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  1. Tough Day...

    I was a few hours north of you but our weekly small tournament was tough last night too. We won it and got big bass with 4 fish that went a whopping 8.55 pounds and big bass of 3.16. Fish were short striking and not cooperative at all.
  2. New Spinning Rods

    Agree with sending them back. St. Croix has excellent customer service. I've had 1 break and a reel seat come loose on one. I used their shipping program to send them back for $15 and got them both replaced for the price of return shipping, no questions asked. Both times I had a new rod back in my hands in less than 2 weeks.
  3. 40lb Striper caught ?

    Second fish has a better chance of weighing 40 than the one from Facebook.
  4. Looking for advice

    I've caught a lot of fish, and some big ones, in the cove that Big Cedar is in, especially around that time of year. Cleavenger is close by and good too.
  5. Hydrofoil

    My Stratos 189 VLO wouldn't get on plane very quickly until I got the motor height set right and the correct prop for it. Mine has a manual jack plate but it was pretty easy to adjust by myself and they're not terribly expensive. I also went from a Laser II to a Tempest Plus, which helped with hole shot and top end speed.
  6. Indian Creek, March 21

    That's a big drum. I'm cursed with the ability to catch them anywhere and on anything. I joke with my friends that if I could just catch one on topwater my fishing resume would be complete. Catch a lot of them on Redeye Shads, bladed jigs, spinnerbaits, jigs, any kind of plastic bait, jerkbaits, and they just can't say no to a Ned. They get big and pull hard, but are always disappointing when I realize what I've got.
  7. Fricking theives...

    I lost all my fishing gear on one occasion, and a boat on another. Never got any of it back. It's a terrible feeling to lose you stuff like that.
  8. March 2nd, Shad rapping it around Big M

    Very nice Quillback! I love a little #5 shad rap this time of year. One little bait that I've had a lot of luck with in similar conditions to the shad rap is the little Duo Realis Shad 62DR. Cast much better than a shad rap with the weight transfer system, runs about the same depth, but is a bit pricey for a little bait.
  9. How tough are you?

    We fished a very similar bank in the same area with the sunlight hitting it, not a bite. Every bite we had was in shade despite it being painfully cold out. The sunlight was very intense also, so I imagine it was bright enough that it might have been difficult for them to see in the shallows on the sunny banks.
  10. How tough are you?

    Buddy and I went out on his birthday Tuesday closer to home. Barely made it over 20 and was below freezing when we launched. We made it count though. TUE 1/2 Actual Temp 22° /-1°
  11. How tough are you?

    I'm fine at around 20 provided the wind isn't bad. Sometimes my guides ice up so fast I get tired of dealing with it though.
  12. Varmint A Rig.

    Believe it or not, but my buddy caught a 14.5lb striper on an A-rig at Beaver with 3" Easy Shiners on some 1/8oz heads I poured on a #1 hook. Took awhile and even with babying it, still almost straightened the hook, but he got her in the boat, his first striper ever.
  13. What are these called?

    Yo-Zuri made a very similar (maybe the same), lure as those. I used to troll them for crappie and caught my first largemouth over 5 pounds on one doing that.
  14. Feathers and Fins where is he?

    He was kind enough to give me info via PM here on my first ever trip to Beaver with a friend in our attempt to catch our first ever stripers. Used his tips to catch our first stripers, my buddy a 15.5lb fish and mine a 20 pounder, along with several 5-8 pounders. Couldn't thank him enough for his help. Really sucks that people have to be jealous enough of someone so talented and helpful to make him leave the forum altogether. I only get to Beaver once every few years, but thoroughly enjoyed reading his post and living vicariously through them.
  15. 11/12 bass and walleye

    Nope, I don't bother looking for it. Every one I've ever caught has the faint lateral line like this one did.

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