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  1. Trip was great. Harvey's was easy-peasy. Left money and keys, cars were 30' from river at the wrap around take out past the bridge. River was almost perfect. It was near 300 cfs when we put in at Buck Hollow. Quite a few people up there, but perfect weather and water. The river was moving so well that it was easy to finish Saturday evening (put in Friday around 11), just ahead of the storms. Ended up getting a cabin at Rivers Edge Saturday night and having some beers on the deck watching the storm. we didn't fish much, but saw lots of fish get caught. Like I said, lots of traffic on the river, we saw maybe 10+ overnighters on Friday.
  2. Any thoughts on whether a spray skirt is necessary with a flow rate around 400 cfs? The half submerged kayak in 60 degree water is not ideal.
  3. Thanks for all this. I always call outfitters days in advance and discuss plans. Often, they explain that I'm very stupid and my plan won't work.... Harvey's said they will ferry cars from Buck Hollow to Alley on Friday, so easy peasy. Saturday looking a bit dicey, we might just book it and get out at Alley and find a cabin for the thunderstorms.
  4. Excellent advice, thanks. I remember Jam Up from last time, depending on when we get on the river, we might just camp there Friday night. I've never been up to Prongs, but with the water being up, is it worth going up there? Looks like rain tomorrow but mostly dry all of next week, so hopefully back down to closer to 300 by the time we get there. Did 3 days on the Buffalo right after it re-opened from flooding last year. No spray skirt. While the adrenaline was nice, I'd prefer not to replay that adventure. Several swampings that required paddling out 1/2 mile in semi-submerged kayak with my camping gear.
  5. Actually, that would work fine. We will just leave all our gear at Buck Hollow and one of us can work on getting our crap together while the other 2 drive over to Harvey's and hitch a ride back. Thanks! Any other advice on river camps? I recall there area bunch of great sandbars. I assume 3' on the gauge is pretty solid water? Guessing that's where it will be by next weekend.
  6. Gavin, thanks. We are hoping not to have to drive to Alley Spring at all Friday morning and deal with getting hauled, we will have a bunch of gear (although we can stop at Buck Hollow and empty gear I suppose and leave 1 person with it). Do you know if we can pay extra just to have cars picked up and taken there? Otherwise, this is a workable option also.
  7. Floating Buck Hollow to Alley next weekend (Friday to Sunday, 2 nights camping on river). Staying in Mountain View on Thursday night and would prefer to just run up to Buck Hollow and put on. Can anyone recommend an outfitter that would ferry 2 cars Friday morning to Alley? I assume they are relatively safe sitting at Alley for 2 days, we will have spare keys, so can be locked in the car. I haven't floated Upper Jack's in several years, have been doing Buffalo, Eleven Point, North Fork a ton, so any tips are also appreciated. We will do the bulk of the 24 miles Friday and Saturday and get off pretty early Sunday. Some fishing.
  8. Mark, awesome, thanks. We are going to Brian's place first and don't plan to float too far on Friday. I like to take my time setting up camp, so we rarely float past 5 or 6. Will take your advice on fishing as well. I'm much more of a smallmouth guy, but will give it a go. Tough in a 10' kayak to fit everything. Looking at Google Earth, there might be sufficient sandbars at Little Hurricane or Hurricane Creek for 2 of us? Guessing sandbars might pile up a bit at the confluences.
  9. Great, thanks. I would prefer a non-float camp, but might take what we can get. Guessing the river is going to be busy this weekend with the great forecast.
  10. Can someone explain to me what people mean by a "float camp?" Is that an official campsite, or just that there are so few on 11 Point that people name them and improve them over time? Are there often / ever more than one group at those camps? Thanks.
  11. Thanks Sheds. I've looked at Google maps, I've camped on many, many rivers. The flood rearranged things, so Google maps is not reliable in this instance. Nothing is a substitute for eyes on the ground.
  12. I assume the flood rearranged gravel bars, etc. How are they between Greer and Riverton?
  13. Thanks everyone. Now looking (unfortunately) at a Friday - Sunday trip. WE have our own kayaks and only camp along the river, not at organized camp sites. Brian, I will call you. Hoping we can get there early enough on a Friday to get in the water and camp 2 nights.
  14. Thanks, I did Round Spring to Two Rivers earlier this year, will Baptist to Akers have enough water? I assume springs will still be humming. Was considering Wed to Saturday. Figure we would be out early enough on Thurs and Fri to be ahead of the crowds.
  15. Considering a 2 to 3 night kayak in late July, camping on river. Some fishing, but mostly scenery and enjoying friends. Any suggestions on best sections of the river? Would always rather go as high as possible, not sure what water flow is like that late. Thanks for any advice.
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