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  1. Bear sighted in Ballwin Bear sighted within 7 miles of my address. If that stuff is digested white castle tidbits then I’m never eating there again.
  2. I live in Wildwood MO, right near Lafayette High School. My property backs to wooded common ground that connects to significant tracts of wooded land. I think there may be a bear roaming around. Does this look like bear scat?
  3. So I made it out but broke off my rod tip getting set up. Only brought one rod. That'll teach me to never leave home without a backup. Bummer.
  4. Good luck today. I'll be out there tomorrow morning if all plans work out right.
  5. Thanks Phil. I'll be in Branson tomorrow and Friday. Best chances to fish will be Thursday afternoon/evening or very early Friday morning. I'd really like to wade up by the dam, but I understand that it's not worth the time if water is running. Is that true? What would be my best chance of getting some fly fishing in? Thanks in advance.
  6. Fished from the wire down to Tan Vat. Got in the water at 8:30AM, fished until 5PM. The river is FULL of fish of varying sizes. Got bit on my first cast (an Elk Hair Caddis fly with a caddis emerger dropper). Caught fish consistently on that combo up until 12:30PM until the bite died down quite a bit. The action was split evenly on the dry and the dropper. I even had a double on for a moment or two until the 2nd fish spit the hook. Fished that elk hair caddis most of the morning then switched to nymphs. Just down from the wire is a submerged sand bar in the middle of the channel. It forms an inverted "V" with the water flowing at the bottom of the "V" (I always forget which is upstream and which is downstream). Along the "V" the water is no more than 1' deep. In the center of the "V" it might be chest deep, or deeper. Anyway, the fish were holding in the middle of that "V" and along it's edges. I spent at least 3 hours fishing that one spot of the river. After a late lunch moved down to Tan Vat and turned right against the current (again, don't remember which is upstream or downstream). Didn't do as well right away, but found some fish in an area about 500 yards from the ramp in deep water. Picked up a few more with a John's Rubber Legs fly. I caught 35, or more fish, and my buddy over 40. Released every fish. General comments: The river looks much different that it did when I was here last year. Lots of big trees down. Wading is more difficult. There are a few places where the water is chest deep. Lots of sand. The bite was so good and the fish so numerous that I wonder if they have eaten all the forage in the river and are hungry. Not sure if that's possible, but this is my 3rd time there and I've never done better. My buddy, a regular on the Current, had his best day ever as well. Saw only a 3 other folks fishing on that stretch of the river the entire day. All in all a great day. Thanks for reading.
  7. I'm heading there for a week of vacation in June. I will not have a boat. I'm considering hiring a guide for a day. What are your thoughts/advice?
  8. I didn't see Lt. Dan or Forrest Gump. It was the Lisa Suzanne. I did not fish behind it, although that would have been pretty fun. Bought some shrimp. darn good stuff @ only $6/lb Craig
  9. Took this one at the end of an evening on the water near Tybee Island, GA on July 22, 2015
  10. Fished the holes between the wire and tan vat both days. Had my best day ever yesterday. 10 caught with most around 14" and one 16". My buddy caught 15. We got back on the bite again this morning. Caught 4 more in only a couple hours. Pink and orange eggs were consistent. Missed a bunch of fish, but I am still learning. What a great spot and one we all should be proud of.
  11. Thank you for the replies. I appreciate that you took the time out to respond. I'll post some pictures afterwards.
  12. I've promised my 9 year old daughter that I'd take her on a float trip this summer. I live in Wildwood MO, looking for a recommendation for a stream and outfitter within no more than 2 hrs drive from home. Planning a mid-week float. Looking for a good experience of viewing wildlife and maybe some casual fishing. Want to be back home before bedtime. Hoping this forum can throw me some recommended options. Thanks in advance!
  13. Thanks guys. I ended up fishing the pier under the Ravenel Bridge (Hwy 17) on the cooper river. tide was going out. Didn't have much luck but it was beautiful. Great views. Even saw a pod of dolphin. Got to see some of the grave stones from 1700's earlier in the week. great city.
  14. Heading to Charleston next week. Might get a chance to break away from the family to fish. Looking for recommendations where to go considering no boat and budget doesn't allow to pay a guide. Thanks for your help.
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