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  1. So has anyone been to blunks lately
  2. So am I guessing that we are not getting together for New Year’s Day
  3. Nicely done were ya using minnows or worms
  4. Went down this morning to blunks and watched an old boy throwing an a rig and caught close to his limit this morning of what looked like small males close to the beginning of the cliff up from the boat ramp
  5. It’s what is considered a road runner you have a location that’s considered an hq for the tournament but you can fish the entirety of the lake
  6. Gonna head down to blunks Wednesday hopefully we don’t get washed out tomorrow so I can wet a line
  7. Me and my family did a float the end of last year from 160 to rivercut and yea there are a few spots that you need to watch out for but it’s doable
  8. First day was great thanks to everyone that pitched in look at that spread
  9. I think so gonna be a long cold ride from Springfield but can’t wait to see everyone
  10. I still plan on coming and I might be bringing some good chili to warm up with if gator is still coming
  11. Sorry that didn’t sound right after I read it but it is Monday tomorrow
  12. I’ll bring my little propane blaster and my mr heater big buddy so who has some tarps to block the wind lol
  13. I think I have an extension cord long enough
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