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  1. Good for me, been jn fanafishing sent it started and haven't won a thing, maybe this year. Haven't got much timebto do this and catch a lunker bass. 95 this year
  2. Unable to find any information to send $10 dollar Giv me the address and I will send cash. Abkeenon I mailed $10 today .
  3. Unable to find any information to send $10 dollar Giv me the address and I will send cash.
  4. All roads to the lake that were open when the lake was built should be open. Years ago MDC tried to close some but they were opened by the county commissors.. They ruled that should not be closed at any time.
  5. For sale vitro 17" all fishing gear 890 1609

  6. It was in 1973 4 year after being built. I was there j Dade county with the aoil conservaton service uUS goverment. MDC ask us to map the soils before the lake was flooded. They also had a field day to show people how the Indians used the bottom land and fished in Sons creek. Hunderes of peoole came.
  7. What I am sorry to see is FLW not having fantasy fishing been there since it started.
  8. Gk to your road map app ask for james river
  9. Go to marina repair on north national and the will install for $10.
  10. I can remember several years ago, few miles south of Stockon a large pond was take over by WB and they were very small.
  11. I lived in Greenfield fro e 1961 to about 1981, MDC stocked tiger muskie in that period. I caught one about 27"• They didnot survey.
  12. It's the same old story--money. The corp has alwys said the dams were for flood control and recreation was a small factor-BS.
  13. You're missing the boat. Cast left and reel right. Don't loose time that way.
  14. All the toys are great but when you are 92 years old, health is the important thing, and hoping you can golf and go fishing with your son next year so it's good health to all.
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