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  1. Mr. Smallfish

    Amazing property 1/2 mile from Stockton Lake

    It is a very pretty house. Just not in the market for one.
  2. Mr. Smallfish

    New Invasive Species on the Upper End

    Hooked one of these the other day down by the dam. Broke him off, was only using 10,000 lb. test mono.
  3. Mr. Smallfish

    Line Size Question

    tougher than woodpecker lips
  4. Mr. Smallfish

    Fishing Etiquette

    Those Pythagoreans. Is there anything they don't know?
  5. Mr. Smallfish

    Perch Spawn?

    I guess a lot of us skipped too much school to go fishing.
  6. Mr. Smallfish

    NAMI tournament

    Just in case anyone is free on Thursday and looking to fish and help a good cause, there is a NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) fishing tournament on that day and today is the last day to register online or by phone. Unfortunately, I have to work or I would be looking for a partner. https://www.namiswmo.com/casting-for-a-cause/
  7. Mr. Smallfish

    Long Creek 5/18-5/21

    Don't forget to have your border lakes permit for the Arkansas portion.
  8. Mr. Smallfish

    "Boats keep out" Buoy

    It's been that way for many years. Used to park my boat and walk the bank back there because I was sure there were nothing but lunkers back there. Never caught anything decent though.
  9. Mr. Smallfish

    Wiggle Warts

    Thought I responded. Guess it didn't go through.
  10. Mr. Smallfish

    Wiggle Warts

    Yes. I still have them.
  11. Mr. Smallfish

    Wiggle Warts

    You have many warts sir.
  12. Mr. Smallfish

    Wiggle Warts

    I hate ebay. Let's start the auction. Sale or trade.
  13. Mr. Smallfish

    Wiggle Warts

    Ok, maybe they are worth something. I'm hopping the next plane to Vegas. You'll see me on pawn stars next week. If they have to call in an expert, I hope it's one of you guys.
  14. Mr. Smallfish

    Wiggle Warts

    I'm going to assume that Wally world doesn't have any of the pre-Rapala warts, but glad you hammered fish on them.
  15. Mr. Smallfish

    Wiggle Warts

    I was told there were people looking for some old warts and I found some in my tackle box. All have Wiggle Wart printed on the bottom of the bill. What are these worth to someone?

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