14. Jdecoudres

    Helix 7Chirp Sonar GPS G2

    Did this ever sell?
  15. Jdecoudres

    Smallmouth float

    Thanks, Yes I wanting to put in at point A and float. Camp and then continue on to point B

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