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  1. Gavin

    Cole's Landing???

    Nope, private. Talk to Steve at Cherokee about access @ Blackwell. There is a new rock climbing venue below Cole’s. Robinson Bluff, they say they have boat access, dunno. Customer of mine owns Robinson, have not been there to check it out. Small fee and a waiver for a day pass. Let me know if you go.
  2. Daily deaths in STLCO are virtually nill. Think its still running around out there, but the medical folks are achieving better outcomes for most now.
  3. Looks slick! Nothing to snag line on. Needs a poling platform!
  4. Have some dry flies that fish will eat Loved chasing the hex up near Grayling, MI! More miss than hit, but could get really good if you hit it. Spinner fall or emergence is when you want to hit them...Otherwise they are off the water.
  5. At least the could have waited until the 2022 Final Four!
  6. Nice! I have a #8 chicken fryer with a lid...Not hammered though.
  7. Sweating & chanterelles go hand in hand. Best a day or so after a heavy rain when it is humid.
  8. Yes I do have some pink flamingos! Buddy Mark says you need to set them @ 80 yards in front of other hunting parties! Flares em like crazy!
  9. Grey fleshed hatchery trout aren’t very good. Pink & orange fleshed trout are allot better. I gill and bleed them out immediately when I keep them.
  10. MDC will send you a map for most, but there is only 30-40 miles of decent trout water in MO. Eleven Point and Current are the ones you can hike in/float in and camp on with no worries. All public land or private with a public easement in the trout water. No secret. Trails to follow, and free camping. You will see other anglers and floaters, but you can claim a spot, camp, and enjoy some solid fishing. 14-16" trout are just average on those streams..Crane...no place to camp. Little Piney might work for you...Lane Spring Campground south of Rolla, MO. Wild rainbow trout in the CG. National Forest Service, access to water, and a small fee to camp. Some electric sites. Mill Cr, and Spring Creek in 20 minutes, Roubidoux in 30-40 minutes, Current R is an hour drive. Good luck.
  11. Fish a Ned Rig, Curly Tail, or soft craw on assorted jigs (1/8-3/8). Unweighted Fluke nose hooked on a 1/0 circle hook works too. More of a fish in the cooler trip IMO...will be too many people there this time of year. Lots...Kastmaster spoons, & jerkbaits can slay at times....
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