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  1. Lancer09

    Sous Vide question

    I finished that "venison roast" 127 was dang near perfect for it. about a 2.25 pound roast went for about 20 hours. Holy balls was that good on a french dip. little provolone, crusty bread, bit of horse radish and jus from the drippings? Served with roasted potatoes and some kettle cooked chips. bomb dot com. Dang it was good. Had our 6 year old Goddaughter over for dinner which we hadn't planned on, told her it was Roast Beef like from arby's, just made at home. She went back for seconds. If a picky 6 year old is down with it, I always will be.
  2. Lancer09

    Sous Vide question

    I have a Sam's membership, and go relatively frequent for work. I just didn't have time to make another stop the other day. I do my searing on a nice thick cast iron, Don't like waiting for the grill to be hot enough for all of a minute of total cook time.
  3. Lancer09

    Elk in SE Kansas

    It's a draw system. The elk are mainly in Riley County, near or on the army base, however a few spill out onto some private ground as well. I believe it is a resident only draw.
  4. Lancer09

    Sous Vide question

    Thanks for the advice all! I think one of the biggest issues is the thickness of the steaks, mainly being, it's a P.I.T.A. to ask for a thick steak to be cut specifically for me, and don't always have the time to stop at a specialty butcher shop as well. http://www.themeateater.com/cook/recipes/sous-vide-venison-roast-recipe Working on some roast venison that should be going into some french dips for dinner either tonight or tomorrow and freezing the rest! Had to get back in the good graces of the sous vide. I did get the Meateater cookbook as well. Highly recommend. Will be working my way through that as well.
  5. Lancer09

    Sous Vide question

    Interesting. It wasn't a long sear but I guess with the meat already being 128 degrees it doesn't take much sear to push the inner temp up into that medium well range. Got a venison roast thawed to start some "roast beef" style lunch meat out of venison instead.
  6. Lancer09

    Sous Vide question

    Some of the absolute best food I have cooked has come out of cooking with sous vide. I've done some awesome pork belly, shanks, roasts, Filipino adobo and all kinds of stuff. One thing has vexed me thus far.. the good sous vide steak. I may be wrong but I think part of my issue is the thickness of my steaks. I cooked some nice KC strips on Sunday, somewhere in the normal grocery store steak thickness, half inch maybe? maybe an inch, but not those real good thick bad boys. I have always worried that my sous vide cooked hotter than it was supposed to. It does, but not as drastically as I had thought. I had it set at 128, right at the output it was 130, other side of the sink was 129. Dropped it two degrees on the machine and had 128 all over. 2.5 hours, pulled, dried, and seared hard. Let them rest. When I cut into them they were medium well or well all the way through, but no differentiation between the edges so they had to have been that way before I seared them. They were super tender, tasted great, but still had a firmer texture than a rare steak. Going to long? not a thick enough piece of meat? I hesitate to throw some duck in there for fear of overcooking it with about the same thickness as these steaks were. I want that rare, medium rare edge to edge but just can't get it... thoughts?
  7. Lancer09

    Opening weekend luck?

    Saturday we saw 30 is bird, but 20 or so were in one group. the rest were singles or doubles that would work but never really commit before moving off. Saturday saw 6. had two come into the spread right at first shooting light. I missed. Pretty crappy weekend up south of KC too.
  8. Lancer09

    Free dog

    We have three rescue dachshunds, they can definitely be temperamental with new house guests. We have one with the IVDD back issues and he was trying to get into it with a black lab we were watching for a weekend for a friend. Little dudes legs just couldn't keep up with trying to keep up with her while we were playing fetch, she couldn't even be bothered with his nipping at her. slow, small doses is what has always worked for us when introducing friends dogs to ours. Also getting them to spend time together at a dog park, or somewhere that isn't our house. The dogs ours get along with have spent time around them outside of their home turf first before they were brought over to hang out with friends for a game or something.
  9. Lancer09

    Beef tongue

    There is a little taco joint by my house up here in KC... Best thing on the menu is the beef tongue taco. Some finely minced onions and cilantro, on 2 warm soft corn tortillas... Bombass piece of food... and cheap!
  10. Lancer09

    The Corner Spot

    My favorite stretch of that little river.
  11. Lancer09

    New to Fly tieing

    Plateau for Springfield area. Rainbow and K&K for KC area.
  12. Lancer09

    2018 Garden Thread

    I'm not far from this. Still watering my stuff out at the farm, but after everything took a toll on plants this year it was just a losing battle. Fertilizing, watering, pruning, and still losing plants? That soil just needs some real time away from tomatoes and peppers. May put something else in there next year that's a bit easier. Probably plant some corn and okra, may make a few soil mounds for cukes and zukes. Going to put in a couple more raised beds at my house when I get a tree removed and move a lot of my stuff home hopefully.
  13. Lancer09

    2018 Garden Thread

    My peppers are really struggling. The plants never really seemed to take off. Almost as if my ones out at the farm are getting too much light. They are only a foot to two foot tall, and super dense with leaves. Where as my more shaded pepper plants are full and 3 to 5 feet tall at my house and setting peppers pretty well as opposed to my farm peppers. It's an interesting year, and I think unless you can devote a lot of time to it like the Billet it's going to be rough for ya.
  14. Lancer09

    2018 Garden Thread

    Tomatoes are slow for me. The dang heat, and I'm still doing a ton of watering. Fighting a little bit of blossom end rot, and turkey predation on them. Stink bugs are sticking holes and rotting a few also pretty bad, anyone got a recommendation for those little nasty things? However the real issue, what is causing me to throw out more tomatoes than I'm actually getting are over ripening on the bottom and rotting while the top is still unripe, green and hard as a rock. I've probably brought in 30 tomatoes, and pitched 100 out so far this season. Best tomato this season was the first ripe one I had on July 8th, a full hand size ananas noire, took one slice for a BLT!
  15. Lancer09

    Arkansas River Trout?

    At least the sections I fished last year there was no bait. That could be different though than where I was in the headwaters and down in the gorge and browns.

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