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  1. If my fish pics bother you, you might want to remove yourself from this forum because I'm getting ready to make it painful for you to watch.
  2. I don't post as often as I could. Until Phil Lilley tells me to stop posting fishing reports and pictures , I'm gonna post.
  3. Will your infatuation with me ever end? Weirdo.
  4. Little guy. I can't explain how or why it catches more big largemouth than the big craw right now. It'll change.
  5. Sorry, had to throw my buddies beautiful green guy in with the brown girls.
  6. I've been using Pam olive oil cooking spray. It worked Sunday in 17 degree air temps. We cleaned our guides thoroughly before we sprayed it on. The first application lasted the longest. It was kinda downhill from there. But it helped us boat nearly 50 fish in Otherwise impossible conditions.
  7. I think the largemouth aren't as happy living here as the spots. I don't personally think they thrive. I back this idea up by the fact that after major dam over flowing floods, there's a lot of big largemouth in the river for couple years straight. Like the 6 lb 2 oz one I caught last summer.
  8. Well, since I'm too busy getting ready to go fishing, you could go through all my posts and find anything that I've contradicted myself on and post it for all our viewing pleasure. Maybe 30 seconds was a stretch ? I usually imagine how long I can hold my breath is how long a smallie should be out of the water. Obviously in cold water conditions it's not as crucial.
  9. I don't see a smallmouth in this photo Do you ? Are you stalking me? Starting to feel that way. Weird You make a snide remark on every single post of a big fish I post. Don't be jealous. It's not cool.
  10. Certain ones really catch my color blind eye!
  11. Here's my 2 biggest from yesterday. I think I'm on to something ? 39 degree water, I can't believe it's that warm It's gonna drop fast tonight I bet. Anyone fishing this weekend?
  12. It was pushing the 4lb 8 oz but it settled on 4lb 7 oz. Al seen it on the scale. No stories here. I weighed a 5 lb 2 oz in December. It was 21". This is the scale I use. Very accurate.
  13. He was not correct. But his guess was a really good spot also. 👌
  14. I'm guilty of not mentioning my many skunk trips. It happens quite often considering I fish almost everyday. But, I usually give up pretty quick. Al, you are not a quitter.
  15. My plan is simple. Quick pic. No one can tell where it was caught -check. Fish is swimming free. Total time= 30 seconds.
  16. I scooped a 8 plus lb out of the river near stclair area probably about 1994 It was just lazily swimming down the bank. Probably was too far down and it got warm.
  17. I know right. Very easy to recognize bank in this hole Just trying to be fair to the river.
  18. the bite has been painfully slow but worth it when a 4 lb 7 oz 19" Smallie is included in the 4 bites I got in 4 hours. Al Agnew got his groove on pretty good too. It's only gonna get better.
  19. Hog Wally


    8" rise. 43 degree water temp. 1' visibility. One more foot rise and little more muddy and I'll be in hog smallie heaven !
  20. You took the words out of my mouth. I don't think the average citizen is equipped to deal with a gasoline leak.
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