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  1. Congratulations!! We have 4 different teal bands. One was 10 years old. Pretty impressive to make that many flights.
  2. School cancelled for today, so decided last night to head to the blind this morning. 9 degrees when I got to there this morning. Had 5 Mallards come in at 6:35 and killed 2. 7 more at 6:55 and killed 2! Limits are few and far between where we hunt, so feel very fortunate to have a morning like today!
  3. Another teal season has come and gone! Thought today might be good due to the front coming through later today, but all for not. So hot almost the whole season for the second year in a row. The only highlights of the season was my 12 year old killing his first teal last Saturday and getting to hunt another season in with my father! Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Here’s to hoping for a better regular duck season!
  4. Youth Size 4, Lacrosse Chest Waders. Worn less than 15 times in 2.5 years. No rips, tears, or holes! In excellent shape. New ones from Mack’s Prairie Wings run around $179. Selling for $85. Can meet within an hour of Salem, MO. Text 573-247-1811 or comment on thread!
  5. I would have to dig to find a photo, but one day we had a dog stop in the middle of a cut field, and every dog would back her which made the front dog back the others. It was one giant circle of 5 dogs backing each other.
  6. Walked about 3 miles Friday morning and could not find a turkey. Got home about 10 and decided to check the field behind the house. Low and behold there was 4 strutting with 3 hens. Didn’t think I stood a prayer, but snuck down the tree line and setup to see what would happen. One gobbler had stayed separated from the other 3 and he eventually decided to walk my way. Could not believe it happened the way it did. 24.5 lbs, 11 inch and 8 inch beards, 7/8th inch spurs. Both spurs would have been over an inch but both were broke off. Saturday took my son and it was a dream hunt. The only problem was he missed! We will be after them again in the morning!
  7. Saw two hens with what looked like at least 10 little ones a week and a half ago in our yard. Same size so they were hard to see in the grass. Haven’t seen them since, but had some work done around the house. Hopefully they have made it through some of the torrential rains we have had.
  8. Have had the worst waterfowl season that I can remember! Early teal season was terrible, which is when we usually have our best luck! Regular season has produced 1 drake... I hope everyone else is having a better time than we have! Ok, rant over! I want to wish everyone here and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
  9. Also, heard today that from Alley to Eminence is unfloatable due to the flood. Haven't been down to see it but it was a pretty reliable source.
  10. Honestly I would start at 17 Bridge if you are only going 2 1/2 days. It will still be a push to get all the way to Eminence in my opinion. As a kid we would go 17 to Alley in 2 1/2 days. Especially if u want to fish much.
  11. moodyfour


    Current River has been shut down from Tan Vat to Gooseneck until further notice. All campgrounds are also closed throughout this stretch.
  12. As I have stated in the past, living in south-central Missouri is not the most ideal place to live when you love to duck hunt! Your only chance at limiting on Mallards requires yourself to travel to other parts of the state or go to Arkansas. But, we still set our blind and do all the work to eek out a few birds every year. Every once in a great while you get a morning like today! Lucy enough to share the blind with my father and my 9 year old son we shot two limits of Mallards and 1 Widgeon! My son just being there to spot the ducks and blow on his call a bit, while dad and I do the shooting. First duck in was the Widgeon and he was finished off in one shot. Next came the Mallards. Didn't even see them till they lit right in the decoys. We stood up and I knocked down 2 in two shots, won't say what happened in my dad's end?! Had 6 Mallards, all drakes; circle and land 60 yards up the lake. Less than 5 mins they swam right into range. We stood up and the shooting was better as we dropped 4 drakes. A bit later 2 made one circle, cupped their wings and dropped right in with my dad knocking one down and I knocked the other one down. All ducks retrieved by my lab, man what a beautiful morning! Now time to get my son his deer!
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