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  1. We used one of the camping "toasters". Looks very similar and you can get them pretty much anywhere to include Walmart I believe. I used it a bunch grilling salmon in AK!
  2. Took my daughters out to the Glaize to catfish today. Made a couole throws with the castnet and we were set. They cooperated pretty well, each one caught two in a matter if a couple hours. It was an awesome day to get out!
  3. Good to see you getting out Duane....and busy seems like an understatement! Awesome shooting. Hope we can get after the ducks this year. It will be my last MO season for a while.
  4. You had an awesome teal season thanks for sharing. I have one more morning tomorrow and we have to call it quits till goose opens next weekend. I usually dont entertain tye teal season much, not since I was 16. After all the fun we have had this year I think its going to become a ritual!
  5. True story...and all expecting to whip out their credit cards!
  6. Sounds like you need this in your life!!! It's already had a couple 7lb ers in her Livewells! Buy this and a HUK shirt and you are sure to win some money! http://forums.ozarkanglers.com/profile/12253-flatbottom-boy/
  7. I have a 20' Javelin boat with a very good running 200 hp Evinrude. I have only had this boat for several months and love it just going a different route that can accommodate a large family. I added a Minn Kota Power Drive V2 trolling motor to this boat. It has the Ipilot feature and works pretty awesome if you need hands free operation. The anchor feature is great and if you like fishing long stretches of bank you can record a track up to two miles and the motor will take you back on that same track at whatever speed you choose. You can operate the motor from anywhere in the boat with the remote, and I also have a foot control for a backup or fishing where a foot control is more useful, like around docks. The boat has two graphs. The one on the console is a Humminbird 899 with side imaging and GPS the one up front is a Humminbird 859 with down imaging with GPS. They are both linked with an Ethernet connection. The trailer is in good shape and had new tires put on a month ago, to include the spare. The boat is in overall good shape with the normal wear for a 17 year old boat. I live 45 min from LOZ and will be happy to test run for serious buyers only. Please don't waste my time driving all the way up there for joy rides.The boat is located at my house in Waynesville, PM me for contact info. Thanks for looking $10500
  8. Kayser, I'll try to get you on track but I'm going to PM you.
  9. Well these arent bigger by any means but hopefully I get one down before duck season rolls around...I "hate" having to do both at the same time! Oh and pay no never mind to the dates and times in a couple of those...I cant figure that camera out.
  10. I will give the doves a try. Honestly they werent very picky the last two days. Pretty typical of the opener I think. The first morning we were late and the manority of our limits were shot while I was still tossing decoys out. Today we were cooking breakfast right out in the open...10 ft from the bank and had two very large groups dump in within 5 minutes of one another. It was hard explaining to the first timers that its not normally like that!
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