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  1. Yes it certainly is. I went Sunday (sorry for not posting) and did OK. The biggest problem was fighting the wind (went head long paddling in to Bull Creek and then it switched directions on me and had to paddle headlong back). Water color was slightly dingy compared to what I would consider normal, but definitely a good color IMHO. I don't have a gauge, but surface temps coming out of Bull were probably in the low 70s, maybe low to mid 60's in the lower part of the confluence (just my guess, could be way off here). Definitely lots of new cover that's blown in and the grass is growing "well" for as dirty as the water had been. I wasn't the only 'yaker out. Some where trout fishing, others warm water. I was fishing warm water. Did OK on a craw bait (YUM version). Not much of a crankbait or spinnerbait bite, but I was out in the sunniest/hottest part of the day (and I'm sure it probably got a little better as the evening went on). The wind made it difficult to paddle/hold where I wanted and fish the crawbug like I wanted. Caught 6. All were in the 10 - 12" range. LOTS of bluegill popping that little crawbug. They would carry that sucker all over the place but I guess could never really get the hook in their mouth. Did lose one really nice fish halfway back to the kayak on the same thing. I saw a few people catching trout. Mostly looked to be stocker size. Some were pretty nice, though.
  2. I'm hoping so, too. I love fishing water with a little bit of color typically but when those fish are accustom to that clear stuff they really seem to turn it off more than on. Here's to hoping that any rain we get over the next couple of weeks is light at most and we can start getting a little less water logged.
  3. Depending on location - dingy to downright muddy. A lot of the pockets and backwaters are close to the chocolate milk color. The water in the main channel is dingy but not terrible. Lots of flow from that area obviously, so it shouldn't be long. We drove by the landing yesterday. Lots of clear water in that area. Should help to start pushing some of the other water out.
  4. Thanks for the info guys. That had always been a curiosity of mine, especially during times that we aren't quite so water logged and don't see a constant generation pattern.Good to know I can check in one spot for both locales. Thanks again!
  5. Yeah I didn't figure. Do you know if the water clears up pretty fast, or will it keep it's dinginess? It seems like I remember reading after 2015 that the water kind of kept a little bit of a turbidity (don't know if that's exactly the right term). Personally I like the little bit of extra color (choclate milk not so much) but I wasn't sure what my window of opportunity would be there. I'm guessing from all I've read that TR is probably going to maintain a decently high output for quite a while, even after the gates are shut back off. I guess that brings up another question... does anyone know if Empire keeps a generation schedule like the corps does? I assumed not since it's privately held, but it'd be nice to know (both for Taney and BS).
  6. I might have missed this earlier, but is there any current concern for changing course on the amount of water release pending what happens tomorrow?
  7. in hoping this next round of rain is a fast mover and spares us this time. I know an inch or two will still be enough to put us right back in a pickle. That being said, I've never really fished on Taney after a high water event and had some questions. 1) How long until the water starts clearing? I'm banking on this being a fairly fast process given the lakes dynamics. 2) How does this affect the warm water species? Do fish tend to move up lake? Down lake? Remain pretty stationary? 3) what will this do to the cover in the lake? I love fishing wood cover and had started to get some pretty good ideas on places, but my guess is given the lake bottom and typical lake currents from water release that this can change pretty drastically.
  8. Well it may have finally crested. At 1200 elevation was 934.51 and was the same at 1300. http://www.swl-wc.usace.army.mil/pages/data/tabular/htm/tabrock.htm.
  9. I hate to take one side or the other There's always going to be second guessing. I'm guessing that several of these decisions are also compounded by other factors. I saw a map on the NWS showing where just north of the West Plains area a total of 10+" observed. I know the Current River around Van Buren recorded an all time high flood level as well as several others in the basin (not to mention the many that were in the moderate to severe flood categories). Clearwater Lake (Black River) was somewhat at a concern of cresting it's spillway. All of that water is heading south at the same time. I don't think anyone could have effectively mitigated the flooding that this storm was going to cause. I feel like, for the Corps, it was a "pick your poison" scenario. I know this is terrible for a lot of different people, but I just can't help but think the outcomes were going to be poor regardless of what was done.
  10. Sorry to hear this Phil and praying for you and all those folks affected by this. This is gut wrenching to read and see. My wife and I came down earlier to try and help fill sand bags. It was really hard seeing and knowing how much this was going to impact all the folks who live and work along the lake. Praying that this subsides quickly and you all and everyone else can get back to normal.
  11. Sorry for the delay in response. I saw your post the other day and had started to respond, got side tracked then haven't been back on. I, too, went Saturday from the kayak. I fished for a while out of a kayak in Swan. It was definitely a cold wind. I went for the same reason you did - looking for the whites. I never spotted one. I saw several different fish (bass, suckers, a couple of walleye) but never saw the whites. Well... I guess I did see one, but it was dead attached to a chain stringer laying on the bottom of the lake . I'm hoping to go again this weekend. I have to think that they were there at some point, but my guess is that it was one of the waves. Warmer days with a little more sun may help matters. I did catch a couple of small bass out at the mouth. Also saw a couple of interesting root wads that washed in that should be good once the water gets up higher!
  12. You might go back and search through this forum from several years back. There's a lot of information on this. I can't say I've ever sight fished this lake, so I'm not much help there.
  13. Yeah. Definitely can't complain. I'm just hoping that maybe we really have had an early spring (I'm knocking on wood now) and can count on the weather staying semi-nice. It's early... but next weekend is looking nice already.
  14. Well friends... that was a bust. LOL! I had to run some errands in town before heading to the lake. Decided I wanted to set a line before the wind got howling so bad I couldn't fish. Fished in Turkey creek for a couple of hours. It was SLOW! I don't know exact temp, but water had to be low 50s (if that). Drug a bed rig for a bit and caught a couple of dinks (both about 6"). Green pumpkin and I was pretty much just dead sticking when they hit. This past Christmas I got a Road Runner mold and today was the first time I got a chance to use them. Got a couple of bumps on that. I wasn't fishing to hard because by that point it seemed like the wind was already blowing 20 mph or so. The good news was the blades seemed to turn well and they ran good. Im hoping next weekend is just as pretty but slightly less windy. Already ready for another trip.
  15. Well... I hadn't said it yet because it always seems to jinx me when I do but... we're just about 24 hours from the weekend and about 36 from my first trip of the year and I'm about as excited as a 5 year old on Christmas. I've been itching to get out for a while now but it seems that every weekend that I've had something has been going on. This weekend looks surprisingly clear and I'm gunning for a trip Saturday. So... the point of the post... any body been out lately fishing for the bucketmouths and of so, anything seem to be working? The plan is to fish the Rockaway area. I'll try to post back here as soon as I get back on how the day went.
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