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  1. Great. Have some other possible arrivals. Someone ping Ronnie and the Chief. If you have their digits. Might ping Cricket. Should be fun.
  2. You are all being a little too specific about locations. There are some good Smallmouth & brown trout on that ditch. Ha
  3. Bump again. Looks like 4-5, could cover more water w more people & compare notes. Post up if committing. Try not, do it.
  4. Thought I'd give ths a bump. Post up your dates if you intend to show up.
  5. If we get enough campers...., Thinking early pre float breakfast Saturday, probably later Sunday.. Late Dinner Friday & Saturday so you can fish all day and into the evening and folks don’t get too AFU. Get away guys can shuttle late stays on Sunday.
  6. Drunken/stoned teens will flop like a mop and scatter if you say you are gonna call their parents. 20-50 ish tweakers are gonna try to steal from you. Locking gas cap needed if tweekers spotted. Some Tweekers drained Larry’s tank on a float years ago. He gave them a jump start before we shoved off. Then they repaid him by draining his gas tank. Worthless people living like animals due to their addictions. Very Sad. Wish we could treat them or jail them so the could get clean.
  7. Will have my small canvas cabin tent, full size table, propane stove and a full compliment of cooking utensils in the camp box. My coffee pot is only 12 cups, so need one more. 21” Skillet, 2 Campfire Grills, and a 12q Dutch oven can make the journey if needed.
  8. Awesome BB, maybe we can get an STL guy to tow your boat to destination. We could put around in the jon with the TM Thursday afternoon/evening and run a float Friday AM.
  9. Also, there is a boat ramp for trailered boats at the CG. Location is about a mile down from the confluence with B Piney, 7 miles downstream to the old Jerome Access. 28 bridge (above which inexperienced jet boaters should not go) is 3 or so miles upstream on the main stem. Riddle Bridge (Start of the Gasconade Smallmouth Mgt area) is 14 miles upstream. Did catch my PB MO Smallie (21”) within 3 river miles of this CG. It is good water but challenging.
  10. You can run a full sized jet boat on that section of the Gasconade. Was gonna bring my paddle jon w 55lb thrust TM and a 12’ SOT. Your prop boats s/b fine if you are careful. Bring extra shear pins. Paddle craft are better for the B Piney or upstream of 28 bridge on the GNade
  11. Nice video. You and Tommy fish very efficiently.
  12. Ok...here is a preliminary agenda...I'm headed down on Thursday June 27th, and I'll bring several boats. We can self shuttle float anywhere we want to. Riddle Bridge to Boiling Spring, Big Piney down to Boiling Spring, other sections of the B. Piney, Gasconade, or go trout fishing if you don't want to float. Little Piney. Mill and Spring Creek, and the Roubidoux are close by. Figure Breakfast and Lunch OYO. Maybe a late group dinner on Friday & Saturday. Will bring some BBQ to share. That's the plan so far.
  13. Have 2 tent sites booked at Boiling Spring on the Gnade. Will get there Thursday leaving Sunday. Can accommodate up to 16 max on my 2 sites but would prefer to keep it to 4-6max per site. I have A sites by the river away from the swimming area. T1-T5 meadow no shade spots are available (10 yards across the way). Will bring an assortment of smoked BBQ for Saturday dinner.
  14. Gonna move this to a separate thread in Smallmouth Talk.
  15. You can still knock on a door and ask permission. Would do in advance.
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