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  1. The gauge is just a tool. Might give you a clue but they are not a substitute for scouting or experience.
  2. Geese are all over the place in St. Louis/St. Charles area. Any open water. Good luck.
  3. Its two panels and two sets of tops with the cross braces....99" x 50.5" per the tanglefree website https://tanglefree.com/collections/blinds-panel-blinds/products/flight-series-panel-blind
  4. Gavin


    Have no clue about civilian drones.The military has been playing with then for 30 years. Eye in the sky, and some payload if needed. Hellfire rockets are small and they pack a punch.
  5. Gavin


    Buy them in a new frame. Better doors come that way, higher end Home Depot doors too. Getting bids to replace 5 at the moment. High end was about 4K a door, but then they offered a 25% discount. HaHa, get outa my house.
  6. Up a foot from low and Milky is usually great in the Spring. The Current can produce some big Smallies, but not as consistent as the Meramec or Gasconade drainages. James drainage s/b good too but have never fished it. The Meramec and Gasconade drainages are on the way. Plus the Black, St Francis, Current, Eleven Point, Castor, Whitewater.
  7. You will be OK if the shark takes your bonefish/redfish/tarpon. Folks who get bit are the dumb ones in waist deep with a stringer of fish tied to them. Bull sharks like those guys. Finding fish, and reading the tide is key. If their for a week I’ll guide first two days and get some guidance on where and when to fish off the beach over the next 4-5 days. Morning sight fishing for Snook off the west coast of Sanibel is a blast! 40-50’ cast at most, basically a hike and spot. Fish will be cruising the shore chop eating 3” long white bait. Any shad pattern will do.
  8. Saltwater fishing is a great change of pace. Always do a couple 1/2 day inshore flyfishing trips when we visit the coast. Usually $500 per day plus tip.
  9. Its been out of business for years. Dave the owner is living in Arizona now. Camping on the river is free away from the access points, or you could try Pinecrest up the hill from Eagles Park.
  10. Jig & minnow is all I know about walleye...Chartruese or glow white head in 1/8 or 1/4 oz. Hook the minnow the Canadian way. Insert hook through mouth, and out the gill, then insert the hook through the lateral line. The mouth of the minnow should be tight to the jig head and the body should be 180 degrees out from the jig's line tie. The tail flaps up and down, and they cant get the minnow without eating it. You can usually catch a couple on one minnow.
  11. The cancer wont care what you eat, or if you smoke, or drink. It is what it is. Live it up! You gotta die from something. The radiation and chemo will probably kill you before your diet does.
  12. Marabou is tough for a beginner..Pull it off the stem, transfer to other hand, measure for length, transfer to other hand, cut to length, tie in is one method. Cut a spot to tie in the the tip of the feather, tie it in, and wrap it is the other method. Keep a razor blade handy for your rejects and practice.
  13. There are "Home" and "Away" knots. An "Away" knot better take less than 30 seconds to tie.
  14. Sorry but you will get no specific location advice. They should be moving out of winter holes by then...kinda scattered usually. When you find them, you will find them. Fish some jerkbaits and some cranks until you get bit...then get the jig out. Or fish the Ned until you get bit. You will have to cover some water until you find them...Would stick to middle main stem of the larger rivers on your list and hit the mouths of the tributaries. Maybe paddle up the tribs some. Best bet will be mid day with a warm up. The outfitters probably wont be open yet, so you will have to do it yourself.
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