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  1. Complete jet rig for sale

    Sorry to here about your Mom! Positive thoughts headed towards you & your family. Glad the boat is sold to a good home. One monkey off your back, one more arrives usually. Hang tough!
  2. Portable Sonar

    Thanks for the suggestions...Think I've figured out what I want and narrowed it down to a couple units. Anyone have experience with these? https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/529893 https://www.humminbird.com/Products/HELIX-9-CHIRP-MEGA--SI-GPS-G2N/

    Buffalo is very good. Its usually on the menu at soul food joints, and at fish stands along the Mississippi.
  4. Patrick Bridge CG

    I'm not sure. Twin Bridges & Pettit's CG's are open and Sunburst is running floats (no camping at Sunburst yet). Fish are still in the river.
  5. Portable Sonar

    Looking for higher end side view/ down view/ live mapping. Think I could mount any stock transducer on a stick and use any unit if I have a power supply.
  6. Looking for a good unit that is portable. Might put it on my Jon boat but mostly for Canada and the outfitters jons up there. Mostly 14' Lunds with a 15hp, or a bigger V hull G3 with a 30 or 50. Make your own map with GPS a plus. Do not know where to start.
  7. Creek fishing with kiddos

    Looks like fun! good for you!
  8. Your best single double

    Nice double!
  9. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Anything tastes better than poop eating tilapia.
  10. Sounds like a wire leader is in order. Muskie & Pike require some caution when handling. Sharp gill plates and teeth. Jaw spreader and a big net is helpful.
  11. Spotted/Kentucky Food Fish

    Good luck, they don't grow very fast and they don't get bigger than 15" very often. You would be better off finding uses for Asian & Common carp.
  12. Migrating monarchs

    Have a bunch in the back yard now.
  13. Yellow Jackets

    Have there holes marked with the DE...they die tonight!
  14. A few smallmouth flies

    Usually use a 10' rod and switch cast big indicator rigs.
  15. PB!

    We ate walleye, pike, and a few smallmouth for shore lunch one day up in Ontario two weeks ago. Pike was a little sweeter, but all about the same. Ontario''s limits are fairly restrictive, people usd to haul tons of fish back from Canada but that has changed for the most part and fisheries have rebounded. As good now as it ever was.

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