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  1. What would be the blessed underspin of choice? I fished a plain swimbait yesterday / today to not much avail. Thanks.
  2. Flambeau "k" series plays nice with ElaZtech baits. I ordered a couple direct from Flambeau and they have worked fine. https://www.flambeaucases.com/k-series
  3. Fished Kim City towards dam a bit. 55-57 deg water, dingy cleaner towards dam. 3.8 fat impact sexy shad worked on 1/4oz. 7 fish, 2 shorts in 5hrs mid day. Best 5 right at 16.5. Topped with a 5.14 and 4.10. Our best day on TR for sure. Back out now for a few hours before getting out of here. Good luck. Thx to all here, great forum.
  4. Sitting here at work pondering do same and burn a couple vaca days tomorrow and Fri and get down there with my wife and Lab. Toiling over how hard the wind will really blow..we usually stay at Schooner and fish from there towards the dam...might be nasty with that south wind. What to do.....
  5. I have had good results with Gorilla for other stuff, I'll pick up a Gorilla Gel and give that a go. Thx
  6. Wow great response. I would say its comforting to know I'm not the only having issues with the stuff, but not so much, hah! I have been doing the prerig and putting them in the little plano box that curls up as mentioned, which seems to work OK - prerigging a bunch at home like that is the one way to get the most out of a tube of the glue. Thanks all for the responses. I will make sure to remember to close it up right away and see if that helps.
  7. So I am expecting to receive my personal letter of thanks from the CEO of Loctite anytime for supporting the company. I have purchased probably a half dozen bottles of the darn stuff this year, and no matter how careful I am...store it upright...clean the tip after using...etc., it always manages to glue itself shut after a couple uses. Sometimes I can stuff the Ned wire down the hole and salvage one more use, but have never actually used up a bottle of the stuff. Has anyone? Open to any tips on how to get more out of off bottle of the stuff, or an alternate product that works? Can get down to
  8. Well, as mopacker stated - it was brutal tough. 68° water down on the Pomme arm with nice color. We managed a couple keepers prefishing on Sat with a handful of shorts - no pattern - I think each fish was caught on something different. Ran back down there Sat for no keepers and maybe 5 shorts. Tough fishing but a fun weekend.
  9. May not be helping but; Many years ago (like 15+) when I lived in Colo Spgs, we fished Spinney (right up from Eleven Mile) on a regular basis. Would go up early and fish trout with flies until the sun got high, then bring out the bass rods and throw buzz and spinnerbaits for northerns in the weeds - no monsters but plenty of action.
  10. Yeah figured it would be tough - whatever - not at work and will be fishing!
  11. Always enjoy this tourney, they do a nice job. We'll be out there in the white/silver bolt 96 Basscat, say hey if you see us. Lotta lake to fish - hopefully not too many floaters out there. Anyone been out in the last day or two?
  12. Like dwiebenga , the Improved / Reverse Albright / Alberto, or RP / John Collins knot as some know it in San Diego has worked fine for me personally on plenty of bass, and numerous wahoo up to 50lbs with no issues. Pretty easy to learn; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiSik3Jqs7M http://www.netknots.com/fishing_knots/alberto-knot Use that for the braid to flouro connection, and a SD Jam for flouro to hook / lure and you
  13. You sir have the correct attitude. Better luck tommorrow.
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