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  1. Lancer09

    What's Cooking?

    No pictures as I got called in to work.. Last night did a seared and braised pork loin with fennel, yellow onion, and apples. Seared pork (coated with a thin layer of dijon, salt and pepper, thyme, and rosemary), removed and sauteed vegetables and fruit. Added a cup of white wine, splash of Worcestershire, balsamic vinegar, and garlic for the braise and topped to 3/4 up the loin with stock. Served slices of the pork over top of a bed of mashed garlic cauliflower and topped with braising vegetables and reduced sauce. Something that cooked long, but came together easy was super great and worth 20 minutes of prep time for a dinner. Will absolutely do again.
  2. I'm late to the party.. I run a couple of streamer rods, lines are somewhat interchangeable based on what I am doing. TFO 8 BVK, and a Redington 7Wt Torrent. I fish 200, and 250 Grain streamer express lines. for smaller stuff I fish a handful of cheap sinking leaders that are only 5 foot long that I bought a few years back, good for a 5 or 6 wt. swinging leeches or something and I prefer it to stacking shot and working about breaking a rod because of it. The 7 wt. and 200 grain line can fire into the backing with a 8 inch double deceiver on 2 or three false casts if you are double hauling your keester off.
  3. I wish I was mechanically inclined to know what that meant? What would be the "hub." Told ya I was dumb.
  4. Got a motor question for @fishinwrench or anyone who is able to answer. Boat is a 15' 3" '88 Skeeter pushed by a 70 HP two stroke Tohatsu. About a week ago I was coming out of a creek and bumped something obviously with just the skeg of the motor or just the prop. Felt a small bump but didn't hit hard enough to kill the engine or anything. really seemed pretty minor as I was just idling. With lower water I probably would have seen what was out in the middle of the creek bed. Ran around the small local lake for a few laps at full power, as I pulled back to the ramp i had to go in and out of gear and reverse several times to avoid some dingledicks that were swimming IN the boat ramp from a jetski as I was approaching directly into the sun. At one point when I went to put into gear (forward or reverse) I get power to the engine, but no push in either direction or prop spin. I have checked the choke and the throttle cables, both appear to be in working condition. When I removed the prop on the inside of it there is some rubber looking teeth that bite around a toothed shaft coming out from the lower unit. Both the teeth on the inside of the prop and the shaft are intact with now issues. Was told that it could be a shear pin. Removed the shaft to find a couple of gears, and a pin that came out of the center of a cylindrical piece of metal with gears that would translate power to the prop. When I pulled that shaft a substantial amount of oil/grease came out as well along with what looks like a pin of some sort (6-10 mm in diameter(rough guestimate), it was flat on one end and slightly rounded on the other. I believe it came out from inside the cylinder that is hollowed out? ) and a single ball bearing. Is the grease in this location indicative of an issue or is it supposed to be there and need to be replaced when the gear shaft is inserted back (I don't know if this is the name of it). Just trying to figure out where my problem lies in getting power to the motor, gas flowing, but unable to generate any power to the prop. I'll be taking it to a kid who works for me tomorrow that can take anything apart and fix it (does all of our city truck repair, has rebuilt a few ATV engines and does all our mower engine maintenance as well. He has done some small time stuff and I'd like to start with him before i end up paying money at a marine shop if it is a simple fix, and I am just not mechanically inclined, as I would like to be able to fix this same issue in the future should it arise again.. Because let's be honest.. this boat and motor are older than I am. Thanks in advance for any possible insight. If pictures are required just let me know and I can try to get the grease wiped off everything to try and get a picture.
  5. Go to a fly shop and buy the some cheap serrated tying scissors. Cut real tight and have cut loose braid for me with no trouble. Serration helped i thought. I had a few pairs of MFC scissors and 1 got put into the bass gear kit.
  6. Hey now... 194. That car has driven to vegas, texas a couple times, colorado a few times and everywhere in between. Left the lot with 72 miles. I will have this bad boy for a while. Got a great deal on an 18 TRD pro with 5300 miles that they could make work with our monthly budget, and we definitely arent rich. Last year i started duck hunting and killed just over 3 dozen. This year i killed 9. I would like to shoot more as well. This baby will at least let me pull my boat, and haul my canoe a crap ton easier too.
  7. Well... After 11 years and 194,700 miles my Mitsubishi lancer has maybe died on me and i havent been able to source the issue over the last two weeks.... stepping up to a 2018 tundra I guess it was time for a new grocery getter and decoy hauler Itll be a heck of a lot easier to haul around everything i need, and twice as expensive as well. From small to huge.
  8. I havent tied a fly and near a year. The last time 2 times i fished fly rods... i broke a rod. Dang. This summer has got to change a bit. Send @fishinwrench a couple of those small stoney lookin shits for his spring NFOW trip he has been planning.
  9. Lancer09

    What's Cooking?

