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  1. Nice Travis 2 days in a row, what's working best on the bass on Taney if you dont want to share no big deal keep catching
  2. Thanks for your time and knowledge Fishinwrench, just trying to decide what to do.
  3. Well Fishinwrench , the one guy flaked out on me took to a shop theve been through with a fine tooth comb,stator good,flywheel good everything they checked good the main guy cant even hear squeak but his partner can but not very loud, i guess my question is if upper crankshaft bearing wiil it do more damage to run it or should i have him check it now.
  4. Well Fishinwrench, hes looked at motor and compression is good lower unit lube had a little burnt look but no metal shavings, he was investigating squeak and his brother had a stroke and he had to go out of town will be back , he said there was no signs of upper bearing going out but is still looking.
  5. Ok i looked at the stater and saw no sign of rubbing at all,
  6. Ok thanks for the info and knowledge, ill see what he says and may be contacting ya.
  7. Ok thanks Fishinwrench , now just hope and pray its not too too expensive. Im taking to a guy Monday ,
  8. This is mainly for fishinwrench i have a 2002 150 merc xr6, it has started to squeak when idling both in gear and in neutral can't hear when running, i tried to upload a short video but was unsuccessful, any ideas?
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