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  1. Thanks guys for all the input. Hopefully my next post will be a fishing report.
  2. I have 2 Champion butt seats I've been using. I don't really expect to find the seats and they are probably not any good by now. I have a lot of time since I retired and this kept me busy today. I also refreshed my memory of how to use this forum so maybe now I can post some reports.
  3. In May of 2000 I had a rental storage unit in Monett Missouri. This unit had tools and such along with boat seats. It was broken into and the seats were stolen. The statute of limitations have long expired for the crime and I have forgiven the person that stole my items. The only items I'm interested in are the boat seats. They belong with my 1990 Champion which I still have and use regularly. There were 2 seats with the same pattern as in the pictures and mounted on the taper lock power pedestals. If you still have these seats and need to clear your conscience please contact me. Larry Watkins.
  4. My fishing partner and I were in a little jackpot tournament out of the Shell Knob bridge on Friday night. We went up lake amost to Big M and after dark decided to run back to the mouth of Little Mill Creek. It was totaly dark and when we were about 1/2 mile from our spot, right in front of me I noticed a faint light. I immediately turned hard to the right and then we noticed a canoe with several people in it. They had no lights on the boat and I think the faint light was a cell phone. I missed them by not more than 20 feet. Be careful out there after dark. You never know what some people will do.
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