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  1. You can wade for about 2.5 miles below Meramec Springs when the water is low (300 cfs at Steelville), or you could park free at Cardiac or Suicide and walk/wade up to the park and back. Long steep hike at Catdiac, short steep climb at Suicide. Try both. Easier to wade up then down. About an hour and a half one way. Used to drive from STL to fish it after work and drive home 3-4 times a week at times when the fishing was good. I was allot younger, and I don’t hate those fish as much anymore.
  2. Buddy of mine used to catch carp on the fly at Lakeside 370. Fish the channel, Use something that resemble floating bread.
  3. Thinking turkeys are in decline due to changes in ag practices over time. Pesticides, no till, etc. Still see lots of turkey in undeveloped areas. Not so much on Ag land. See plenty in the St Louis Suburbs. Saw a flock of 10-12 feeding in the SE clover loop at Lindbergh and Page the other day. See them often near the Bayer Campus.
  4. Longear don’t get that big. Any 6-8” is a good one. Have caught em to 9-10” on occasion. Won’t eat them, full of lead contaminants where I catch big ones. #2 Sneaky Pete is not too big for them. Usually have to go bigger to select for Smallmouth.
  5. Looks like you had fun! Hit those eddy’s on the back side of the islands and you can extend that trip to 2:15-2:30 or so.
  6. If you have any "Used" or "Unused" Jerry Jarosik flies....I'll take those off your hands. You don't want those cluttering up your basement. Humpy's, Beatles, Deer Hair bugs, etc. I'm down to less than a dozen.
  7. Looks like Dr. George. Send it to Tom Hargrove, he can send it too him. Photo is from Tan Vat Access, looking downstream.
  8. The ugly fly box gets donated to some fly fishing organizations every couple of years...Don't show to your friends though..Some of their flies might be in the box! That has happened before!
  9. If you want to get “Good” tie 100 and try to make them all the same. Rarely tie under 2 dozen, and tend to pitch the first few into the Grave Yard (cigar box full of ugly flies I never want to see again).
  10. If it takes 15 minutes to tie, it’s not one I’d tie these days. Did some classic Salmon flies years ago, 3-4 hours each, and a month or more to source and get the materials. It is just winding thread clockwise mostly.
  11. Remington is going down the tubes. Sad really. Bennelli or a Franchi, or a Berretta if you want a gas gun.
  12. Just buy a SBE3, and get on with it. Mine has performed perfectly with light loads from day 1.
  13. Don’t underestimate the power of the cricket. Folks think Hoppers and ignore the crickets. Need to wind up some Malcolm, Skunk, and October X’s.
  14. Patterns come and go, and can be recycled every couple years. Fish that see 500 drifts a day can get picky. Always did better with my home made stuff. Michigan flies rock out there. Fish have never seen one.
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