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  1. Boeuf Creek. This review of it I found with a google search sounds like a true fisherman’s review of a body of water: “Fishermen will find that there are no fish here. That's right, no fish. No rainbows, no steelies, no pinks, no perch, no muskies. Nothing. So keep looking for another spot nearby and you'll be glad you did. Alternate names for this stream include Riviere au Boeuf, Buffalow River and Buffalo River.“
  2. I am in, hopefully I can do better than past years!
  3. The whole Meramec is either near or above flood stage currently. It's really discouraging that a day long rain event can cause this river to go up as much as it did.
  4. Meramec above Blue Springs Gasconade below Riddle Bridge Meramec near St. Clair
  5. Confluence of the Jack's Fork and Current Somewhere along the Jack's Fork
  6. Maybe I'll try this another year. March 21st the end of spring break for my daughter and I'll most likely be flying back from Hawaii or Florida, or some other place like that. Have fun all!
  7. "I'm always correct 50% of the time."
  8. Here’s a review of the three new TMs to market. Seems like the Garmin stand out as the one to get.
  9. moguy1973

    Cast iron

    Me too. Never had any issues with them doing this. I usually heat them up a bit after I rub the oil in them but that's it. they never have any issues with things sticking in them.
  10. I have to get more texas rigged french fry worms deep hooked out of my wife's fish than anything else. Never had a Ned deep hooked. Usually hook them in the top or corner of the mouth.
  11. So here is a good debate. Does the new decade start tomorrow or on Jan 1, 2021? Was the start of A.D. on Jan 1, 0000 or Jan 1, 0001?
  12. Bassmaster#1 went out with his kid at Rt66 up to 109 Sunday and had the same luck. Said water was low clear and cold. His finder said the surface was something like 37 degrees.
  13. I’m going to stop letting my wife drag a Ned behind the boat when I take her.
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