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  1. Ricky's Vid We had a camera man along with Mr. Jeff......This link is his edited vid of our hunt last Friday..starts with Thursday dinner.
  2. Catch them, look at the examples, and make your own ID. S/b good enough. They are good eats!
  3. Thinking things are gonna get locked up in the next couple days. Already busted 1.5” ice to look at empty skies once this year.
  4. Thinking you have shadow bass in SWMO, they look blotchy, Ozark bass on the White R Streams to your South East. Northern Rock Bass to the North & East of you.
  5. Gavin


    Those tungsten #7's will turn a turkey's head to goo.
  6. I've had good days when a front is moving through...Cold, gray, and stable weather is usually blah fishing.
  7. Look for holes that get full sun. Hardly ever do well for winter smallies on a cloudy day. A night or two above freezing seems to help.
  8. This was in IL near Vandalia. No cover at Shanks this year!
  9. Club Manager Jeff's yellow lab was bringing them back..Look up DeadWingN on facebook. He has a short video that he shot on the hunt today.
  10. Finally killed one today (beginner)! Thinking 8 down, with 5 shooting. One guy from KY got a nice pair of mallards to mount, and another guy got an awesome wood duck drake.
  11. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    Need an OA cook book! Found some decent on sale ribeye’s to celebrate day two free of turkey!
  12. Agree, 100% on that FW. Hard to kick my wife, and little girls out of the camper though..They have all the comforts of home. Will have to take em out for a 3 day/2 night gravel bar camp and see how they do with it. w
  13. Current “Family” camper is a 32’ bumper tow. Did not want a 5th wheel, but they tow better. 3 tents if you have boys and girls over 10. We have an old school 12’x12’ canvas cabin tent for my wife and me and our two daughters get my “3 man” rated backpacker tent. It will sleep two OK, but tight. Better for 1 and dry gear storage in the extra space & vestibule.
  14. Can your vehicle pull a camper? Otherwise, I'd get two tents, one for the adults, one for kids.
  15. Good for you! First year back at the ducks and learning what not to do. Hunting Friday at a club with supervision. Might kill em if they fly instead of sit.
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