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  1. Saw Waldo jumping out of an posterior crack tattoo.Was that here? Cant say Pass on here.
  2. The extended range will be interesting. Need to go shoot an appliance box at 60y a couple times to see what happens. Have nothing bigger than #2 steel in the house, will shoot that....Need to get some lead for the turkey choke ,on second thought... think will return that choke. I don't want to shoot lead.
  3. Gluten comes from grains. Wheat, barley, etc...Flour or cornstarch will thicken anything...a binder like cottonseed cake or cotton might make it last a bit longer, or just thread a chunk of sponge on a hook. Catfish are easy if you are on some...No bite in 5 minutes, move. Cheap Bar-S hot dogs on a circle hook do the trick if I set up forked sticks for catfish. About $2 for 50 bait chunks and no smell. Sonny's is great, but you smell like heck for week if it ever touches your skin. You can usually smell a cat-fisher before you see him. s a
  4. Does not come with a steel rated full choke, but does OK with 3" steel at 40 with the factory extended steel rated IC an M chokes. Bought a couple Patternmaster Code Black's to pass shoot (sky blast) and shoot a turkey with. Have not shot them yet. The extended range sky blaster is a 1" extension, and rated to 60y with steel, Turkey choke is a 1.5 extension tube .665 diameter but not steel rated, they say 70y. Did have to shim it to drop the stock..Saw to much rib with what came from the factory. Cycles every round you toss in it. Trash low velocity shells, no problem.
  5. Tom Hargrove had a bunch in Mason Jars. Stop by in a week or so, he is in Argentina chasing Dorado.
  6. Love G&W! Cant beat their meat, love there Liverwurst in a natural casing! Current favorites, Katie's Pizza, Sushi Station, Black Market Eats, Clover & the Bee, and Olive & Oak. Dont make it to the city much anymore...Broadway Oyster Bar is always great, and good live music. Or go to Fraziers, then hit the Venice Cafe.
  7. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    Thanks for the ideas guys! Crab was to fishy....Need better crab.
  8. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    Gumbo won’t win with this crowd, neither will Turtle Soup with real turtle meat. More of a French Onion bland and boring flavor profile prevails. Usually place, but the old yenta’s with mild taste buds usually vote for crap that tastes like Campbell’s from a can. Might give them some! Less effort!
  9. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    No Bob's is closed. Cant get whole today...The local mart has blue crab in 1lb containers though.
  10. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    That looks awesome Mitch. Made some White bean, Italian Sausage, Spinach soup this AM...Its very good but not great. Gonna do some cream of crab with jumbo claw and back fin meat this afternoon. Testing recipes for the annual family soup party/competition the Saturday before Halloween.
  11. They can’t score runs consistently They do all else well but can’t swing the bat. Go Nationals! Stick a fork in the Cards cuz they are done! Yanks again likely.
  12. That was unreal! Turned south on Lindbergh from Page, and by the time I crossed 64/40 there were 10 runs in the board. Hope the Nationals win tonight.
  13. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    Been too busy to post. Y'all are still kicking it! Did braise some beef Short Ribs for last Sunday's dinner.Get you some, with home made mashed potatoes!
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