    Just boiled/steamed jasmine rice after washing it once. Added a little bit of coconut oil and milk to the water to give it a light flavor.
  10. Lancer09

    What's Cooking?

    Did some coconut curry fish. Quarter cup curry paste (mix of mostly green with a little red) Quarter cup coconut milk Quarter cup olive oil. Mix that into a paste and cover a foil pack. Spring some basil, cilantro and stalks of lemongrass. Lay on teo fillets of swai. Do the same on top of the fish. Fold and seal pack. Cook five minutes per side on med. High heat. Serve over coconut jasmine rice. Pretty sweet. Nice curry taste. May add some chilis next time or a spicier paste. Only get to make this when i eat alone which isnt too bad since the whole thing came together in under 20 minutes.
  11. Lancer09

    What's Cooking?

    Before Christmas if there was a kitchen gadget that I would have said we don't have a use for, it would have been an instant pot. Then we got one and I had to feign excitement. Then we used it. Now I am a believer in it. It's not that it makes incredible food, though it does make some really good rice. It is great though that instead of going out to eat because we forgot to thaw something out we can actually toss some stuff in there, head to the gym or clean around the house, and have a pretty good, cooked from frozen dinner. It also made some of the easiest I have ever done "hardboiled" eggs. Babies peeled just perfectly, every. single. one. of. them. I made the chili recipe listed in Rinella's "Meateater" cook book. went a little heavier on the chipotles in adobo, and two poblano's and an anaheim instead of three poblanos. next time definitely going to go even a little more chipotle's, all poblano's to up the spice level a little bit, but may add some carrots or something to add a little sweetness to some of your bites. Used venison that was cut with about 25% pork since I mostly feed it to people who don't love ground deer. Was very meat heavy (delicious), did enjoy the lack of beans compared to my wife's normal bean and vegetable heavy chili. Going to try the coconut curry fish packs sometime soon as well when I eat alone since the wife doesn't love coconut, or curry. Academy has some beer but chicken racks that hold your can and allow you to just lift a chicken off without it getting stuck to the grill grates. Definitely glad I grabbed a couple of them. Going to whip up some grilled chicken salad this evening for lunches this week. Another note - How can I post pictures on here from my phone? Do I have to upload them to something like I used to do with the IMG codes or can I just insert them from my camera gallery? That's all my current and recent cooking exploits from the last week or so.
  12. I figure I'll simplify this year. Frankly everything last year had me to stretched out and everything suffered. Got a spot on the side of my house I may be able to do some stuff with a little soil amending and digging out the old stuff. Going to focus on herbs a lot more this year. we use a ton of them, grow some and always have to end up buying some any way. May do some more flower growing this year. My house faces south and no shade for the afternoon sun that has burned up pretty much all of our landscaping and grass for a couple years now. Anyone know of something that absolutely LOVES sun and doesn't make me sick every time I get my water bill? Going to probably be heavy on tomatoes again. May do some different peppers, maybe some hot exotic stuff. I've enough jerk marinade made from last years scotch bonnets that I won't need those again. Probably some jalapenos, fish peppers, thai chilis, Need to start my bakers creek order.
  13. A few years back when I went on a hog hunt in Texas one of the guys asked if they had a taxidermist or if he should take it home to mount it. Guide "Take it behind the shed for all I care.. I just don't wanna see your pecker."
  14. Lancer09

    Sous Vide question

    I finished that "venison roast" 127 was dang near perfect for it. about a 2.25 pound roast went for about 20 hours. Holy balls was that good on a french dip. little provolone, crusty bread, bit of horse radish and jus from the drippings? Served with roasted potatoes and some kettle cooked chips. bomb dot com. Dang it was good. Had our 6 year old Goddaughter over for dinner which we hadn't planned on, told her it was Roast Beef like from arby's, just made at home. She went back for seconds. If a picky 6 year old is down with it, I always will be.
  15. Lancer09

    Sous Vide question

    I have a Sam's membership, and go relatively frequent for work. I just didn't have time to make another stop the other day. I do my searing on a nice thick cast iron, Don't like waiting for the grill to be hot enough for all of a minute of total cook time.
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