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  1. I have a couple rubbermaid tubs I use for keeping things dry back there and if they don't have anything inside them they slide around, but if they are full they don't. I also have a smaller Yeti cooler and it doesn't slide at all
  2. I've had good luck with my Line-X liner. Doesn't hold water and haven't had any issues with anything spilling in it that some good detergent hasn't been able to get off.
  3. Yep, pretty much told him there aren't many great places for smaller boats around St Louis that have good fishing unless you stick with low hp lakes over in Illinois. Or get a beater jetboat to start with and learn the rivers and upgrade to a nicer one later once you learn the nuances jetboating.
  4. You saw my posts and thoughts over on BR. Lots of good stuff in this forum.
  5. I agree, and I'm total anti socialism, but killing people off because they are less desirable? That's hideous.
  6. Ahh, so just get rid of the undesirables, weak, and feeble minded so people don't have to worry about them. Gotcha.
  7. I just can't help to shake my head if you all think this was created to kill off the old people in the world, and that no one cares about that. What's really sad is you think that way. Heck, this forum is full of older people, is that what you really want to happen? Kill off the old people on this fishing website because they are retired now and don't contribute to taxes as much as younger people? Actually, it isn't sad you think that way, it's demented and sick.
  8. It's a good thing we have this virus around to take care of all these high health risk cases then right? 🙄 People who otherwise would have lived if they hadn't gotten COVID19.
  9. Ahh, I guess I was talking more about less cases coming out. I think the death rate has gone down some because more 18-25 year olds (i.e. partying college kids) are getting it and they fair somewhat better than the older people that were initially getting it.
  10. That’s not the way masks work with this virus. They work by stopping the large droplets the virus lives in when you cough or sneeze and preventing them from becoming airborne for others to breathe in. People wearing masks If they are asymptomatic and don’t know they have it are keeping others from getting the virus. . This video explains why they work.
  11. Favazza's is within St Louis City limits and their restrictions on capacity aren't as strict for some reason as St Louis County has. Anne Gunn's is in the county though and should have a 25% capacity limit that has been put in place by the county executive directive.
  12. The only thing is there is no viable, clinically tested treatment that works as of right now. They are more able to "treat" it because there hasn't been the massive influx into the hospital system like there was at the beginning which, again, can only be attributed to the social distancing and mask wearing that most people are properly doing.
  13. Most of the people I know that have tested positive are casino workers. Some are friends, some are my wife's coworkers who work in the medical field. My wife is an attorney for one of the big hospitals here in St Louis and she gets a lot of first hand intel about what is going on.
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