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  1. I've fished Sportsman's Paradise a couple times. It has some monsters in it but they get fished for a lot and act accordingly.
  2. I was at Clinton. I fish Pleasanton pretty often and La Cygne a ton.
  3. A buddy was there Thursday, caught 2 limits of over 18's and a bunch of other fish. I was further north catching crappie and smallmouth. I hate that lake. No problem catching fish, but it's always so busy and I always encounter some of the the rudest fishermen I run into anywhere when I'm on that lake. Not to mention the awesome roads getting into it. Doesn't matter how slow you drive when a local flies by you 55mph throwing dust and gravel everywhere.
  4. Also a fan of the Lil' Nasty hook. I've been using it several years now and it's a solid little hook. It holds up to abuse too, horsed this one in the boat less than 5 minutes (tournament time), on a 1/16oz head and #2 hook. Just picked up one of their newer ones with 6 cavities all the same size. I use the 1/16oz 95% of the time and now don't have to pour them 1 at a time anymore.
  5. Kansas did the same a few weeks ago and haven't had any issues pulling my boat to and from the lake. Outdoor recreation was also listed as an essential activity provided social distancing protocols were followed.
  6. I have no scientific evidence, or near the experience on the lake as most others here due to living a few hours away. However, a few years ago we had our little clubs year end tournament on the lake in early April and my buddy that was fishing with we was tossing an underspin while I'd rigged a plain jighead. I was never a believer in the underspin, it never produced for me, I even poked fun at him for even tying the stupid thing on. Got to the lake with about 4 hours to prefish on Thursday and found them in the back of a pocket pushing shad. This was my buddies first time ever even seeing the lake, and he proceeded to put 20lbs in the boat, from the back of the boat, while I managed 1 3lb smallie. Same boat, same cast, same swimbait, only difference was the underspin vs. plain jighead. Picked up some underspins that night, found some other similar areas they were eating the underspin and a jerkbait, ran away with the tournament. I'm more a believer that a correctly presented bait is the right area is going to get bit more often than it's just a certain bait, but in that instance, the underspin was hands down the better option. I've not taken a butt kicking like that from the back of my own boat before or since.
  7. I took my oldest son out with me a few days ago and taught him how to do the float-n-fly deal. Set much shallower on the little lake we were on, but I think it took him two cast before his bobber got dunked. Good way to get the young ones transitioning over from live bait to lure fishing.
  8. It was 42* on the little lake I was fishing here near Kansas City Thursday and they were chomping a little War Eagle finesse. Those good, slack line bites where all you can see is the wire sticking out of their mouths when you get them in the boat.
  9. I buy from them and wire tie my skirts with copper wire or coated wire from the jewelry making section at Hobby Lobby. The skirts will outlast the baits that way.
  10. FWIW, you can buy these handles at Tractor Supply, Orschelens, and other hardware stores for about $10 and make your own cable handle for less than half the price of a G-Force handle. I have a G-force on my bass boat, but a homemade cable on my johnboat, they both work just as good. It looks and feels exactly like a G-force handle. https://www.google.com/shopping/product/17616300823499336790?q=start+it+up+handle&client=firefox-b-1-d&sxsrf=ACYBGNQ4KXBKlVajjXbP6X5ckFAa-h5iwQ:1580723826596&biw=1280&bih=910&prds=epd:3432558141460694773,prmr:3&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjSwICTj7XnAhVJXc0KHcZPDpUQ8wIIlgM
  11. Thanks! I caught them less than 10 minutes apart on a KVD 300 jerkbait. I'd hooked a fish that didn't hardly move 10 minutes before the first one that I'd convinced myself was a foul hooked carp, but I was second guessing myself after catching those 2 off the same area shortly after.
  12. Thursday was the warmest day I've had on the water in 2020. I'm a few hours north, but they were biting good for me. Got to go when I can!
  13. My buddy had similar marks on his graph on a lake here in NE KS a few days ago. Dropped a jigging rap on them and snagged huge gizzard shad one after the other instead of nailing whites and wipers like he expected.
  14. Biggest cottonmouth I've ever seen was coiled up on a rock in one of the little coves just north of Shell Knob ramp. I had the boat close to the bank and didn't see it but my brother in law did and was about sitting on my shoulders by the time he pointed it out to me. I've only ever seen a couple actual Water Moccasins since we don't have any in NE KS, just water snakes that everyone calls Moccasins, but this sucker was huge and the thickest snake I've ever seen. Wasn't any mistaken him for what he was, crazy how well it was blending in with the rocks.
  15. It sure was, always way more excited than I should be to catch one of them.
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