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  1. Hog Wally

    Spots always seem to run in groups

    Someday I’m gonna have time to butcher em up down that way. I was on a roll for awhile and hit it once a week.
  2. Hog Wally

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    Right on Rick Maybe we can all meet up for dinner and a pint
  3. Hog Wally

    Big Bass Bash This Weekend

    I’m assuming I’m part of your buddy group at red oak lol? TackleHD booth will be set up at pb2 on Friday by noon. Gonna be a blast ! Come by if you’re in the area and hang out.
  4. Hog Wally

    A beautiful smallie!

    My time has been so limited that I haven’t fished topwater like I want to I’m sure they are going nuts but I’m working
  5. Hog Wally

    Dirty water

    At the tail end of a decent flood and I noticed my marker below the house was exposed, telling me my favorite pattern would be on fire. It was ! I only stopped in 3 spots and caught good ones at 2 of the 3.
  6. Hog Wally

    Beef tongue

    My father in law is a butcher so I have access to tongue,hearts, liver and ox tail etc. all the good stuff 😄
  7. Wow! Now that's what I'm talking about !
  8. Hog Wally

    Made some memories!

    You're a good man and a great Dad
  9. There's just nothing like a 5 lb or bigger smallie on a ozark stream. For me it's comparable to a 150" buck or a triple bearded gobbler. And you actually get satisfaction from releasing it. I have lost 3 this year that haunt my thoughts and keeps me going back to try again.
  10. Hog Wally

    A beautiful smallie!

    Gotta go to catch em. I get jealous of the guys that go once a month and catch a giant. I've switched to their tactics. Fish dumb water. Fish where I wouldn't normally dream of fishing. We lost two this evening and one was another possible 20" The other was a huge largemouth for the river.
  11. Hog Wally

    A beautiful smallie!

    My 11th 20" or bigger smallmouth for 2018 Caught it on the new Tackle HD shakey head
  12. Hog Wally

    Rare experience

    Tim, you're the nicest guy I know. I should try harder to be nice.
  13. Hog Wally

    Rare experience

    My nemesis!
  14. Hog Wally

    Rare experience

    That was my next question lol. I was actually thinking it could be law enforcement? I don't know but it was bothersome
  15. Hog Wally

    Rare experience

    I forgot to add a interesting tidbit. There was a drone hovering over me in 2 spots I fished

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