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  1. Hauling it out soon. Final trip. Winterized before we tow home.
  2. Whatchya Drinking?

    Interesting. I like Sav. Blanc allot but consider it a summer wine. Will be picking up some Gewurztraminer later to pair with my turkey.
  3. Tent Mattress

    Heck with dehydrated junk. Bigger boat and a cooler loaded with fresh food. Extra cooler for beverages. Ate MRE's for a month once, will not eat another one.
  4. St. Louis Favorite Places

    G&W Sausage off of Kingshighway makes some great stuff. Taqueria Durango in Overland is good and dirt cheap.
  5. St. Louis Favorite Places

    Olive & Oak in Webster is nice, so is the Block, & Sushi Station. Robust good for a cocktail. Living in the WG bubble. Everyone is nice, and all is above average.
  6. St. Louis Favorite Places

    There is that rolled ice cream place in the loop. Forget the name...girls loved it, fru, fru, and about $7-8 bucks a cup...is delicious though. Cant really name a favorite restaurant anymore. Hardly go out. Edgewild, and Walnut Grill are popular with my Westco restaurant owners.So many new spots....
  7. St. Louis Favorite Places

    We have a ton of new choices. Most are pretty darn good. Food Culture and the restaurant business is allot more competitive now.
  8. What's Cooking?

    Ness the temp does not vary at all and it can go a very long time. We had had some very good results plus it thaws frozen meat really well.
  9. What's Cooking?

    Have checked its accuracy a couple different ways. It is very accurate to temperature . What you dial in is what you get. Have had ours for couple years. Holds up well.
  10. What's Cooking?

    Looks great! Have the same Anova device. Makes some great stuff.
  11. Someone with a brain!

    Did get your PM, FW. She should look locally...Huge talent deficit in my industry. Always room for a smart kid, with a good work ethic, and communications skills...need them locally though. Hard to find.
  12. Someone with a brain!

    Looking for someone with basic small business accounting skills, some tax knowledge a plus, good work ethic, and good communication skills. Westport in STL. If you know of someone, I would like to talk to them.
  13. Hooks for senko type worms

    I use the Octopus hooks and a pretty stiff 6'8" spin rod..Braid, and a leader.
  14. Bennett Bronzebacks 2017?

    The Roubi does go underground for quite aways, upper above the wasting stretch gets hammered and can't repopulate other than by reproduction. Lower can repopulate from the Gasconade but gets hammered too.

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