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  1. Mitch, contact Sahm Welding in Washington, MO. Owned by my wife’s high school friends. They make all the Gateway Drum Smokers.
  2. I think it is allot harder to cast 100' with a 5wt. They don't "hover in the air." unless your hot wind is running😄!
  3. Had a stripping basket years ago. Used it maybe twice to fish a spillway for wipers in IL. Found it to be more trouble than it was worth. Used to be able to cast over 100’ with a 5wt. It takes some instruction, and regular practice to do that the first time, and regular practice to keep it up. Used to cast with some guys who we’re going for FFF CCI, and Master CCI certifications, and they helped me allot.
  4. Gavin


    Nice, went out yesterday am before work. Saw a few bunches, a few worked briefly but none committed and dropped into the timber hole we were in. Heard some shooting from some nearby blinds in flooded standing corn.
  5. Floating really isn't that much work. Figure 10-15 minutes to load or unload a boat & gear, and 20-30 minutes to shuttle vehicles times two.. Basically an hour and a half per float trip, unless if you have someone to drop you off upstream.
  6. Caught a pair of lipstick lesbians putting on a show upstream from Suicide Hill years ago. You see strange people, and strange behavior on the river sometimes...The more popular the river, the stranger it gets.
  7. I prefer to float but I like to wade fish too. It really depends on how much time I have. I try to allow time for scouting/wade fishing on travel days.
  8. Will have a traditional T-day dinner while camping on Friday or Saturday, but w/o the rest of our usual T-day camp group. Turkey, homemade mashed, homemade sage dressing, fresh green beans, giblet gravy, and canned cranberries (both ways). Have done a few cranberries recipes but the girls demand Ocean Spray.
  9. Awesome! Good for you both!
  10. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    Mallard breast with a port wine, balsamic, blueberry sauce, risotto with onion & mushrooms, and asparagus.
  11. You would be lucky to get 2-3 fish worth weighing on the Lower Meramec. It's 15 minutes from my house, and not worth my time or gas money.
  12. Agree, just do it. Used to fish around the Bluff's allot when it was an active campground. My Uncle, Stepmom, and a few others still own a couple lots down there.
  13. Looks like a couple Shannon Twin Spins too. Standard stuff, but neat to have. All would catch fish today.
  14. Gavin


    Hard to go wrong with an egg sandwich! Looks like some strong south winds on Wednesday & Thursday. Hope you get some.
  15. Outcomes are allot better now. Hope they both recover quickly.
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