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  1. Deep water, or close to deep water, have been getting good. Shallow structure bite is going away quickly.
  2. MDC doesn’t recommend crappie in ponds. I have fished this 1/2 acre pond 10 times and have mostly caught bass, some big (over 5 lbs). I’ve caught 2 crappie over 15”. The pics are of my PB crappie yesterday at 3 lbs. So who is wrong ?
  3. Lol. This happens at my ramp during migratory times. Prespawn and Fall. Get out of the office !!!
  4. I was sitting At the kitchen table enjoying my supper when I kept noticing splashes on the surface. I sat and watched Shad getting herded on my gravel bar for at least 15 minutes before I finally decided I should check out the situation. It was a roaming wolf pack of big smallies on their way somewhere. Pretty freakin cool. I only caught 3 big ones but I had limited time and was without a chase boat.
  5. If I followed their fishing advice on this article for the Meramec, I dont think i would catch a single walleye.LOL
  6. That’s what surprises me. I’m catching dink’s by the truckload.
  7. Anyone else catching walleye? I have been catching a ton of little guys and an occasional beast .
  8. Males are somewhat still on beds, guarding fry, In my opinion, it’s a great spawn. Had a huge blow up on a buzz bait today in shallow riffle. Followed it up with 3.5” swimmer and connected on this girl. 20” long and 4.4 lbs.
  9. All Spots. And very good eating size !
  10. Find current that’s too violent to safely fish. In specific weather conditions and or times of the day, the walleye will be there feeding. 1’to 10’ water, depends on conditions.
  11. I haven’t caught one on topwater yet Good to know that is starting up.
  12. With a little break in the storms I dropped the boat in with my daughter Macey and ran a short distance and literally caught this big one on my first cast Followed by several dandies, then the sky opened up and we high tailed it home
  13. It’s all about the flow! When I fish for walleye, I usually fish where most people would pass by and not give it a second glance. These fish set up on very predictable locations when they feed. This morning I look at the river and it dropped to almost perfect walleye conditions
  14. Watched a female and a male on a bed last Friday They were getting it done. Seen a group of females roaming shallow. Seen fry Monday. Middle meramec. Didn’t get much reaction from them. Hopefully this rise don’t put fry in the cornfields 🙁
  15. I like flicker shads but they spin out in very fast flow. There’s your tip ?
  16. My lack of articulation makes my posts short and always lacking of a good story line 🤔. But hopefully the cool pics make up for the lack of info? Lol. I’ve been catching them on a new TackleHD pronto type bait that we have been working on. So far, it’s a homerun. I can’t wait to fish for hybrid stripers with it. It definitely passed the test for bass.
  17. My cousin caught a good one last week around Onondaga
  18. Here’s a couple or 3 nice walleye I’ve caught lately on my home waters There’s been a consistent big smallie bite for weeks but I can’t help but go after these toothy creatures. I lost a really big one a week ago that I’m speculating in the 29” range.
  19. The water temps dropped to 50 degrees and the rain gave it a little more color The HD Craw produced a legit 20” today and that gave me a 😊. Multiple others in and around 18”.
  20. This section of river isn’t suitable for trophy size smallmouth Sorry, I’m quoting the MDC Biologists
  21. I absolutely love river fishing in the snow! Caught 5 at my first stop from my ramp. The heavy cloud cover had em roaming away from the cover and very active for 40 degree water.
  22. The show was a great success!!! Met a lot of oaf and MSA peeps. Made some great friends and looking forward to the tristate expo in Indiana.
  23. Nice to see you and I could tell your son was having a blast
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