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  1. Opening day 2018

    Good Job!
  2. Morels??

    Elms are the classic yellow morel tree, but there aren't that many of them around anymore. I find plenty on Cottonwood, Soft Maple, Ash, and Sycamore in the bottoms. My early spot is bunch of beat up elms growing next to a large asphalt parking lot. It gets full sun all day, and warms up early. Have picked a bunch from big dead & dying cottonwoods over the years. They will grow in a 30-50' circle around the tree, so keep your eyes open.
  3. More Maryland catches

    Looks like fun. Think the American & Hickory shad are running in that part of the country about now. Good tugs, fast action if you find them. Would check that out if available.
  4. Morels??

    Found one half inch high gray at my early spot in STL today. Not gonna waste any time looking for a meals worth until it gets a bit warmer.
  5. Bass Fly Swap 2018

    Haven't seen the collection yet. Some good tiers in this one. Was tempted. Might get a gold mine instead of the shaft in this one.
  6. Slonch Donkey Streamer

    Nice Tie! I liked the little trick you used to keeping the marabou away from your spun deer hair head.
  7. I don't care if they have a golf tournament and use the proceeds to support education, training, and various outdoor programs. L.D. isn't very credible, IMO. His blog provides some value of entertainment occasionally, but I never take him seriously. He's just an unsuccessful outdoor writer that blames the MDC because nobody wants to publish him.
  8. Lodge

    The food is decent but nothing to rave about. Just basic country diner type fair.
  9. Looks like great time! Good for you all! Fish Dinner?
  10. Opening day 2018

    Their locked up in a thicket somewhere. Have not seen the Old Warson CC flock since it got cold, but they were strutting all over the big yards in Ladue & Frontenac when it was warm last week.
  11. Niangua Smallmouth

    High water will make the fish move Around a bit. Slack water refuge spots near your low water spots can be productive. High, cold, and muddy is never a good bet.
  12. 6x Location?

    See that road headed south on the east bank from Duke, that is 6x.
  13. Solo canoe thoughts

    Hey TJM, what are you poling your canoe with? Would like a nice aluminum Belitz bros style pole.
  14. Solo canoe thoughts

    Tandem canoe=barge. Solo=Ferrari Kayak=Pig with Lipstick
  15. Solo canoe thoughts

    The Vagabond is a good boat, but it takes on allot of water on a drop. Excels on flat water with a light load. Bought my old Vagabond from a 250-300lb guy who could not keep it upright. Fine for me at 5'11 180 with a light load of gear. Easy to overload it though.

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