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  1. Real small for a musky. Peeled out of the weeds and followed almost all the way in. Hooked it maybe ten feet off the boat on a yellow articulated Buford. Basically no fight since it was so close. Just a hook set then slid the net right under it.
  2. I fished Monday and Tuesday and the leaves weren't too bad. The terrestrial bite was great so bring some big bushy dries.
  3. Well this is already going better than last year. I'm in.
  4. I tied my bubble back nymph. They're done.
  5. That's the stuff. The 1/4" is pretty easy to use and all you really need for trout flies. I'm in a musky swap on another board and have been playing with the 1/2". That stuff is a whole other animal. Luckily even on really big flies you still mostly use 1/4" except for the very front of the fly.
  6. Nice looking flies Lancer. Those birds actually fish pretty good, although the wings usually die after a few fish. Here's a pattern I've been playing with. It uses body tubing to bulk up the craft fur then some more for the head.
  7. This is my second Epic. I built an 888 over the summer. Here's some more pics of the rod. I did Snake Brand guides and tip top. The reel seat is Snake Brand also with a spalted maple insert. I wrapped it up with clear main wraps and red tipping. I put the red on the inside edges instead of the outer. With the clear main wraps it almost looks like only the red is holding the guides on. The stripping guide is a red agate to match the red trim. I also turned the grip and fighting butt myself from rings. I capped the fighting butt with red EVA foam to also match the red trim.
  8. I just finished building a new rod last week so it was time to hit the river. I tossed big articulated streamers all day long. Didn't catch anything huge but I did manage one brown around twenty inches and three others in the middle teens. Strangely I also caught about a dozen stocker size rainbows. Wasn't expecting to catch many of them throwing five inch long flies. The new rod, an Epic 686, was great. I was especially happy with the grip I turned on it. I turned it a little chubbier than most grips and it was really comfortable to fish. I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking. Decisions, decisions First fish on the new rod First twenty incher on the new rod What it ate The new rod
  9. Sweet! I caught an absolute pig on a cotton candy colored D&D last week. I can't tell from the pic, are you using the jig hook up front?
  10. Well over twenty. I didn't measure it but I caught a 23 incher earlier this year and this one was a little bigger than that one.
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