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  1. Jeff_L

    2 or 3 night July float - Help

    Mark, awesome, thanks. We are going to Brian's place first and don't plan to float too far on Friday. I like to take my time setting up camp, so we rarely float past 5 or 6. Will take your advice on fishing as well. I'm much more of a smallmouth guy, but will give it a go. Tough in a 10' kayak to fit everything. Looking at Google Earth, there might be sufficient sandbars at Little Hurricane or Hurricane Creek for 2 of us? Guessing sandbars might pile up a bit at the confluences.
  2. Jeff_L

    2 or 3 night July float - Help

    Great, thanks. I would prefer a non-float camp, but might take what we can get. Guessing the river is going to be busy this weekend with the great forecast.
  3. Jeff_L

    2 or 3 night July float - Help

    Can someone explain to me what people mean by a "float camp?" Is that an official campsite, or just that there are so few on 11 Point that people name them and improve them over time? Are there often / ever more than one group at those camps? Thanks.
  4. Jeff_L

    2 or 3 night July float - Help

    Thanks Sheds. I've looked at Google maps, I've camped on many, many rivers. The flood rearranged things, so Google maps is not reliable in this instance. Nothing is a substitute for eyes on the ground.
  5. Jeff_L

    2 or 3 night July float - Help

    I assume the flood rearranged gravel bars, etc. How are they between Greer and Riverton?
  6. Jeff_L

    2 or 3 night July float - Help

    Thanks everyone. Now looking (unfortunately) at a Friday - Sunday trip. WE have our own kayaks and only camp along the river, not at organized camp sites. Brian, I will call you. Hoping we can get there early enough on a Friday to get in the water and camp 2 nights.
  7. Jeff_L

    Late July 2 or 3 night float

    Thanks, I did Round Spring to Two Rivers earlier this year, will Baptist to Akers have enough water? I assume springs will still be humming. Was considering Wed to Saturday. Figure we would be out early enough on Thurs and Fri to be ahead of the crowds.
  8. Considering a 2 to 3 night kayak in late July, camping on river. Some fishing, but mostly scenery and enjoying friends. Any suggestions on best sections of the river? Would always rather go as high as possible, not sure what water flow is like that late. Thanks for any advice.
  9. I've only floated the 11 Point once and it was early June. I'm interested in doing a 2 or 3 night (Thursday to Saturday or Sunday) float in late July. Any recommendations for a stop / start? More interested in scenery / avoiding congestion / good on river gravel bar campsites than fishing. I've floated pretty much all the rivers, prefer Upper Buffalo, Upper Jack's, but late July it seems our options are limited to 11 Point, Current, N. Fork (floated many times)??? Any suggestions appreciated. I assume the river is back to navigable after all the floods, but suggestions on a car ferry service would be helpful also. Thanks everyone!
  10. I haven't seen much about whether Jack's, specifically above Alley Springs, is open and floatable? Anybody?
  11. Just back from 3 nights at Twin Bridges on upper N. Fork. Twin Bridges got lucky and avoided almost any catastrophic damage from the flood and is fully operational. Don, Judy and Nolan and crew have things working pretty well. We only floated from Hebron (upstream) back to them, but the river was in good shape, generally clear. The Hebron access is a mess, but everyone is workign on that. By next weekend, Twin Bridges expected to be able to float to River of Life who is allowing them access for floaters. They were working on clearing the river. Twin Bridges is a very fun place, with good camping, decent cabins, Don makes some mean food and the bar is entertaining. Karaoke on Saturday had everyone from miles around singing, it was a blast.
  12. Are the gravel bars all gone, covered in mud or sand or debris?
  13. Thanks. I can barely get this crew through a 2 day float alive with clean water. We typically camp on river, which means a fair amount of gear. Might limit to a one day float this year.
  14. I have a group that is supposed to be floating Hebron to Blair Bridge (using Twin Bridges) next weekend. Any thoughts on whether that is possible / dangerous? I would guess the river is still filled with debris and lots of strainers, etc.
  15. The bridge names are confusing to those of us who aren't there a lot. Does Blair Bridge have a different name? Is it gone? Thanks.

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