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  1. Interested in both reels. Price pics? cpriest11@gmail.com if easier.
  2. Yes. This is exactly what I’m looking for! Thanks guys. If anyone is looking for a VRBO/Airbnb right next to wildcat boat ramp I’ll have on available soon!
  3. Looking for a cool map that can be blown up and hung on a wall in a rental house for guests to understand different access points or locations of the river. I haven’t found anything great via google so thought I’d ask here. Thanks!
  4. Bill - next weekend, may 15 & 16 specifically. Thanks! SIO3 - I’ve talked to Dally’s and a few others. Nothing locked in yet, appreciate the tips!
  5. Planning a last minute anniversary trip to the White and looking for a private chef to prepare a few meals for my wife and I for our anniversary. Have a house rented in Cotter near the Narrows if that helps location wise. Any suggestions appreciated!
  6. Dan - I was up at twin bridges in goshen. Lots of people fishing up there, but with the water so dirty live bait is key. Tough for a fly fisher... or maybe I need to look into that!
  7. Went out early this morning. Water is still pretty muddy - chocolate milk. Found a few in the slack water but nothing to brag about. A lot of people out looking today, hopefully it turns on soon!
  8. Amery - I grew up in goshen on the river and have spent some time camping on gravel bars. They will bite at night but when the spawn is in full swing forget it. They will get thick in the shallows wrestling around but will not eat once they get in the mood. Good luck let us know.
  9. I may be interested in buying if no one has a trade. PM me with asking price and ship cost to 72704
  10. Sorry been away. You would want some sort of water craft to get back to the shallows. Not a big lake, and it's no wake, so about anything that floats will work.
  11. Watch camofire.com I have seen them on there recently. They also have an iPhone app
  12. Not to hi-jack the thread, but you can always explore lake fayetteville when water is high and blown out. It will get muddy, but it has a spill way so it never really rises much. Make sure to check in at the shop before you go though and pay the few dollars to fish. I went out last week in search of carp on the fly, but also for a few nice bass and red ears.
  13. I voted within the last year, but it was white bass fishing up the river. For some reason I get checked everywhere I go fishing or hunting.
  14. Sierra trading post has a few rods and reels right now. Sign up for their emails and you can get adfitional discounts.
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