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  1. I haven't had replacement but I had to have reconstruction as pretty much all the front ligaments had been ripped out of the bone in a weight lifting accident when I was college. Went several years before having it fixed but it gradually came to the point where it was popping out of socket on a rather frequent basis. Recovery was about 3 to 3 1/2 months without any use of my shoulder for about a month of that where it was pretty much isolated in a brace. Took the remaining 2 or so months to get full range of motion back. Took maybe a month to get about half range of motion. The physical therapist really helped push me to get it back to where it needed to be as quickly and comfortably as I could. Was one of the most painful things I've had to go through though. Was really scary the first time I had to take the sling brace off to take a shower because it felt like my arm was going to fall off.
  2. The team's true identity came out in the NLCS. Showed they were a 2nd rate team that had no business being in the post season. 16 hits in 4 games with 48 strike outs. Unacceptable. The Nationals are not that good.
  3. I had the day off for Columbus Day so my 7 year old and I took the boat out to Clearwater. I hadn’t been to the lake since I was 7 or 8 years old so I don’t remember too much about it. I can tell you the name of the lake is a misnomer as it’s anything but clear. Had a dirty green stain with only about a foot of visibility to it and it was about 63 degrees on top. Water seemed to be way down but it looks like its a foot or so above where it should be now. Since I had my daughter with me and she wanted to fish with worms and a bobber I had to stick pretty close to the bank so my fishing was less than stellar as I only caught two small spotted bass. She did get a little green sunfish so I’m glad she at least caught something. Is that the typical color of the water and does fishing get better? Being a 2:15 hour drive and not being able to fish like I wanted I’m sure with more time I could have found some better ones. I did get up into the Black arm a bit and the water color turned from a tan green color to more of an aqua/turquoise green color and I’m sure if I had a jet and could get up in the river farther above Bluff View marina but it was getting pretty shallow quick for my prop.
  4. I really am befuddled how this team made it to the NLCS. The only thing I can think How this is possible is they were in the worst division in MLB. They wouldn’t have been in the playoffs if they were in any other division. A team with the 19th best batting crew shouldn’t make the playoffs but somehow they did. Oddly enough The front office will see that winning the division and getting to the NLCS as a positive victory and they will stick with the status quo in the offseason and won’t go after any talent to make the team any better. That and along with several really bad contract extensions that have been given the past few seasons I don’t see the future being any brighter for a while.
  5. Jefferson Lake can be good for an urban lake. They stock it with trout in the winter and other fish throughout the year. I think it's the only one you really are supposed to fish in (or would want to if you want to catch something)
  6. Of course I wait until the last tourney to have my best set of picks. Helps picking #1 and #5. Sucks that I was 2nd to last place in the league of everyone that made picks every week without missing one. Thanks for setting this up again this year.
  7. I had a super sticky treble go into my finger Straight down just above the cuticle past the barb. That was one the most painful thing I’ve ever had happen to my hand. I was by myself and couldn’t do the string trick due to the angle the hook went into the nail. No way for it to come out any other way to cut it off either. I finally was able to move it around enough to get the barb to clear the nail and it popped right out. Bled for a good while. Then about a month later I ended up with a hole that slowly grew down my finger nail until it got to the tip of the nail. I’ve only ever had one other hook past the barb and my brother in law who is a doctor helped me get it out with the string trick. He couldn’t believe it worked and that it hardly bled after it came out.
  8. And you can touch the "Own %" heading and it'll sort it by that too.
  9. I have two Lew's casting reels, a lower end LFS Speed Spool and a middle of the line Tournament Pro Speed Spool and I love both of them. I also have a TP-1 Speed Stick spinning rod that I really like too. I'm probably going to make Lew's my go to brand from now on. They make some quality stuff. Maybe KVD will bring over some Quantum features that he liked with their equipment to Lew's to incorporate.
  10. I had a big probably 2' across snapping turtle take a jig from me a couple months ago. Jig was in his mouth and I couldn't drag him up on the bank to whack him on the head with a rock. He got off by using his claw to shred my line. Was my favorite jig too. Bastard...
  11. I just looked up the regulations on MDC conservation areas and they allow motors to be used in a no-wake speed on lakes that are 70 acres or larger so on those lakes you could use the motor to trailer. If it's 70 acres or less and it allows the use of boats only an electric motor is allowed. Doesn't say anything about using the motor to trailer on those smaller bodies of water. I would give the MDC a call to see what they say about using the motor to trailer only.
  12. The one we bought said it needed a direct connect since it can pull 50A and the trailer wiring was only on a 30A fuse.
  13. I think the winch was like $150 or so and it came with like 20' of 8 or 10 gauge wire with big alligator clips that reached up to the front of his truck where he hooked onto the battery with the truck running.
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