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  1. TroutMonster

    First time rules questions

    Zone 3 for those. Artificial lures are not grubs or tube jigs.
  2. TroutMonster

    First time rules questions

    Zone 3 for soft plastics.
  3. TroutMonster

    Blue trout

  4. TroutMonster

    How's Fishing?

    Curious how things are this season so far? Headed down soon...
  5. TroutMonster

    Mobile Home Park (not RV) near Montauk?

    I thought Bennett was on the mend?
  6. TroutMonster

    Current Conditions

    Spring is fairly unchanged.. Little more color then before the rain. River is brown soup, be quite a while before it clears up..
  7. TroutMonster

    Zone 1

    The high spring flow had no where to go when it met the swollen river..perfect timing..
  8. TroutMonster


    Park is almost back to normal, water in spring branch cleared up a bunch today, Niangua is still a couple feet higher than before the rain, but falling. Just another summer flood, here and gone.. 4 feet less of a rise than in December...hatchery was unaffected..First pic is of flood water around noon Thursday, second pic was 8pm that night. I saw people hauling stringers of trout out that evening.
  9. TroutMonster

    First three days

    I heard people were tearing them up, some guys having 100+ fish days. Gonna hit it this weekend.
  10. TroutMonster


    Saw they stocked Zone 1 Friday, including lunkers, heard they are finishing up on Monday. Shaping up to be a good opener, so long as the rain stays away-
  11. TroutMonster

    Opening Day-

    It's always a tough bite after 9am especially when using rooster tails... Those fish have seen a lot by that time of day and are pretty weary... Might have been better earlier in the morning. I'm headed down that way today...
  12. TroutMonster

    Opening Day-

    I heard there were a lot of lunkers being caught, 927 total fishermen...
  13. TroutMonster

    Opening Day-

    Anyone down for opener? Good fishing? Good fish?
  14. TroutMonster

    Report For 3-9

    They are not "Golden Trout" or albino's they are rainbows. Just a genetic variation to give them a yellow color. I spoke with a hatchery worker and got the 411 on them..

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