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  1. You can have mine. I have the option through my work but I declined. I had my blood work done, zero of the at risk traits. See no point in getting a vaccine they no so little about that doesn't even prevent getting something that I might get and not even know I have anyways. For all they know the long term side effects could be worse than the effects of me getting Covid, no thanks.
  2. I've been really happy with the Provokes, caught a lot of good fish with them this past year. Duo 110s run deeper than most it seems and not often you hear about them. Some really nice colors available also.
  3. It's a KGB Legend. They make really nice baits. I've got a Chad Shad and a crappie. They're tough baits to get a hold of.
  4. I saw one smallmouth that was weighed in posted on a swimbait page on FB that took the 2nd spot in one of the weigh ins the first day at 4.34lbs.
  5. Agreed. That's why I just turn and leave. It does no good to blow up on them, then I'm just in the wrong too. Although they aren't technically doing anything wrong, a guy would like to think someone would have a little common sense and courtesy, but that doesn't seem to be a thing anymore.
  6. Just don't let them nibble on you, no matter how gentle they promise to be. Just wish I could have weighed this dinosaur before it chomped me, biggest one I've ever seen.
  7. Start about the 3:10 mark. You can tell they're close in the video but I could have touched the hulls of their kayaks with my rod as they paddled past me. I wouldn't have been able to go any further as it turned out because there was a bank fisherman I hadn't seen, but it didn't stop them from going on and paddling all over in the little waterfall pool where he was trying to fish.
  8. Crappie fishermen are the worst around here (other than recreational kayakers). If I'm fishing something where they think there's crappie, they have no issues pulling up and stopping on top of where I'm fishing. I think maybe it's because they're more social fishermen than bass guys are. Me, I'm antisocial to the point I'll leave a good spot or bite if someone pulls up close. Good thing about having weekdays off I guess. I've had too many encounters with folks this year that are just taking up water sports that just don't know better, these kayakers were at a local lake while I was just t
  9. Haven't made it down quite that far but I've been doing well at Critzer on jigs in the brush, mainly cedars and hedge trees. Lots of solid fish catching the bait while it's dropping and making the line jump, good times.
  10. 6th Sense also has their Speed Glide 100 that I'd suggest checking out. It's not really good fishing like a glide bait, but it's a great burner bait. For those days when they should be eating a spinnerbait, it's a good option and cast really well too. I burn it across points and shallow flats and the fish just crush it when the conditions are right for it. Much easier to get than their new wake that I think they're only doing a limited run of unfortunately. https://www.tacklewarehouse.com/6th_Sense_Speed_Glide_100_Glide_Bait/descpage-SSSGSB.html
  11. Wheeler and Evers are 1A and 1B for me. Mark Daniels Jr was having a great season too until everything got shutdown.
  12. I've got a DotLine Telescoping lure retriever that has paid for itself many times over. Not only do I get my lures back, but I get lots of other people's baits out of trees with it. Pulled a Lucky Craft Pointer 100, 100DD, and a Megabass Vision 110 Magnum out of trees one spring day on the Rock a few years ago, paid for right there.
  13. I've fished Sportsman's Paradise a couple times. It has some monsters in it but they get fished for a lot and act accordingly.
  14. I was at Clinton. I fish Pleasanton pretty often and La Cygne a ton.
  15. A buddy was there Thursday, caught 2 limits of over 18's and a bunch of other fish. I was further north catching crappie and smallmouth. I hate that lake. No problem catching fish, but it's always so busy and I always encounter some of the the rudest fishermen I run into anywhere when I'm on that lake. Not to mention the awesome roads getting into it. Doesn't matter how slow you drive when a local flies by you 55mph throwing dust and gravel everywhere.
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