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  1. Dunno, trailer tires are cheap. Just replace them. Usually order on the rim and delivered to my house for $100 a pair. Etrailer.com in Wentzville, MO is great.
  2. Gavin

    Tomato worms for bait?

    Should make good bait.....Heck a green mop fly, or smaller green weenie fly can be deadly this time of year. Ned that color should work too. Hopper, Cricket, Beetle season now. Fish are looking up. Plenty of 1.5" long woodland crickets in the pool skimmer. Test with a buzzer or walker, if they nail it get the fly rod out. Poppers & Hoppers.
  3. Think Flip & Dave are about ready for the retirement home. Dave used to pedal this book years ago, bought it from him. Has some good Great Lakes carp intel and maps. Dave was a pretty good speaker when I booked him for OFF, Plip was a Flop.
  4. Gavin

    Salmon River Epic

    Wow! Thanks for the report and the eye candy. Looks like a bucket list trip!
  5. Gavin


    Bob’s Seafood on Delmar has frozen Louisiana snapping turtle. It’s still lots of work to dice up, even when shelled, gutted, and slightly processed. Counted parts of at least 4 turtles in the vac pac last time I picked some up.
  6. Gavin


    Cut their gills, let them bleed out, then toss on ice...They taste better that way.
  7. Gavin

    Reel seat repair

    Could probably drill and inject some thinned epoxy with a large gauge hypodermic needle. Should hold just fine but I’d send it back. Can’t stand the build quality on most factory rods. Wrap my own mostly, Tom Hargrove does my graphite fly rods. I prefer the full dress, in away colors.
  8. Gavin

    fish kill

    To be honest the Lake O water & related green scum is just bad as the red tide. It’s not salty enough, there is too much of it, it’s toxic and all man made. It’s been killing the fishery around Ft Myers on the west and Port St. Lucie in the east. The long red tide this year is a double whammie.
  9. Gavin

    fish kill

    Yep, you have some dead ones. No big deal compared to SW Florida right now. No fishing between Sarasota & the Glades right now. East coast has some impac bout not as bad. Canceled our trip, selling off all in FL. A toxic swamp off SW Coast now. Used to have great fishing, but a dead zone now.
  10. Gavin

    My Last Smallmouth

    Sorry about the foot! What did you break? Broke my 4th & 5th metatarsals once. Only down for 2 days, but in a boot for 4 weeks. Big toe is the worst other than ankle.
  11. Gavin

    Trout for Sale - $4 each!

    I’m sure that there is massive non-compliance with labeling & limits. This guy will get a small fine at most. Rarely keep fish, but when I do it’s almost always for that day’s consumption. Limits of Alaskan Salmon or Halibut would be different. The fish houses up there do a great job with the processing & shipping.
  12. Gavin

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    Urban folks just can't swim. My kids swim like fish, learned as infants in our pool. Swim every day they want too. Urban folks just can't swim. Took the boat up that way 2 weeks ago. Murky water and some current. Did not want to swim there due to the murk, but lots of folks were. Came home and jumped in the pool.
  13. Really have no desire to take pics and keep score anymore. Still keep a hawg trough around for a quick measure or a snap, but enjoy the trip and my company more than anything else. It's great when you can take a good pic of your buddy with a good one, and good to have your pic taken.
  14. My MO PB is a 21" fish from the Gasconade. It's hard to crack 20" on the rivers, but usually catch a few in the 17-19" range every year.. If you want to claim 22" or over you better have a good picture of the fish on a measuring device.
  15. Gavin


    Bellerive has had a non disrimination policy and black members since about 1990. Not a member but know a few. Great time there today!

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