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  1. What's Cooking?

    Danger! He was in KC last Tuesday and I ended up not being able to make it because of my wife's grandfather passing. I'm jelly.
  2. What's Cooking?

    been busy cooking round these parts. Wifes birthday is on V-day so instead of going out We always just make something fancier than the usual. This year we did coq au vine. Was pretty darn good. and made enough I've had some for lunch for a few days as well. Really starting to get into the groove on the sous vide. Have been getting some real good results on steaks especially doing a double sear. Season, sear, bag, cook and then searing again. took some relatively cheap cuts of steaks the other day and did a mix of garlic, salt and pepper, chili powder and ground coffee, seared and bagged with some smashed garlic cloves and in the bath for a few hours at 125. seared again and served with some bakers and asparagus, now that's a tasty meal. A few people who were supposed to join us couldn't make it so we had the steaks all cooked and just haven't hit them with the second sear so I've been using them for other things. They are cooked and sealed already so it's just heating them up. Sliced steak and egg sandwiches the other day for breakfast made for a nice treat. Especially with a slice of good swiss and a healthy slathering of Kewpie Mayo.
  3. What's Cooking?

    Anytime you are up in kansas city and not taking all your time with that Ness guy, just let me know and itlle be on the table!
  4. What's Cooking?

    For lunch i knocked out some white winr braised leeks that i finished with some leftover mushroom rice. Delicious. Got some small filets seared and into bags for the sous vide. Got some time, butter and garlic and rosemary in there now. Few hours at 125 and theyll be ready for another sear. Doing roasted bell peppers and zuchini spears on thr side. Cant wait for dinner!
  5. What's Cooking?

    Adobo was delish.
  6. What's Cooking?

    I love a good tartare. Carpaccio is delicious. Live sushi, poke, pretty much boils down to raw food being delicious. I browned a small pork shoulder and three small chicken breasts in 1 inch cubes, made a sauce, and am 16 hours into a 24 hour sous vide chicken and pork adobo.
  7. What's Cooking?

    Holy smokes! I never thought of doing a wellington with venison... i will be giving that a try.
  8. What's Cooking?

    With the duck and venison where overcooking it is tantamount to sin unlike beef you won't need to worry about the skinny end being overcooked and the fat end of a tenderloin being under done. I really really like cooking with it, it's just a new thing I haven't got down yet quite as well as I had searing then finishing in the oven but It'll get there. My wife isn't sold on it yet. I found some 72 hour short rib recipes that look awesome. Will try that at some point soon too. Just need to find some good thick chunky short ribs or osso buco shanks.
  9. What's Cooking?

    I don't think I got the skillet hot enough either. I thought with legs I'd give the broiler a go first but without having skin covering the entirety of the leg I didn't want to over cook the exposed meat so I switched to the gas top. That prime rib sounds good... Real good. I think Next thing I'm going to do next is try and sear BEFORE cooking with the sous vide. I've read of a few people trying that so when it's done it's set and good to go. I think with cooking after I've cooked some of the juices out and it's still not as moist as it could be. I think a venison loin, or duck breast is going to be next. I also found a bomb recipe for some 24 hour chicken and pork belly adobo that I may give a try to. Cooked WITH the sauce/glaze and veggies in the bag so that it all melds together during the 24 hours of cooking.
  10. What's Cooking?

    I really need to put a thermometer to the water and see. I feel like mine may be running a bit hot just based on the steaks AI did a while back. I see a ton of stuff saying 135 should be medium rare but they definitely weren't. If I'm running a bit hot I may need to re-calibrate if I can.
  11. What's Cooking?

    Legs were good, Underwhelmed with the rice but it was tasty. I do think for the Sous Vide I'm going to stick bigger, flatter cuts of meat like the breast for chicken. Was kinda hard to get good sear on the legs after I cooked them. May also try a sear first next time then put a glaze of sorts in with the chicken. I was also a little surprised about the temp of chicken. I cooked for a few hours at 165 to get it "hot enough" I don't think i quite needed to go that hot. I think 158-160 would have been plenty hot enough for those legs.
  12. What's Cooking?

    Prepped dinner for last night this evening. Little worried how it's going to turn out but I think it'll be pretty good. Chicken legs are vac sealed with some green onion, shallot, chili powder, paprika, lime zest, lime juice, garlic, S&P, EVOO, and then a splash of Agave Nectar and Tequila. Shooting for a nice Margarita Lime chicken leg and some cilantro rice. Hopping into the sous vide for 2 hours or so at 165 this evening while I have a work meeting and should be ready to sear up the skin when I get back! Here it goes!
  13. What's Cooking?

    Did a few sirloins in the new sousvide I got for Christmas Sealed them with a few paper thin slices of onion on each side, garlic, butter and rosemary. heavily S&P'd We had a busy day so they were on for 9 hours at 135. Was very interesting. Very close to Med well or well done but still pretty tender. Texture was more of a roast than a steak though unfortunatley. I think that had to do with the time. Flavor though.... beyond amazing. you could taste everything that was in the bag. Onion, garlic and rosemary at the very end. Next time I think i'll drop the temp down to 122 or 123 for 3 hours or so before the sear.
  14. Teachin Birds

    Whelp, we got our four off the ice from yesterday which is pretty surprising actually. That pond has had a pair of bald eagles circling overhead for the last week, thought they would have grabbed at least one of them. 4 more gadwalls. 2 drakes and 2 hens.
  15. Teachin Birds

    I've liked all of them I have cooked so far.. Except for the one I tried roasting whole. I overcooked the breast trying to get crispy skin that I never really achieved. I've mostly been hitting them with salt and pepper and thyme. Scoring and searing the skin til crispy then a few seconds on the meat side and eating rare. May do a batch of jerky next.

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