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  1. Dang. When you said you had a new thumper, I was hoping you were making shine.
  2. and what would you throw if you were fishing the next couple of days?
  3. Black crappie matter, although I catch alot more white crappie
  4. doesn't really show up in the picture, but just never seen one as bright green as it was.
  5. Caught this at Bull Shoals today. Striped like a Smallmouth but color was very green, not like most brownies. Is it a Meanmouth?
  6. Can't get past watching Luiza and Darcizzle catch fish. won't learn anything, but could watch them catch fish all day.
  7. Pontiac probably can, plus you can get a cold beer and a pizza.
  8. I've had 4 people send me the pic of that fish so far. Kind of gnarly looking compared to Bill's trout.
  9. Remember, it's not a lie if you believe it, and I know too many people who believe theirs.
  10. Didn't see any beach. I think you have to go to Grand Isle for that. We ate them and they were excellent.
  11. Fished for Reds in Nov, in Lafitte and in Venice. It was a blast and will do it again. Caught a bunch of Reds and Sheepshead even a few stingrays. Not sure how the bank fishing would be.
  12. How come a post about fishing can't get this level of activity?
  13. I watched their Youtube videos. That's quite a shanty you have at the lake.
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