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  1. I buy from them and wire tie my skirts with copper wire or coated wire from the jewelry making section at Hobby Lobby. The skirts will outlast the baits that way.
  2. FWIW, you can buy these handles at Tractor Supply, Orschelens, and other hardware stores for about $10 and make your own cable handle for less than half the price of a G-Force handle. I have a G-force on my bass boat, but a homemade cable on my johnboat, they both work just as good. It looks and feels exactly like a G-force handle. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/17616300823499336790?q=start+it+up+handle&client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=ACYBGNQ4KXBKlVajjXbP6X5ckFAa-h5iwQ:1580723826596&biw=1280&bih=910&prds=epd:3432558141460694773,prmr:3&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjSwICTj7XnAhVJXc0KHcZPDpUQ8wIIlgM
  3. Thanks! I caught them less than 10 minutes apart on a KVD 300 jerkbait. I'd hooked a fish that didn't hardly move 10 minutes before the first one that I'd convinced myself was a foul hooked carp, but I was second guessing myself after catching those 2 off the same area shortly after.
  4. Thursday was the warmest day I've had on the water in 2020. I'm a few hours north, but they were biting good for me. Got to go when I can!
  5. My buddy had similar marks on his graph on a lake here in NE KS a few days ago. Dropped a jigging rap on them and snagged huge gizzard shad one after the other instead of nailing whites and wipers like he expected.
  6. Biggest cottonmouth I've ever seen was coiled up on a rock in one of the little coves just north of Shell Knob ramp. I had the boat close to the bank and didn't see it but my brother in law did and was about sitting on my shoulders by the time he pointed it out to me. I've only ever seen a couple actual Water Moccasins since we don't have any in NE KS, just water snakes that everyone calls Moccasins, but this sucker was huge and the thickest snake I've ever seen. Wasn't any mistaken him for what he was, crazy how well it was blending in with the rocks.
  7. It sure was, always way more excited than I should be to catch one of them.
  8. Thanks everyone, I keep going through the pictures and reliving it all and smiling 😄
  9. Deep trees, mainly cedars in 20-30 feet of water. Thank you sir and congrats on your monster! My oldest wants to catch a trout now after seeing that fish.
  10. My wife and I brought our 2 boys (2 and 5), down for their first experience tent camping over Labor Day weekend. We stayed at our favorite campsite at Aunt's Creek and they had a blast. The lake was pretty busy, but not as bad as I thought it might be. It was still manageable and easy to find a cove to get in and swim. A nice bonus was finding a pretty good drop shot and spoon bite that I stayed on all 3 days, along with the boys catching about a million 2-6 inch bluegill and sunfish with the red wigglers I brought for them. Never caught anything big but plenty of action to keep it interesting and when you're on a pattern instead of just flailing around it makes it much easier. Everything went as smoothly as we could have hoped and as always we enjoyed every minute on the lake.
  11. Stripers are extremely rare in Table Rock and even fewer would ever be spawning in the lake. There's nothing to worry about.
  12. A bit of a disclaimer, I guide in NE Kansas so my answer is probably a bit biased. Yes, 0600 would be no issue if that's when the guide told me we needed to start. If I booked a guide it would be to learn, not so much to catch fish, although that's obviously a nice bonus, so I'd rather not fish the live bait. I'm okay with the idea of working harder for fewer fish though. I can go catch fish on my own if that's all I wanted to do, the point of hiring a guide to me, is to learn how to do something that I don't currently know how to do. I know from experience that a lot of people hiring a guide purely to get taken directly to the fish though, learning might happen but more than anything they just want to catch fish. Those often seem to be the hardest people to please.
  13. Same for me, although I probably already had it pretty bad. I hooked a fish at the lake my grandparents had their RV set up by and fought it for over an hour when I was 6, had people coming out with camcorders recording it and everything. Finally broke my 6lb test right before we ever even got a chance to see it. My oldest is 5 now and a seasoned veteran, even taking people's money in the local Thursday night jackpots.
  14. I was at the lake with my parents, my wife, and both my boys for 4 days this past week and we all had a blast! It was our first family vacation with both our boys and they had a ton of fun, swimming, fishing, putt-putt golfing, being boys. Fishing wasn't great, but I mostly fished in 1-3 hour blocks so it made it hard to put much together. Most of my fish were on a small Duo Realis jerkbait, a shakyhead, or video fishing a dropshot and most all seemed to be either bluff ends or on the flat areas right next to steep drops. I managed to put my wife and my dad on a few fish, but of course my 5 year old showed them both up. It was my 2 year old sons first time in my boat and he really enjoyed himself. We always enjoy our time on the lake and they both can't wait to go back. My wife's humpbacked smallmouth.
  15. Yes, my parents have a deal there and invited us to stay with them. Hard to pass up free lodging in a nice resort on the lake for the weekend. My son has been telling anyone that will listen about the big fish he hooked that got away the 2nd night, wish we could have seen it before it came off.
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