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  1. Went out for an hour tonight at dusk hoping for a top water bite but to no avail. Did catch this nice one on a spinner bait. On a shallow bank that was clear of trees in about 6' of water.
  2. Slept in a bit this morning to get a little needed rest and got out around 9:30. My wife outfished me dragging the Ned behind the boat and caught 4 short smallies and a small channel cat. I had one short spot on a jig and what I think was a meanmouth on a biffle bug. Looked just like a smallmouth but it was more green than brown. It's hard to see but it's the first picture. Tough bite with this high sky. Water cooled down a bit where we were to 67-68.
  3. Maverick, it's not your flying, it's your attitude.
  4. Here's the little fat smallie
  5. Went out early this morning and found a nice cove that was sheltered from the cool breeze. Started with a short LM on a WTD lure and then followed it with a 15" LM. Then had another bum rush my bait from about 5' away making all sorts of commotion but it got off. Got farther back in the cove and fish started busting the surface all around me. Picked up a few more short fish on top and and crank and a couple using the Ned along with the nice 16.5" spot below. I also caught this little smallie that looks like it's been enjoying the influx of food with this high water. His belly was about as big around as he was long. Seems most fish are sitting where they would be if the water wasn't up. I was a good ways off the trees for most of the 12 I caught.
  6. I think Indian Point marina is still closed. Water still way way up in the trees.
  7. If they are swimming you can tell the difference between the Cottonmouths and the water snakes as only the head of the water snake is above the water. The whole body of a cottonmouth is showing when swimming.
  8. I have an older Lowrance down imaging unit on my kayak and it's nice to know the water temp and the depth of the pool I'm in, esp when the water has the green tinge to it and you can't see the bottom. Other than that I really don't use it to find fish. You'd be fine with simple 2D unit if you want to know that info. I haven't hooked mine up the last two times I've taken my kayak on a river. Mostly because I've forgotten to charge the battery the night before.
  9. Didn't get out on the water until around 2. Just fished around in N Indian arm up one of the coves in the trees. Not sure why you say they are up in the bushes because the bushes are about 10' underwater. My wife started off with this decent smallie and we both caught a couple small largemouth. Then I hooked into what was darn near a 6lber if I ever saw one. Thought I was in some tree tops as when I picked my line up it felt like I was hung on a couple sycamore branches. Then it came up but didn't fight any. Just a heavy weight and then it came to the surface, jumped and off it came. Ugh.
  10. How's things looking down that way now that the lake is back above 928'? Clear? Stained? Muddy? Staying in Joplin with family tonight and heading down tomorrow morning to fish the day.
  11. I was in good shape after the first day or so it seemed. All downhill after that. Crochet was my only saving grace. Next tourney is in 2 weeks June 2-5 down on Dardinelle. Not sure if it's all blown up like the other lakes north of there. Should be a good one.
  12. Yeah it's a rolling scoring system. The only way your score will change from day 1 to day 4 is if the anglers on your team change their position during the tournament.
  13. Love those old school minnow traps.
  14. My grandpa and I tore them up one year on a farm pond with that setup when I was about 10 yrs old or so. We used a black with silver flake worm that had a red curly tail.