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  1. Pete and I talked. Gonna reschedule this to include more members. Pete suggested a 3pm-5pm happy hour on a weekday other than Friday so folks with early weekend plans, and those with inflexible schedules could attend. It was a great suggestion. Think same venue,, but Wednesday or Thursday next week. Sorry to disappoint those who committed. Will meet those who committed on Friday if you can’t make it next week. Small bunch, so thinking Nudo House (Vietnamese), or Gioia’s West(James Beard Award sandwich shop). Both off Olive east of 270.
  2. His privates are probably in the shade. Bet his belly sticks out more than his dickydoo.
  3. Have one but wore it only once. I don’t mind sunscreen on my face, ears, hands.. Long sleeves, long pants, and a broad brimmed hat is my preference.
  4. So what, it's just someone's obese pet.
  5. You can find them all over. Prefer to find them in areas that don’t flood cuz they are not full off sand.
  6. Pete (snagged in 3) and me plan to meet for lunch at west county Syberg’s at noon next Friday (270& Dorsett). Open to all. RSVP by Thursday PM so I can get a head count.
  7. I find them on the ground. Finding the first one is usually the hardest part. Different taste that’s for sure. Wife found some Saturday, picked a bunch more today in Dent County.
  8. Would not click on the spammers link, post 1, but camping gear review is a good topic. Tents, any that does not leak. Have had good luck with Mountain Hardware, and current Sierra Designs is good. Bags, -20 Feathered Friends Down Bag is going on 15 years and good as new. Has kept me warm on 15 years of Winter Float Trips, plus a great blanket on family trips. Thickest self inflating pad that does not leak if winter camping. Current is a 3.5” from REI. Gonna go with a Jacks Plastic’s Silverback next time.
  9. There is a place in Webster Groves---Old Mountains Gear Exchange...Good deals to be had there.
  10. Always tons of snails in spring branches. The trout will eat them.
  11. Fishing usually sucks this time of year, figure most of them are still down on the Current.
  12. There is a culvert pipe to paddle through right below Prongs. Would drag over that if it looks dicey. Submerged rocks are the biggest hazard on the JF. It gets floated allot in the spring so most of the strainers get sawed out by the canoe rentals.
  13. Good move. Good customer service starts with good customer selection, realistic expectations, and defined prices. If not what you want to do send down the street with no referal. Still looking for a good 5hp 2 Stroke if you find one.
  14. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    A little SBS on the Caesar dressing. The basic one is from bon appetit, but this is how I do.
  15. Gavin

    What's Cooking?

    Been to busy to cook but doing some today. Found a great deal on some bone in pork loin. $13 for this mess. 6 double bone chops and 1.5lbs for pork & beans. Rib eyes, Brussels and Caesar salad with homemade dressing for dinner. Dressing with raw egg and anchovy.
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