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  1. River is still up

    2' up and very dirty. I love it.
  2. What's better than this?

  3. What's better than this?

  4. What's better than this?

    I took gasconade river guide Tommy Bench out in the frigid conditions this morning and the meramec didn't disappoint
  5. A little after dinner action!

  6. Nice fish

  7. Looking for new fishing spots...

    I would advise to fish the rope swing areas 😏
  8. New pastime

    Matching the hatch !
  9. Big fish In the rain

    Every since I bought the BPS 100 mph gear I've been unstoppable. This stuff will keep you dry and warm
  10. Big fish In the rain

    I had just actually broke off a giant and was really ticked off that it had a craw stuck in its mouth. I hate that
  11. Another Ned convert

    Another personal best on the hidef craw. This kid was a happy camper!
  12. Prespawn

  13. Prespawn

    Like how hard? Be careful. Things have changed since last flood.

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