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  1. I agree, but I want you to take some of this new color to try. Our next outing we will try em.
  2. Do u have any baits in those colors to text me a pic of ?
  3. I’ve been trying to come up with the best dirty water color. Any ideas? This weeks color test is a Hd craw with green pumpkin top and black bottom and pincers. I personally think it’s a home run. Stopped at a random public access and the river is up and muddy but I still caught several including this one
  4. You just pretty much explained that perfectly
  5. I have no doubt Mitch could do it. But he’s very busy
  6. If I’m catching largemouth I usually fish up or down from them a ways. Or right on the bank This year the Smallies have been coocoo. I can’t find the mother lode either. Just an occasional good one. But this flood will change that. It’s gonna get really good. I fished Saturday and it came up 2 feet while I was on the river. I lost a giant and caught 2 spots. The Smallie I lost was directly across the river from the spots. I took a random cast to a dirt bank that I’ve never caught a Smallie on and he was there
  7. 18 foot deep today. It was lights out. Literally. That’s the color I was using
  8. The actually hellgrammite that we used was 3 3/4”. But that took me a half a day to find.
  9. I haven’t found a month of the year that fish won’t eat it but after several years of mold design, a finally finished mass production mold in our hands so we went full bore. On December 12 a year ago I netted a 5 lb 4 oz Smallie on our Shakey Head with a black/purple flake. My buddy caught
  10. There’s always tomorrow 😏
  11. I think a smaller version of the Helgie with a mini Shakey Head would turn some Ned Heads Pun intended.
  12. Well I’m talking myself into tagging out tomorrow morning and I’m sitting in my boat right now switching over to winter mode. Let’s do this thing. Mr Agnew, I do believe we have a couple destination trips lined up. I think we should give those spots a couple more cold weeks to make sure there is a pile of fish there. Can’t wait !
  13. Anyone else tired of chasing deer and ready to start hitting the winter holes for some giant smallies ? Last year on dec12 I caught my first winter giant. I am so ready.
  14. Very cool! Thank you for your service. I love the boat.
  15. Someday I’m gonna have time to butcher em up down that way. I was on a roll for awhile and hit it once a week.
  16. Right on Rick Maybe we can all meet up for dinner and a pint
  17. I’m assuming I’m part of your buddy group at red oak lol? TackleHD booth will be set up at pb2 on Friday by noon. Gonna be a blast ! Come by if you’re in the area and hang out.
  18. My time has been so limited that I haven’t fished topwater like I want to I’m sure they are going nuts but I’m working
  19. At the tail end of a decent flood and I noticed my marker below the house was exposed, telling me my favorite pattern would be on fire. It was ! I only stopped in 3 spots and caught good ones at 2 of the 3.
  20. Hog Wally

    Beef tongue

    My father in law is a butcher so I have access to tongue,hearts, liver and ox tail etc. all the good stuff 😄
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