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  1. Mohair leach/bugger rod always rigged & ready. Pat’s Rubberlegs is as good or better. You fish em dead drift like a nymph, not a streamer. Those wild fish love to eat crawfish, and they are very abundant in all the wild trout creeks. Active all year long in those spots, not so on streams with few springs.
  2. N. Pike are better eats than Walleye IMO. Nasty and vicious predators they are. It requires a few more cuts to clean one bone free, but great on the table. Need to head up North this year....Time for some Smoked Fish, Pasties, Cheese Curds, Saturday Fish Boil, Giant Cinnamon Rolls...Brook Trout, Pike, and Big Smallmouth.
  3. A friend and his Dad what did what we call the "Nuts with Barry" trip several years ago. They floated the upper Current with dreams of eating large trout, a sack of potatoes, seasonings, and some oil. With Barry, cuz our friend Barry floated in to meet them. No legal fish were caught, and they ended up cast netting and frying chubs with their potatoes. Some friends and me, wanted no part of that trip. We floated a couple days before, and took out when they got there. Knew they were coming down so we played gravel bar socker, with the reserve Large can of Dinty Moore Stew I keep in my kit, an
  4. US Navy stopped dumping plastics in the oceans 35+ years ago, Plastic waste is a huge problem,
  5. I am not anti-gun, I’m anti horder. Against the media/NRA hype too. Buy what you need to shoot, but don’t buy to stare and mole whack over it. Ammo is not going away. I only go through 3-5 cases of 12g rounds a year. Have that on hand, plus a limited supply for some other weapons, maybe 30-50 rounds for each, and a thousand or so 22LR and a 10/22 river from my dead father in law. 22 Air Rifle for Squirrels. Not sure how many rounds get issued to front line combat soldiers, but bet less than 200 rounds. If you need more than 2-3 you are in a really bad spot.
  6. Heard there is a shortage of primers, plus record demand. Who needs 10,000 rounds in their basement? Some people think they do.
  7. He wont catch many that way...On top of the fish, in plain site, Dropping 15-20' casts with his feet in the water.
  8. Is the name of the channel "How to spook fish"? Asking for a friend.
  9. Gavin


    Kitchen Aid mixer with the grinder attachment. Food Saver to vac seal...Somebody else can split the logs.
  10. The old chew toy trick. The weight clicking on the bottom seems to attract fish to your lure. Works with any tackle.
  11. They find dead bodies down there sometimes. Ugly water coming out of the BB...Kinda marks the divide between the middle and lower Meramec.
  12. Saw it on FB...Super nice fish...Maybe a state record Sauger or maybe a Saugeye. We know you can catch em.
  13. There was Gina's drive through liquor store in East St Louis years ago....about 2 blocks away from the pot in the box. Toss a $5 spot in the slot and out popped some weed. Folks used to have this stuff figured out.
  14. Fake diamonds on the horns....and chains on the glasses. They would play bridge and drink white russians in Sun City AZ.
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