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  1. Nice! I bet that thing got restocked with the latest round of flooding this year. It was full of asian carp when I took my kayak there a couple years ago.
  2. I like to replace my trebles with the KVD Mustad 1x strong 2x short shank. It allows a bigger hook without changing the action of the bait. Can usually go up one size from the original size hook.
  3. Nah not me, just a video I found a while back when I was looking for places to kayak near St. Louis. I'm thinking that water spraying may have just been a broken water pipe from it freezing or something. Those three guys have a blog called 3dudesinacanoe.org where they document their training for the MR340 back in 2010 and 2011 after their mom died as a tribute to her.
  4. I just wish I had time to do all of that paddling, and a wife that would understand why I would want to. HA! I'm slowly filling in the Big. I've done from FDL to Leadwood and Leadwood to the DesLoge access, 21 at Washington state park to Mammoth, Merrill to Browns Ford, Morse Mill to Cedar Hill, and Byrnesmill to the mouth. Lots of missing pieces but maybe one day. There's a lot of long stretches in there that would be long days. I've done a few stretches of the Meramec, Gasconade, Big Piney, both of the lower 6 mile floats of the Huzzah and a section of the Courtois.
  5. I think they would be worth it just for if you ever have to spray bug spray or sun screen. From what I've seen the finder screens don't play well with aerosol sprays.
  6. Somehow I ended up with 4th and 5th place in this one. The rest of my guys not so much.
  7. We have 2 guys in the top 100 overall. That's pretty amazing.
  8. Looks white. Poop is not white. Just sayin'.
  9. I guess down stream of Leadwood is somewhat wadeable. Upstream from the low water bridge is for sure a long deep pool.
  10. There's some videos on their website on them. https://majorleaguefishing.com/event/bass-pro-tour-stage-seven-table-rock/coverage/ https://majorleaguefishing.com/event/bass-pro-tour-stage-six-table-rock-lake-branson-mo/coverage/
  11. If you are wade fishing St. Francois has some wadeable areas and is probably your best bet up that ways unless you go all the way up to Bootleg access where it's a lot smaller and shallower. Leadwood and the access at Des Loge have several very deep pools around them and aren't wadeable and the banks are pretty steep to be able to walk the bank.
  12. Depends on the winter if the lakes freeze over. Last winter there was a small pond near my place that people were ice skating on. Usually they don't get thick enough though. MDC stocks a few lunkers every year in the urban trout program lakes but I think most are typical 10-12" stockers. There's always those reports of kids catching 10lb trout on a spiderman pole every year or so though. https://mdc.mo.gov/blogs/fresh-afield/nothing-says-love-big-rainbow-trout
  13. Busch wildlife gets pounded being so close to St. Louis. That being said it can be really good too. They rent jon boats for a couple bucks in some of the lakes that you can put a trolling motor on but no outside boats are allowed. The big lakes (33,34 and 35) have nice bass upwards of 5-6lbs in them although they can be tough to catch. They stock tiger musky in 35 that have been known to get huge. In the winter they stock trout in a few of the lakes also.
  14. For the most part if you stay below the high water mark on a stream and it has public accesses somewhere on it, it's floatable and wadeable legally. Now does that mean that there aren't any really hostile landowners that will chase you off it you go wading through their stream? Nope, there's lots of those. All the major creeks and rivers are fair game though for floating and fishing on them though. I'm sure others will chime in but that's a real basic overview of the river laws here.
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