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  1. moguy1973


    Wonder if one of these would catch a turtle?
  2. moguy1973

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    There was a situation at Meramec Caverns a couple years ago when I floated from the State Park to Sand Ford. A couple of kids were wade fishing just below the Caverns and they were out on a point of a shoal and one of the kids got out too far where the gravel was soft and couldn't get back to the shore. He didn't want to let go of his rod and couldn't swim real well with it in his hand and he started to go under. Had to paddle over quickly so he could grab onto my kayak so I could get him over to the bank. Could have been bad as the water was pretty swift right there.
  3. Yeah if people didn’t make their picks the same anglers they picked for the cancelled one are still their picks for St. Lawrence.
  4. moguy1973

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    River sure is skinny and low right there currently. Guess they just got into a bad part of it.
  5. moguy1973

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    Interviews with friends of the deceased woman said that she could not swim and went out to help the younger girl when she was struggling. Not sure why someone would be in the water if they can't swim. Should be a requirement to graduate from elementary school or something.
  6. moguy1973

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    The bottom isn't particularly rocky there, and it's more silty and muddy so it kind of sucks your foot down when you step in it. Plus right there its really shallow and then it's not. There's a pretty good ledge that goes from a couple of feet to around 10' that you can't see due to the water not being all that clear. Take a step off that ledge and your feet sink into the mucky bottom and you can't get back up to the surface. Add to the fact that most that drown there aren't that great of swimmers, as I suspect this girl and woman were and it's a recipe for a tragedy.
  7. moguy1973

    2 drownings at Castlewood

    Sooner or later people will realize they shouldn't swim in the Meramec at Castlewood. Seems someone drowns there every year....
  8. My biggest is the one in my avatar. It came out of the Meramec and was 21.5" and 4lb 8oz. It will be pure luck to come across another fish like that one around here. One day I want to get up to Door County in Wisconsin to catch some of those 6lb footballs out of the bay.
  9. I'd say that 20" and anything 4+ lbs is pretty special in our streams. 18" and 3lbs is a big small mouth
  10. moguy1973

    Missouri school start?

    Our district starts next Wednesday.
  11. moguy1973

    Cicada wasp

    I took my daughter to a birthday party a couple weeks ago and it was in a back yard. Heard a cicada really close and it was buzzing super loud and non-stop. Then it buzzed right by us and landed in a little flower garden right next to us. Looked down and there was one of those attached to it stinging the crap out of it. I thought it was a hornet but looking at those pictures it was definitely a cicada killer wasp. It didn't grab the cicada though, it just left it in the flower garden and about 20 minutes later it was literally covered with ants that were chowing down on it.
  12. moguy1973

    Places to Smallmouth fish near Rolla MO?

    You are in the heart of small mouth country pretty much. Big Piney, Little Piney, Gasconade, and the Meramec are all great small mouth streams and are all within 20 min or so from Rolla.
  13. moguy1973

    Sunglasses ?

    Smith has some pretty amazing optics as well with their ChromaPop lenses. My wife has a pair and they really make every color pop and super clear.
  14. moguy1973

    The Great floods of '93

    I was living in Cape Girardeau at the time in my 3rd year going to school there. We had rented a house just up the street from Sloan Creek and the creek rose up enough to flood the basement of the house. We had to live across the street with some friends that lived in a house on a hill. Their house just about became an island if it wasn't for the alley that ran behind the house so we could come and go. Being stupid college students (kind of contradictory right?) we lived in the house we rented the rest of the year. Who knows what sort of mold we breathed in during that year. We didn't care though, it was $75/month for rent. That house was torn down about 5 years after I graduated and nothing has been built there since.
  15. moguy1973



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