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  1. Should be a great weekend to get out on the Spring River , do a little trout fishing and maybe a little Walleye they should be on the move.

  2. He hasn't had a license since April of last year so I figure he has been fishing and would have kept fishing with out it for almost a year now. That is not just a mistake.
  3. Didn't do to good this afternoon at dam # 3, they didn't seem hungry.Some of our guest's staying in the cabins fished the campground this morning and said they did really good. Mad Olive did well and worms for bait casters.
  4. I'm a trout man but if you stay above dam #3 on the spring river you will find smallies and non of the "other stuff" you find below dam#3. What I call the upper Spring River is from dam #1 to dam #3 and you can land bow's , browns, brookies, gogleye, walleye, and smallmouth bass without having to put up with the loudmouth b,butt that come out in the summer.
  5. Live Spring River Fishing report 3-4-12 Windy, windy, windy! Early mornings have been best, the wind is not as bad. Fishing has been good all day if you can fight the wind. It's been about a week since the the upper lake has been filled back up and the fishing has stabilize very nice. We have had Some nice hatches lately but wet flies and spin casting have done the best. ... Like a broken record Y2K's and wooly buggers have been producing very well. Nice browns around 3 pounds or so are being taken. Spin casters are using bright colored power bait, corn and worms. It will be windy for the next few days(with a front and rain late in the week), so the bead head wooly's will be good to cast. A good addition to your bugger is a dropper. My favorite dropper is a Killer Worm from Mad Guy Flies. It is a small chamois fly. Tie on a Grandmas Brownie with 1 BB split shot about 18 inches up the Tippet then tie on about 12 to 18 inches of Tippet to the curve of the hook on the brownie. Tie the Killer Worm on that Tippet. It can be a little difficult to cast( I call it throwing a fly) but it is a very productive way to fish deeper holes for those big brown trout
  6. Nope didn't die(but sure felt like it). Got the flu on Feb 9th lol. What days are you coming SILO? btw got the new fishing report ready, fix'n to post it.
  7. Makes me want to go up there again! (When it's less crowded lol) by the way Idylwilde we can't make it this weekend.(wish we could!)
  8. An a-rig is just a lure. A worm is just a live bait, and there is no "secret" fly to catch big trout. All this hoopla will pass.
  9. Cold weather-a-coming! Snow and maybe ice to the south. This weather change has realy turned the trout on!

  10. Well, a day or two in the Ozarks can make a big difference! They are calling for some chances of snow and some cooold overnight lows. The Spring River is up about 2 inches at the campground. I thought they were filling the lake back up, but it looks like they have stopped( Maybe to take advantage of the cold weather coming. It helps freeze out the weed in the lake.). Wooly's and Y2K"s of course. Also try a Mad Hack or Killer Worm.
  11. Cold and sunny this morning. It warmed up nice til the rain came but the clouds make for better fish'n. The full moon can slow it down , The trout will feed at night so you have to work it a little harder. Still on woolys and Y2K's. I just stick to the basic's this time of year, but there is still good dry flying on some of these mild sunny days.
  12. Super Bowl Sunday and the Spring River is back to normal! All it takes is about 24 hours. They are still catching on steamers.
  13. FISHING REPORT 02/04/12 The Spring River is up about 1.5 feet and muddy on this saturday morning. We received about 2.5 inches of rain over night. Water temperatures dropped from 56 degrees yesterday to 51 degrees overnight and are at on the rise at 52 degrees now Be very careful if you are wade fishing. use dark colored wooly buggers like the Grandma's Brownie or Mad olive. use a "BB" split shot to get your fly down deep. If you are bait casting try worms. The trout will not be able to see very far so read the current for the best spots. Work the rocks and riffles. You will probably have to cast more to one spot than the normal 10 to 20 times. Be patient, your catch numbers might be smaller than normal but you never know when you will hook that trophy!
  14. I'm a trout man but I hear the walleye are fix'n to spawn here on the Spring River. We have had some monster walleye pulled out over the years.

  15. The weather is cooling off and the trout are rising like crazy!

  16. Soon all the kids will be back in school and there will be football game and stuff for them to do and the fishermen can have the river back . Yesterday was a awesome day for fishing the Spring River.
  17. Also I might add the canoeing traffic on the Spring River has slowed and has been slower this season than in the past. Not so many so called drunks on the river and at our campground we dont have the traffic due to the fact we are above Dam 3 where they do the shuttles . So no worries with drunks and traffic...........
  18. The Spring River at Mammoth Spring Campground has been good to slow fishing , it has been hot and dry and trout are deep if you are wanting to go out and catch monster trout then be willing to switch baits, flies and lures and move often if a spot isnt catching. They are out there just harder to catch we have had 3 lb. Browns to 6 lb rainbows caught at camp. Normaly on the upper fall but also right off campsite 1. Bait casters are catching on red then white power bait eggs, worms ,corn and shrimp. Fly Fishermen have been doing really well with the Mad Olive, Yellow Tailed Grandma Brownie , Grandmas Brownie and the Mad Caddis. All can be bought at the Spring River Trout Shop which is in the Mammoth Spring Campground area. Fishing has been slower than normal but we are catching you just have to go early morning and late in the evening. If you think you will catch your limit of 5 at high noon then your just fishin if you think your gonna catch some fish and have a relaxing time at high noon your a fishermen !! Have a GREAT Fishing trip !!
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