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  1. New Year's Day

    First day was great thanks to everyone that pitched in look at that spread
  2. New Year's Day

    I think so gonna be a long cold ride from Springfield but can’t wait to see everyone
  3. New Year's Day

    I still plan on coming and I might be bringing some good chili to warm up with if gator is still coming
  4. New Year's Day

    Sorry that didn’t sound right after I read it but it is Monday tomorrow
  5. New Year's Day

    The First Monday
  6. New Year's Day

    I’ll bring my little propane blaster and my mr heater big buddy so who has some tarps to block the wind lol
  7. New Year's Day

    I think I have an extension cord long enough
  8. New Year's Day

    Well looking at the forecast for the first and I’m thinking of bringing a heater is there any power at the gazebo
  9. New Year's Day

    Going to be able to make it and I will take a poll real quick of what kind of appetizer would people like fried cheddar peppers or mozzarella sticks
  10. In Need of a little help

    Thanks straw hat
  11. In Need of a little help

    Ok guys I'm going to be going up to ruark bluff west to camp this weekend with a couple of buddies and we are gonna try to drop some light up sons creek any info on the sac au lait would be much appreciated
  12. Fellows lake night rules

    That's what me and my fishing buddy thought as well thanks fly smallie
  13. Ok guys I just want to ask the majority of people if they know what are the rules for night fishing on fellows
  14. Lower James Walleye!

    Went Wednesday down to blunks and had nice fight on ul tackle and 4lb line
  15. Cc Hwy

    Lol that would be funny to see on Stockton on YouTube

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