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  1. Yes, my parents have a deal there and invited us to stay with them. Hard to pass up free lodging in a nice resort on the lake for the weekend. My son has been telling anyone that will listen about the big fish he hooked that got away the 2nd night, wish we could have seen it before it came off.
  2. I was at the lake with my parents, my wife, and both my boys for 4 days this past week and we all had a blast! It was our first family vacation with both our boys and they had a ton of fun, swimming, fishing, putt-putt golfing, being boys. Fishing wasn't great, but I mostly fished in 1-3 hour blocks so it made it hard to put much together. Most of my fish were on a small Duo Realis jerkbait, a shakyhead, or video fishing a dropshot and most all seemed to be either bluff ends or on the flat areas right next to steep drops. I managed to put my wife and my dad on a few fish, but of course my 5 year old showed them both up. It was my 2 year old sons first time in my boat and he really enjoyed himself. We always enjoy our time on the lake and they both can't wait to go back. My wife's humpbacked smallmouth.
  3. Don't worry, this bite's going to stop in the next day or so since I'll be at the lake Friday-Monday with the family 😄 Hopefully they keep eating the little guy, so I can put my little guy on his first Table Rock bass. He's got his tackle box packed up and is maybe more excited than I am.
  4. There's a jointed version from Berkley that I used quite a bit last year that worked really well. I haven't been to Table Rock with it yet but I will be at the end of this week and hope to put it to the test while I'm down there.
  5. Bull is pretty flooded isn't it? I think Beaver would be a good option, better than going back to the same lake you just fished. I wonder how everyone is going to feel if Martens wins it again?
  6. Am I the only one surprised by the lack of bigger fish? Not even giants, but say fish over 4 pounds? Very few of those and only 5 or 6 the entire event over 5, none over 6. I know it's a numbers deal, but the odds would just seem to point towards these guys stumbling into some big ones along the way. I guess all the big ones must have already moved off the bank or gone nocturnal?
  7. This is a very effective method to unhook deeply hooked fish. I'm going to remove the hook 100% of the time. I'd rather them die now so I can give them to someone to use instead of slowly starve to death because a hook has their throat sewed up. A vast majority with that technique, the hook rolls out easily and the fish swims off strong. Sorry you lost a good smallie, they're good at tossing hooks. Must have been in the air this past week. I caught a giant on Friday, although in a small lake in Kansas instead of at Table Rock.
  8. I cast off a $100 glide bait last winter and just tied another one on and kept fishing (hey, they were biting). You have to be a little sick in the head if you're going to spend money on baits like that and actually fish them.
  9. I like the glide baits and wake baits. Personally prefer the Savage Gear Shine Glide over the S Waver. I like the profile better and it glides easier imo. Moves a lot of fish around docks and they'll come a long ways to eat it. The 185 (7ish inch) size is my favorite. An MS Slammer can be a really fun bait too. Some of the most violent strikes you'll ever see.
  10. I despise the haul them around in the livewell all day for a picture mentality. I don't fit the mold though, I guide and have a Youtube channel but I think several pictures with big fish is just as impressive as a single "Hero" picture, plus I know my fish have a way better chance of survival. And I don't care if you like and subscribe, I'm not trying to get Youtube famous 🤣
  11. I have all 3, just depends on what I'm going to be doing with it.
  12. I like the bigger size. I feel like it's a really good trailer in cold water when you don't want a lot of action and I'm not moving the bait a lot so the legs can float up and sway around a bit. I use the sapphire blue a lot.
  13. For anyone wanting to chase the green ones in that pit, just a FYI to save someone some heartache, you have to have a trout permit regardless of the fact that you're not after trout. TROUT PERMIT REQUIRED OF ALL ANGLERS 16 AND OLDER Dodge City Lake Charles, Ft. Scott Gun Park Lake, Garnett Crystal Lake, Glen Elder Reservoir Outlet, Kanopolis Seep Stream, KDOT East Lake in Wichita, Lake Henry in Clinton SP, Mined Land WA Unit #30, Pratt Centennial Pond, Vic’s Lake and Slough Creek in Sedgwick County Park, Topeka Auburndale Park, Walnut River Area in El Dorado SP, and Webster Stilling Basin
  14. I like to go down there and try to catch the fish that eat those little snot rockets.
  15. I've only fished the lake a couple times but caught almost all of our stripers on an A-rig. No monsters, but up to 20 pounds. It's nice because it catches many different species. We caught stripers, wipers, whites, all 3 bass species up to 6 1/4 pounds, walleye, and I think we even had a big crappie on it too.
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