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  1. Troubles at Mizzou

    University of Missouri continues death spiral after sacrificing dignity and integrity to deranged student protesters. The misery slamming Mizzou is only getting worse following their shameful 2015 performance when, faced with a mob of entitled, cultish students throwing tantrums, they responded by agreeing to more or less everything. Even this past July there was plenty for us to talk about with university enrollment falling by 35% over two years, seven dorms closing, and over 400 positions being cancelled. Recently, however, Jillian Kay Melchior of The Wall Street Journal offered not only some scathing alumni reports regarding the University of Missouri, but some additional damage statistics. Melchior writes: One of perhaps the most fitting accounts included by Melchior came from a Mr. Victor Wirtz: This is the legacy schools bring upon themselves when they encourage and appease the SJW hordes. Violence, intolerance, and cowardice. People avoid the Berkleys and the Mizzous because, no matter how lofty their past reputations may be, the enabling of thuggery and entitlement leads to nothing but embarrassment. PC policies just don’t lend themselves to making money, loyal alumni, or educated student bodies. Sources: The Wall Street Journal
  2. trailer bunk carpet suggestions

    I took the carpet off, pulled all the staples and clean up the bunks before I installed the new covers. The boards were treated pine in great condition.
  3. trailer bunk carpet suggestions

    I installed this on my Ranger trailer http://www.caliberproductsinc.com/marine-trailer-accessories/BunkWraps.php I like this product a lot.
  4. Get out the rowboats and snake charmers ??
  5. Dam area 3.21.17

    54 and 55 degrees And thank you very much Super Dave!!
  6. Dam area 3.21.17

    I don't post often but here goes. I was concerned about some thunder I was hearing so I stayed close to the dam. Sorry Quill, but I need a clicker to keep track of the fish....but yet again I would probably forget to click the button ? Caught between 25 and 30.....mostly smallmouth with some nice spots mixed in. Several good keepers. Ned was the deal, fished very slowly in 15 fow on gravel mixed with small chunk rock. Apparently my pictures cannot be uploaded...due to file size ??
  7. I just know ....

    Imho, when you get past the aw shucks, gosh darn, golly gee good ol boy persona, Roy Williams has amassed more power and influence with the NCAA, officials, media, press, compliance and enforcement, scheduling, etc etc than any other individual in college sports. As a lifelong Jayhawk I saw this uncanny talent benefit KU. I also saw him nearly destroy the non basketball part of the athletic program. Before you throw rocks at me, take a look at the academic scandal at NC that was squashed and ignored 2 years ago. The man is clever.
  8. White River arm 2-23-17

    Go Tiger (s)
  9. White River arm 2-23-17

    You are all being exceedingly kind and gracious not to mention MU has a 24% decline in enrollment....evidently not enough safe places ?
  10. Shallow Drop shot question....

    I tie up a number of harnesses with a swivel on one end and the hook with palomar knot down about 18". I leave the tag end about 12" for the weight. I wrap several of them on a chunk of float noodle and I'm good to go. I try to save time on the water for fishing not tying up a rig.... these old fingers are a bit feeble.
  11. Weird line breakage

    Thats been my experience with Vanish
  12. WW II Fighter planes

    The father of a very good friend of mine flew P-47s over France and Belgium during the war. Most of his missions were strafing runs against armed positions, tank formations, and armament trains. He subsequently owned an aircraft supply and repair company. I got to see and be around a number of historical aircraft. My favorites by far were the fighters powered by the Pratt and Whitney radial engines. Never heard anything roar like they do. His favorites were the P-51 D Mustangs.
  13. FLW Co-Angler - What Would You Do?

    I have had mixed experiences (good and bad) fishing various tournaments as a co-angler. In defense of most "pros" they are under intense pressure to "get a check." They are not there to serve up concierge services and accommodate the co-angler. This sport is expensive and most "pros" have a harsh economic situation. I think the most you can ask for is a pleasant attitude and decent communication.

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