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  1. Anyone know what he got it on
  2. These fish are released after the weigh in right?
  3. Was looking for the Bourbeuse a month ago on google maps. Thought I was going crazy
  4. Speaking of, heres one I took from inside the park.
  5. Man I could have swore at first glance that was the section below Meramec springs where the spring dumps in. Looks just like it.
  6. Merry Christmas! Ya’ll get anything good? Santa brought me this:
  7. Thanks for the responses everyone. Mitch, have you used the Solar bats before? They look legit, and seem to be better quality from the description on the website.
  8. Hi all, Trying to find some affordable fishing sunglasses for my brother for Christmas. He’s somewhat of a fisherman and ventures out with me whenever I go, but I’d like to not have to hand him my costas everytime I point to something in the river. So, what’s everyone’s favorite pair of polarized sunglasses that is $60 or less?
  9. Awesome, whad she take??
  10. Yep, sounds about right. Man, that area is fickle. And not just the river but any pond/lake or trib along it.
  11. Are the upper reaches of the Current capable of supporting brown trout reproduction? I know they close off the lower portion of the park right above the cable during the fall for what I think is the brown trout run but I’m talking about up at the top of the park. Not that it would ever happen, but if Montauk wasn’t there do you all think that river could support a self sustaining population? Or is it still to warm in there for them?
  12. Very nice! Upper, middle, lower Meramec?
  13. This “don’t trust the scientists“ sentiment in this day and age amazes me. Believing that a significant portion of scientists falsify data to support their hypothesis for financial gain or whatever else, to me just sounds like more right wing projecting.
  14. Would it ever be considered to manage this section as C&R only for trout? I mean hell, if you want to keep some trout just go up to the park. Would be interesting to see what happens after a couple years.
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