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  1. There's just nothing like a 5 lb or bigger smallie on a ozark stream. For me it's comparable to a 150" buck or a triple bearded gobbler. And you actually get satisfaction from releasing it. I have lost 3 this year that haunt my thoughts and keeps me going back to try again.
  2. Gotta go to catch em. I get jealous of the guys that go once a month and catch a giant. I've switched to their tactics. Fish dumb water. Fish where I wouldn't normally dream of fishing. We lost two this evening and one was another possible 20" The other was a huge largemouth for the river.
  3. My 11th 20" or bigger smallmouth for 2018 Caught it on the new Tackle HD shakey head
  4. Tim, you're the nicest guy I know. I should try harder to be nice.
  5. That was my next question lol. I was actually thinking it could be law enforcement? I don't know but it was bothersome
  6. I forgot to add a interesting tidbit. There was a drone hovering over me in 2 spots I fished
  7. It was similar but not as good. Unfortunately I had the one we all dream about come off. I think that fish bites once a year. I've thrown to that log so many times in the last 4 months. I'm broken. Until tomorrow 🙂
  8. I usually fish 5 days a week. Not all day but at least for a couple hours. Once in a great while every fish swimming is in a feeding frenzy. Just now I went out for 2 hours and caught over 30 fish. 18" was the biggest but size doesn't matter to me when it's topwater mayhem. The 18" came off a hidef craw after he boiled twice on a buzz bait I dropped a craw on him and it was a violent bite followed by a epic battle. Water temps down to 74 and every fish was full of piss and vinegar. Maybe tomorrow it'll be good again ?
  9. We spent a lot of time looking at live helgs when we developed this bait With our new shakey head and this new bait, its lights out.
  10. Could have been a giant catfish or a gar. That close to the sippi anything is possible
  11. Hog Wally

    Fish trap?

    Was that near Bruns bridge
  12. We have a lot going on currently, including hellgrammite
  13. It was a perfect morning. The bite sure died fast with the heat though.
  14. This was in the spotted bass stomach
  15. This morning I fished with my school buddy Matt and Mitch Fields. Matt wanted to hit our old stomping grounds from the 90's. We ended with 30 total and 4 fish 19" or bigger.
  16. TackleHD hidef craw has fooled yet another giant
  17. I would like to join you for the second half of your float 🙂
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