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  1. Skunked

    There is something about fishing when its snowing. We caught the fire out of bass while it was snowing in February several years ago, even a few on buzzbaits. Way upriver in canoe & kayak country.
  2. Skunked

    Good to know. Thanks!
  3. Skunked

    Just did not find them. Its just water in the syrup bottle, he hangs it off his wader belt. He has done that for years.
  4. Skunked

    Took the paddle jon out yesterday with my buddy Bobber. The 55lb TM did really well. Motored up about 3 miles from the ramp to the confluence of a tributary stream, and motored back with the motor in reverse to compensate for the tail wind. No fish to show for it, but it was a nice day to get out. No love on Ned, Cranks, Jerkbaits, Hair Jigs, or HD Craws. Only two other boats and one kayaker on the water.
  5. Five Questions On Crappie Fishing

    Do not fish crappie that often anymore...but if you can snake a jig down a tree, retrieve jig through a brush pile, jig a dock stall, or shoot your jig under a dock you should do well. Keep your jig in the water. Buy lots of jigs...If fishing a minnow, insert the jig through the mouth, then out through the gill plate, then hook through the body so it is flat like a tiny flat little fluke. Make sure the minnow's mouth is tight your jighead.
  6. Everybody deserves a dog

    Yeah Buddy was a big dumby but a tough SOB. Ran into my open truck door while chasing a squirrel once. Made a horrible clank and bent the corner of door up an inch or so. He never flinched and could not find a mark on him. His guts twisted one night, he asked to go out like he wanted to poop but a bit odd. Let him out, he ran late, went to look and found him dead on the back porch not 15 minutes later. Current dog is a good one, just too much herding & nippy in her. Needs a flock of sheep to abuse instead of the neighbor kids and drop ins.
  7. Everybody deserves a dog

    Sorry for your loss. Lost two dogs in the last five years and you do miss them. Miss my boy Buddy, 145lb Great Dane & Rottweiler we think. Dumb as a box of rocks, but a good dog. Ms Lola mixed black lab & a long hair breed passed from old age a year ago. Miss her too. Current dog is a long haired black, white' & tan Aussie, and heck on wheels. All rescue dogs. 3rd owner's of or current STL pot licker.
  8. Rod Building Hobby

    The spline is easy. Put the blank with butt side down on your dining room table. Hold the other end elevatated, push down in the middle and let it roll to where it wants to be. Have your wife or kid mark the high side. Guides go on that side or the other side. Your choice. Guides alignment is not hard either. I have a cheap old blank that helps with that. Run the blank through the guides after you wrap them and adjust. Detail work but not hard.
  9. Favorite spinning line

    A 3 turn Surgeons works for me. It breaks at the knot, but I want it to do that when I snag up. A ten second tie in the dark. Never break off the leader on a fish, just rocks &. Trees.
  10. Rod Building Hobby

    Its just assembly, go slow and redo anything you are not happy with. Attention to detail will yield the best results. Your first one will be the hardest to finish and the ugliest one you will ever assemble, but the important thing is to get it done and learn. You will get a functional rod and the fish don't care what it the wraps look like.
  11. Frogs, yes or no on the rivers?

    Weedless on top, walk them like a spook. Toss in slop weeds or thick wood and work it out. Thick braid is a plus.
  12. Rod Building Hobby

    For tip top sizes. Multiply the dimension in thousandths by 64, should give you the size. Order one tip top on size, one bigger. Most seats are 16 or 17 mm you will need some round files our a drill press & bits to fit the corks & reel seat inserts to the blank. Usually takes 6 hours to finish one. 3 half arsed evenings of enjoyable mindless work.
  13. Rod Building Hobby

    Mud hole & Anglers Workshop are my usual vendors. Shipping is pricey. Order all at one time if you can. Access to a lathe to shape grips is a plus. The rest is easy. Measure allot and align the rod with its spline. You can make a wrapping jig from cardboard boxes in no time. Will need two boxes. One to wrap in, one to support the other end.
  14. Favorite spinning line

    You are on it Seth. Seaguar fly rod tippets beat that in terms of diameter and strength and more consistant in terms of diameter, usually true to spec. A good digital dial caliper will tell you that most fishing lines are over spec from whatever they advertise on the package.
  15. Should I Get a Boat?

    Boat SvengališŸ˜€! Mine would not care about another boat. Could go get a bass rig, ski boat, pontoon, canoe, kayak, Jon, and get instant buy in. An LOZ Cruiser, 3 jet ski's & a condo would be an easier sell than a jet boat. She hates jet boats.

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