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  1. I've seen articles where they bust people with contraptions like that to cheat in fishing tournaments.
  2. It does take all the fun out of it. The places I've had tournaments on aren't really known for large bass or even having full bags of bass during tournaments. In fact on the one river one I've done three times I think I've caught 3 fish total, two which barely measured. And then to see a guy come in with a 16lb bag limit is kind of disheartening and makes you wonder what he was doing different. I'm sure after a while of fishing tourneys with this Long guy people caught on that they weren't going to win when he was fishing alone. Whether they put one and one together and figured out what was going on is a different story, but according to the article people finally got what was going on as the team numbers dwindled each year.
  3. I've fished a few tournaments in the past few years. Sometimes you just have to wonder about the guy that brings in the 6lber and 4 others when everyone else only has one or two small ones, and that guy is local. Wonder where he has his barrel suspended under the water with the hinged door cut in the side of it to store the fish.
  4. Our group has three people in the top 200 over all. That's pretty good if you ask me. Me on the other hand, not so much.
  5. That's a cool looking jet boat. Lots of rivers down around you that you could take that on.
  6. In D the thing to pay attention to is the part that says “as defined in (A) or (B) above”. No where in A or B does it says rubber bands or vinyl strips. It only says you can’t use Synthetic eggs, synthetic worms, synthetic grubs and soft plastic lures. In other words if you tie a Mr. Twister onto your “fly” it would no longer be considered a fly in restricted areas/zones.
  7. 1/2 acre house. Dang that’s a big house. That’s a 21000 square foot house!
  8. If it were up to me I'd have a 15 or 16' boat 48-52" wide with a 60/40 or 40/28 on it with either stick or tiller steer and no frills to it. Something nice and small and easy to get around in the rivers, easy to get off bars if I get stuck, and nothing pretty to mess up if I hit a few things. But that's not up to me since the wife would rather have something to take the family out in and be comfortable and safe. A modified V such as a Legend or Blazer would be nice so I could still go out on the big lakes if I wanted to but I've heard they can get pretty heavy and being out by myself could be an issue if I get stuck. I do have a kayak that I really do enjoy getting out in so I guess it really does come down to time and priorities. Do I prefer to spend my weekends with the wife and kids or would I rather be out fishing by myself. That's a tough call at this point.
  9. Yeah, there's a couple guys in my neighborhood that have sparkly fiberglass boats and I'm not sure where they take them. They sit in their driveways as much as mine does on the weekends it seems. If my daughters were older maybe it would be different and I could make weekend trips with the boat, but even then my small boat is no match for LOZ on the weekends for the most part unless I'm off the water early or go late. And fishing even with just my 7 year old on the boat with me doesn't make for a really enjoyable fishing trip as I'm helping her more often than not which means I'm not getting much fishing in either.
  10. Does anyone else that lives in St. Louis that has a nice bass boat to fish out of find it really hard to get out to go fishing in it? I've had my boat (175 Tracker) for going on 3 years now and being in St. Louis with very limited numbers of lakes close to put it in to go fishing really makes it tough to own a boat like this. For me the closest "decent" fishing lake near St. Louis is about 2 hours away in Lake Kincaid or Rend Lake in Illinois, and I'm not sure I can call Rend a really decent bass lake. Being a guy with a young family at home I really would like to be able to limit my fishing time to day trips, but spending over 4 hours with driving to the fishing spot kind of makes it an all day deal. Closest launch at a big lake in Missouri is a good 3 hour drive for me. I guess it's all about priorities. Still looking for that perfect river jet since I'm 5 minutes from the closest Meramec boat ramp. That would be ideal.
  11. Weird start day for Guntersville. Starts on Friday this week instead of Thursday.
  12. I have my side imaging unit mounted to the transom. I just have a down imaging one on the trolling motor.
  13. Doodle sockin' down there in Texas. They call it jigger polin' down in Alabama:
  14. The more I look at the replay Accairi sure did seem to embellish that a lot. Regardless, there have been a lot of missed calls against the Bruins in this series also.
  15. I tried it out on one small cove on Council Bluff lake and it worked really well. But you are right, it took a while to get the whole cove using a trolling motor and it was only about a 300' long cove.
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