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  1. Great job! Winter time can be awesome for fishing.
  2. Gavin - Is Greens still open? I have not been able to reach them the past couple of years. Duckalot - I’ve done most of the stretches mentioned and you can’t really go wrong with any of them. The Courtois float from Ozark Outdoors gives you a mixture of the Courtois, Huzzah, and Meramec if you are looking for a variety. The lures mentioned should all produce fish as well. A curly tail grub might be another option to consider to catch a variety of fish.
  3. I usually experience much smaller crowds before Memorial Day weekend but it depends on how nice the weather is going to be. Then it gets busy on the weekends until schools start back up. Weekdays can be much less crowded. One of the locals would be better suited to answer your question on fishing conditions.
  4. My dad, brother and I took a trip up north to Mille Lacs last week for a day of fishing with a guide. It's amazing how big the fish get up there. The biggest fish of the trip was a 39" pike the guide landed on the first cast and my dad caught a smallmouth pushing 6 lbs. I caught the one in the photo along with several other keepers, some walleye and a pike. If you get a chance it's worth a trip up there.
  5. As Norm mentioned I wonder if a drop shot would help in the low clear water. I attended Brandon Palaniuk's drop shotting seminar at the fishing show last weekend and realized that I need to use it more often.
  6. I was hoping to be able to attend the meeting but my son has his last soccer game that night. If anyone takes notes I'd appreciate it if you post them or PM me. Thanks!
  7. Tom Ryan

    only two

    Jig and jerkbait (weighted for different depths) for me.
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