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  1. Wow. That is a HOG. Sounds like my 8wt will see some use soon. Maybe this weekend. Thanks for all the info. Maybe I'll see you down there.
  2. Thanks Chance. How big is your big fish? Reason I ask is I was going to use my 7wt which I use for Silvers, Steelhead and Bones. But if there are some big bruisers in there I might use my 8wt or even haul out my 9wt instead. This time of year what size of clousers or deceivers are you using? 2, 1, 2/0, 4/0? I guess I can look for myself. But I would love to tie a few in the right size before heading down there.
  3. Hello. I live in Tulsa and while being an avid out-of-state fly fisherman I have rarely fished in-state for much besides largemouth in a few farm ponds and trout out of the Beavers Bend area and the lower Illinois. But I have been wanting to fish a bit closer to home. So a bit of googling got me here. I have used the river trails for decades and watched people fishing but not tried it out myself. But after reading through some of the posts here it seems the fishery can be quite good (as long as the dam is not broken upriver). So my questions are these - since it is mid-summer, is the stri
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