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  1. I have my minnow trap set out on the little meramec, which runs through my property. I'm hoping to try out AL's minnow technique Saturday morning near Stanton on the meramec. Still haven't heard back on the genetics question of these walleye. I am gonna figure out how to get pictures posted and let you all see that catching a four fish limit on the meramec is not uncommon.
  2. I talked to a old timer today who gigs the Stanton area every year and he told me of a spot that has so many (jack salmon) that it's hard to gig suckers in that stretch! I guess you know where I will be at 5:00am Saturday morn
  3. There is a few bluff holes on the Meramec in my area where it's shaded almost all day This seems to be particularly good for walleye. If the water is to deep for the giggers then more than likely the walleye there are getting really stacked up. Oh yeah by the way, I have never caught just one in a spot if you have ever caught one, go back to that spot. The giggers on the Meramec are the single most enemy of the walleye. It seems as if there is to many people that can't resist the temptation
  4. If I can figure out how I will post yesterday's catch 3 walleye over 4# and the biggest white bass I've ever caught. 19 1/2 "
  5. Hog Wally here I'm new at this but I can tell everyone that there is plenty of walleye and some really big ones on every part of the meramec I fish
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