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  1. I got a post card in the mail today from the COE that has a website to make comments about the Shoreline Management Plan: It also lists several public workshops that can be attended.
  2. I saw a great one the other day when I was putting in at the Gravois Access on LOZ. As I was putting in a guy and his young kid (probably 10 y/o) were pulling up to the dock in a Nitro Z8 and the guy asked me if I would take a picture of their catch. I obliged and they promptly pulled out 6 LM bass between probably 2 1/2 and 4lbs. Nice morning of fishing. Took their pictures and then the guy says "OK, put them back". Which I thought he meant put them back in the live well. Nope, into the water they went. And at least two of them were already dead and floating. I told him, "well, those aren't swimming away very good" and he said, "Nope, didn't think those two were going to make it when they swallowed the hook." I then watched him load up the boat and drive off. I just don't get that. At least take the fish with you and carve them up. Just don't leave them floating at the dock. Also, why not just take a picture of the fish on the boat right after you catch it. Is it really that important to get all the fish in one picture?
  3. There's another one this week starting Thursday up on Lake Champlain.
  4. 90lbs of smallmouth bass with a couple 6lbers thrown in there for good measure. Sounds like a fun 4 days to me!
  5. He is talking about hybrid stripers. They are found throughout the lower Meramec and get rather big.
  6. Is it really cheaper though? After the cost of the hot pot, the molds, and all the stuff to initially melt down the lead when do you really ever break even? I've thought about getting into making my own jig heads and then I start looking at the cost of start up and I've found it's really just easier and cheaper to find them on ebay or other online sites. I figure if I can find them for between 40-70 cents a piece I'm doing pretty good since the store bought ones are usually much more than that.
  7. Palaniuk had 25lbs today and jumped up into the top 10. That's a good day.
  8. Did anyone else get this email from the MDC? Good chance to voice your opinion if you are a Missouri resident. MDC seeking public comments on regulations as part of state review MDC seeking public comments on regulations as part of state review Comment on MDC regulations online at under EXISTING REGULATIONS. JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. -- In accordance with Gov. Eric Greitens’ executive order issued in January (, the Missouri Department of Conservation (MDC) is undergoing a thorough review of and seeking public comment on all regulations of the Wildlife Code of Missouri under the Missouri Code of State Regulations. Individuals can comment on MDC regulations online at under EXISTING REGULATIONS ( "Citizen involvement and participation have always been important to the Missouri Department of Conservation,” said MDC Director Sara Parker Pauley. “We value public input and want to hear from you." MDC will also hold the following open houses from 6 – 8 p.m. to gather public feedback: Aug. 8 at Cape Girardeau Conservation Nature Center, 2289 County Park Drive in Cape Girardeau; Aug. 10 at Runge Conservation Nature Center, 330 Commerce Drive in Jefferson City; Aug. 14 at the MDC Northeast Regional Office, 3500 S. Baltimore in Kirksville; Sept. 7 at Powder Valley Conservation Nature Center, 11715 Cragwold Road in Kirkwood; Sept. 26 at Kemper Recital Hall in Spratt Hall 101 on the Missouri Western State University campus, 4525 Downs Drive in St. Joseph; Oct. 10 at Springfield Conservation Nature Center, 4601 S. Nature Center Way in Springfield; Oct. 12, at Twin Pines Conservation Education Center, 20086 Highway 60 in Winona; and Oct. 26 at Anita B. Gorman Conservation Discovery Center, 4750 Troost Ave in Kansas City. MDC is undergoing a review of all regulations and is seeking public comment on them. Individuals can comment online at under EXISTING REGULATIONS. MEDIA CONTACT: Joe Jerek Statewide News Services Coordinator 573-522-4115, ext. 3362
  9. I used to paddle up about as far as I could go up the Gravois in my kayak before I got my boat. Gets real nice up that way.
  10. I had a good day too.
  11. I went out Sunday and got skunked although I lost a nice one that would have probably went around 3lbs or so on topwater. Went out this morning and caught this decent short on a senko and another 8" spot on a crank. LOZ is such a nice lake but I guess it gets really slow like that when the water temps get upwards of 85-87 degrees. Still haven't figured out how to catch them around the docks but I guess only going about once a year doesn't give you much time to learn.
  12. What part of the Mississippi was this?
  13. Dang. Those are some. I've smallies.
  14. Probably the same places that send people to Vegas for conferences.
  15. Academy makes some pretty good Magellan brand ones too.