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  1. moguy1973

    Question about Nanofil

    I believe they say to use a Palomar on the packaging, although there is a knot called the Nanofil knot which just looks like a double Palomar.
  2. moguy1973

    Sous Vide question

    You must not have had a Sous Vide steak before. By far the best way to get a consistently excellent steak. @Lancer09To get a good sear get yourself a good cast iron skillet and heat it to about 450 and then sear on each side for 15 seconds at a time in butter, for a total time of about a minute. Then if you have a cooking blow torch you can fill in the spots the pan missed.
  3. Wow, this thread made it quite far from people not driving with their lights on in the fog. Is it spring yet?
  4. I guess I’m one of those that are hated. One of the first things I did on my F150 was change out the crap halogen bulbs for LEDs. Color allows for thing to be seen far easier that the dull yellowish light the stock bulbs gave off. Driving in the rain with the halogens? Forget about seeing anything. I do have the LEDs aimed properly, maybe even a little lower than the stock ones and I can see 100% better. Our Honda Odyssey came stock with LED headlamps and they are outstanding. Even has auto dimming high beams. Its the jokers that throw the aftermarket bulbs on their rigs and don’t adjust anything that gives them a bad name.
  5. moguy1973

    Switch Panel recommendations?

    It's one of those combo question threads that keeps people on their toes. 😁
  6. moguy1973

    Switch Panel recommendations?

    I use one of these nets. I think I have the smallest size. The rubberized netting is great for keeping hooks from snagging in it. Folds up for easy storage too. https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/bass-pro-shops-gold-series-folding-landing-net
  7. moguy1973

    Ranger R83

  8. moguy1973

    Upgraded to Garmin Livescope

    Fishing video game. Looks pretty cool to me.
  9. moguy1973

    Main Ozark Anglers Website

  10. moguy1973

    Pickerel in south west mo

    Definitely have caught them on the Jacks Fork and have seen them on the Current as said.
  11. moguy1973

    Somewhere on spring river Missouri

    My in-laws used to live in Mt. Vernon near the Spring River where it's skinny before Big Spring dumps into it and gives it some water. Never had a chance to fish it and I always wanted to put my kayak into it. They live in Columbia now so I'll never really be down in that area again.
  12. moguy1973

    New license plates

  13. moguy1973

    Who likes lily pads?

    Yeah, the grass carp will only eat stuff like milfoil, coontail, and other grasses like those.
  14. Good thing you went now, WOW is already discontinuing service out of St Louis in the near future.
  15. Did you take one of the WOW flights?

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