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  1. Beaver creek was hot this afternoon

    Yea, the boats were stacked on that bend pretty heavy Sunday. We stayed on the bluff.
  2. New fishin stick

    That's nice. I've been looking at Mudhole.com and thinking about building some rods. This might inspire me to do it.
  3. Any advice appreciated

    Maybe this will become a crappie tournament. Better at the fish fry anyway.
  4. Any advice appreciated

    Will be bringing some high schoolers up to fish out of Long Shoal in a tournament in a few weeks. I have only fished Truman once and that was quite a few years ago. Anyone have any advice on where the bass will be laying thick. Also anything we need to know about as far as safety. I know Truman is covered with trees and want to be quite safe with kids in the boat.
  5. Water release

    Could you do the One Cast at about 5am every morning?
  6. OA One Bass Tourney - who's coming list

    My son in law and I will be there
  7. Water release

    Are they still releasing a ton of water from TR or has that slowed down any. Haven't seen any reports in a few days.
  8. Dock Fishing Advice

    If you're looking for a place to stay, I'd recommend Lilley's anyway. Then you're right at the dock anytime you want to fish and close to your restroom when nature calls.
  9. 14 January, K Dock

    If I ever post a spot that I've been fishing, you'll probably want to mark that spot as somewhere you should skip. As a matter of fact, if I told you some spots that I haven't fished, there's a pretty good chance that the fish are right there.
  10. Can't We All Just Get Along?

    This is starting to remind me of the Harley vs every motorcycle debates on my motorcycle forum. I ride a Victory and just try to ignore it all. I went to BP today and bought a new Hummingbird fishfinder. The guys at the desk were very helpful although the lady from the nursing home that rang me up had some problems that were straightened out. I looked at the Nitros. They looked great to me. I'd gladly trade my 2001 16' Procraft for one straight up. Might even add some to boot. I have a Sun Tracker pontoon boat. I've looked at some others that are nicer and costlier. It serves my family well. Now back to looking at other people's pictures of fish that are bigger than my pictures of fish.
  11. Alligator Gar

    I was at the dock at Pontiac today and there looked like hundreds of long nose gar swimming under the boats. Never seen so many. Would have liked to have had a bow with me there, but I'm sure it's illegal anyway. A few were as long as the pontoon boats were wide.
  12. James Arm

    Anyone fish the James arm this weekend. Just wondering about any crappie or whites or if the water was a mess after all the rain last week.
  13. Friday 3-15

    From a boat. We had 3 "keeper" size rainbows and 2 browns around 15-16". Got there right at sun up and caught a rainbow on the first cast. Thought that might be a good omen. Didn't catch anything after about 9am. Only fish I saw caught were small. We slayed them last weekend and I wondered if it picked up after they shut the water down.
  14. Friday 3-15

    Threw everything we had at them this morning and only a few small fish. Can tell the whites aren't biting on the Bull or the Rock yet because it looked like the Chinese Navy had landed on Lake Taneycomo this morning.
  15. Been Lurkin Finally Joined

    I've been reading the newsgroup for a while, but finally decided to join since I couldn't see the pics of the lunker fish that people have posted. I fish mostly Bull Shoals out of the Pontiac area, but also fish Taneycomo and Table Rock quite often. Thanks for all the info you guys have provided.

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