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  1. Went at it again over the 4th. Water is low to say the least. Fished a small pool from shore from 10 am to 1pm. One of the younger kids caught a nice small mouth. It was somewhere between 3 and 4 lbs. Very nice fish. Another 12 inch was caught. Nothing after that. Big fish was caught on a 4" brush hawg in a green pumpkin. Bite seems to be early. I think we got there to late.
  2. It sounds like the switch on the pedal is done or has lost a good connection. Should be pretty easy to fix. First, disconnect the TM from the battery. Next see if you can feel the switch. When you put your foot on it, there is a point where you will feel a click. If the click is there, tip over the foot pedal and take some pictures. Then look for loose wires. Most the time some wires have gotten a build up on them. If you find one, take a scotch bright pad or a fine sandpaper and clean it and reconnect. Hope this helps.
  3. New to fishing a drop shot. I have seen videos where they fish them on the bottom. When you fish them vertical, is it used mostly with depth finder. Or is there a certain depth range you concentrate on.
  4. Glad to here you are back on the water RPS. I hope it is a good summer break for you.
  5. A buddy is comming in June. Want to float Buffalo and fish. Any advice for a day trip to end up at tyler would be appreciated. Thanx The Coward
  6. Nice catch RPS. Found out the wife has to work on Labor Day. I will let you know the next time we will be there.
  7. 7-3 Went up to 62 bridge to trout fish. I'am a total newbe. 10am. water temp 56. Could have gotten past bridge in jon boat, but would have had to drag it. Floated down from bridge. Used power bait and a couple small weights 3' up. Caught 1 under bridge. Another down about 3/4 mile. Did not measure to see if they were keppers. 7-6 Same location same time. wtaer 56. Fished with power bait for half hour. no bites. Switched to a rapalla jointed minow with the hook replaced. They really liked it. Trolled up and down river at about 2 to 2.5mph. Caught 10 in about 2 1/2 hours. The Coward
  8. I fish halfway between 62 and 221. No canoe. Just wade and shore fishing a 1/2 mile stretch. Morning seems better than afternoon. Although I caught fish all day. It seemed that when you caught 1 or 2 fish, you had to change baits, or move 100 yards. I was ussing Shaeky head with a pumpkin seed 4" worm had most success. My 3 year old daughter was catching fish on this. Also a craw and a tube in pumpkin seed rigged texas or carolina worked good. Was there with family so i did not get out that much. Maybe once or twice a day for a couple hours. Caught fish on each trip. Even at noon. There is a violent topwater action in the morning and sometimes in the evening. Tried a chug bug and a popper with no results. The Coward
  9. I would like to take this oppurtunity to thank RPS for showing me the ropes. RPS Gave up his time and knowledge without expecting anything in return. This is a true mark of a gentlemen. We went out the first Monday of July. In the morning we boated a couple topwater bass. After the bite went away we switched to walleye. RPS is a true veteran at walleye fishing. We ended the day with 1 eye and a hand full of bass. I really enjoyed fishing and the conversation. I look forward to doing it again. The Coward.
  10. Thanks for the info. Cant wait to get on the water and catch some eyes.
  11. I will be trolling for walleye in a couple of weeks from Houseman to Big M. What lures and colors do you recomend. Thanks for the advice.
  12. Thanks feathers for the info. Have you ever used clip on weights. This way you dont have to put out so much line. Did it when I was younger with a buddy. He had a chart for weight versus line and speed. Thanx again.
  13. I would apreciate any advice on getting cranks to depths beyond there original design. For example a Berkley flicker shad 7cm is rated to 11 to 15 ft. Is there a template for putting weights on a line to get them to run a depth of 20 ft or so. Ant advice is apreciated. Thanx.
  14. Thanks alot for the info. I have fished around Houseman and up towards the dam before. Have caught many trout and some walleye. I will be looking forward to reading your posts.
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