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  1. This section of river isn’t suitable for trophy size smallmouth Sorry, I’m quoting the MDC Biologists
  2. I absolutely love river fishing in the snow! Caught 5 at my first stop from my ramp. The heavy cloud cover had em roaming away from the cover and very active for 40 degree water.
  3. The show was a great success!!! Met a lot of oaf and MSA peeps. Made some great friends and looking forward to the tristate expo in Indiana.
  4. Nice to see you and I could tell your son was having a blast
  5. Very nice to meet you sorry couldn’t talk more. Very busy moving baits.
  6. Anyone headed to Collinsville Illinois for the show this weekend? TackleHD booth 32 come and say hello. We will have an abundance of craws and Hellgrammites there’s a lot of other really cool things to spend your money on also.
  7. I don’t think I could possibly catch any more fish than I do. But thanks.
  8. I agree, but I want you to take some of this new color to try. Our next outing we will try em.
  9. Do u have any baits in those colors to text me a pic of ?
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