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  1. River is still up

    2' up and very dirty. I love it.
  2. What's better than this?

    I took gasconade river guide Tommy Bench out in the frigid conditions this morning and the meramec didn't disappoint
  3. What's better than this?

  4. What's better than this?

  5. Nice fish

  6. A little after dinner action!

  7. Looking for new fishing spots...

    I would advise to fish the rope swing areas 😏
  8. New pastime

    Matching the hatch !
  9. She's blowing out

    It's a mess.trees coming down the river now. Gonna be awhile before she is fishable.
  10. Big fish In the rain

    Every since I bought the BPS 100 mph gear I've been unstoppable. This stuff will keep you dry and warm
  11. Big fish In the rain

    I had just actually broke off a giant and was really ticked off that it had a craw stuck in its mouth. I hate that
  12. Another Ned convert

    Another personal best on the hidef craw. This kid was a happy camper!
  13. Prespawn

  14. Prespawn

    I had a hour to kill before supper so I dunked the river pro in and my daughter and myself went a ways up and or down the river. 47 degree water and perfect color. 4' visibility. I literally caught fish at every likely spot. 4 over 17" including this beauty.
  15. Prespawn

    Like how hard? Be careful. Things have changed since last flood.
  16. Prespawn

    No. She has a OCD issue with trash so I usually let her walk the gravel bars collecting cans bottles etc. she has really taken it to the next level. It's actually frustrating
  17. Prespawn

    The spots are very active. I don't think there is many left within 3 miles of my house though 🙂 I haven't caught one since fall close to home. They all got ate
  18. Prespawn

  19. What a day!

    I love it when it all comes together !
  20. Met a new friend and tough conditions 3/3/18

    Water temps dropped drastically. Low 40's Back to the winter bite
  21. Met a new friend and tough conditions 3/3/18

    Very cool to meet Andy and the conditions we fished really sucked. Next time !
  22. First cast

    Less than 2 foot deep. Visibility 1 or 2".
  23. First cast

    Scott's pic won't download

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