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  1. bluebasser86

    Monster Carp

    Grass carp are weird fish. Supposedly eat nothing but plants, but seemingly one will get a wild hair every once in a while and eat something it's not supposed to. I was fishing a S-Waver in a pond several years ago when I watched this monster rocket off the bottom and T-bone it. It was a heck of a fight even on heavy swimbait gear.
  2. bluebasser86

    Kayak Tournament

    We have it around here too. It makes me mad because if I did hit someone and kill them, even if I didn't somehow get the blame, I still have to live with the guilt no matter how much it was their fault it happened.
  3. bluebasser86

    AGM Batteries

    I have 2 of the group 31 Duracell AGMs in my boat for my trolling motor and really like them. I can fight the wind all day and not notice any loss of power. Only thing I can't speak on is longevity. I've had them about a year now though and they've been perfect.
  4. bluebasser86

    The Hard Way on the Upper End

    I caught one on a jerkbait in a tournament on the rock last April that I thought was going to be a giant largemouth. Back of a small pocket, line just lazy started to tighten on the pause, sweep into a lot of weight and something moving slow, had a big slider snagged. At least it wasn't a snapper. I got this snapper on a wacky rig during one or our little Thursday night jackpot tournaments.
  5. bluebasser86

    Double drop shot rig?

    All it's ever done for me is allow me to lose baits to snags twice as fast!
  6. bluebasser86

    Bugle lips!

    Thought for sure it was going to be on a Ned. They'll eat a Ned about as good as a bass some days.
  7. bluebasser86

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    Bass boats are a problem, but wake boats and cigar boats are A-okay! Someone needs to teach him a bit about physics. A bass boat on plane makes such a small wake that it may not even make it to the docks when it can potentially capsize small craft, flood Tokyo, whatever he felt like making up. A big cabin cruiser makes a wake that goes on for miles and is extremely dangerous to boaters and swimmers alike.
  8. bluebasser86

    Table Rock 6-11-18 White River Arm

    This is what we have done for our Thursday night tournaments. Similar to Major League Fishing, everyone has to have their own scales and they're all the same and checked for accuracy and consistency, you can only weigh fish bigger than a pound, keep track of your biggest 5, and they're released on the spot. Granted, it takes a lot of trust, but it's mostly all the same guys that fish together all the time anyways, and if you get some good ones you have to take pictures for proof. It isn't fool proof, but we're fishing for $150 maybe, it isn't worth killing off our lakes for. Our big end of the year fish off we take pictures on the scales with a verification code since there is a little more money involved, but fish are still released immediately.
  9. bluebasser86

    wheres dts5kprs????

  10. bluebasser86

    Holiday Island to Eagle Rock

    I think you looked at the wrong baits. The Suicide Duck that looks like a double plopper is 4.25" 1oz for the small one and 6" 2 3/4oz for the big one. They sent me some of both sizes and I've caught bass with both of them. They wouldn't be something I would have considered for Table Rock, but they work well on the shallow, stained lakes I frequent in KS.
  11. bluebasser86

    Holiday Island to Eagle Rock

    Several of them out there, Savage Gear is the proud makers of a couple of them. This is basically a double legged plopper. Then you got the "Fruck", which is a frog/duck combination. A couple different companies make a walk the dog (or duck in this case), type bait, Or if you're a crankbait guy, you can get them on Danny the Duck from Westin. Not a bass obviously, but an awesome strike on the Suicide Duck.
  12. bluebasser86

    FLW Costa

    I was down Friday-Saturday due to poor planning on my part and not thinking to check tournament schedules. Had a very solid pattern catching fish off sand and gravel banks around Aunt's Creek on small swimbaits and jerkbaits. There were small shad dying everywhere and the fish were gorging on them, ignoring all my larger offerings in favor of the little stuff. No big fish but lots of keepers in the 2.5-3.5 pound range, mostly the super fat spotted bass. Had a few dock corners that kept reloading with schools of spots that would fight over a jerkbait. Saw very few boats that looked like tournament boats in the area I was at so I'm sure that helped that they were maybe not getting pounded quite as bad. Sometimes you just get lucky and figure them out too. Never had a bite on a bottom bait or a crankbait. Had 3 keepers in the rain by 10:30 when I had to pack it in on Sunday. Overall a very good trip that I feel even better about after hearing how much of a grind it was for a lot of really good fishermen.
  13. bluebasser86

    Tough Day...

    I was a few hours north of you but our weekly small tournament was tough last night too. We won it and got big bass with 4 fish that went a whopping 8.55 pounds and big bass of 3.16. Fish were short striking and not cooperative at all.
  14. bluebasser86

    New Spinning Rods

    Agree with sending them back. St. Croix has excellent customer service. I've had 1 break and a reel seat come loose on one. I used their shipping program to send them back for $15 and got them both replaced for the price of return shipping, no questions asked. Both times I had a new rod back in my hands in less than 2 weeks.
  15. bluebasser86

    40lb Striper caught ?

    Second fish has a better chance of weighing 40 than the one from Facebook.

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