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  1. Hooks for senko type worms

    I started using the Berkeley Fusion19 wacky hooks with a weed guard this year and they work really great for wacky rigging around brush without getting hung up. I also use either two o-rings or a doubled up goody hair rubber band and put the hook through the X of the band so the hook is perpendicular to the worm. Gets much better hookups in that orientation.
  2. Robo Ned worms

    I agree with them being a great drop shot worm. Seems everyone is jumping on this Ned Rig parade lately though. Some people find that non-elaztech plastics work fine for the method, and from what I've read, Ned used plastisol baits when he first used the method.
  3. Robo Ned worms

    Their colors are sure to catch a whole lot of fish--ermen.
  4. Bass Pro Black Friday Garmin deal

    Yeah, that one too. Great deals.
  5. Anyone looking for a great deal on a 7” side imaging finder for their boat, Bass Pro has the Garmin EchoMap CHIRP 73sv on sale for $300 off. Makes it $449. That’s a heck of a deal for a 7” 2D/DI/SI finder that comes with 17000 lakes worth of maps.
  6. Thinking about planting brush piles

    Well I guess that's why I've done well along there before when I used to drag my kayak out to LOZ.
  7. Where to buy Interstate batteries

    Give the Exides a try. I've had good luck so far with mine that I got from Menards.
  8. Photographing Trophies at night

    In my experience of taking pictures at night with a cell phone you need more light. If you don't want to upgrade your camera/phone to one that takes better low light pictures I'd get a head lamp with an adjustable beam so you can flood the area you want to take the picture of with light. Then the phone has something to focus on without having to wash everything out with the flash.
  9. Where to buy Interstate batteries

    Too bad they don't have Costco in Springfield because they are a few bux cheaper there.
  10. Big Smallie Bag from Mn a few weeks ago OMG!

    Yeah, five 6+lbs smallies is amazing. They can hold those out as far in front of them as they want to and they will still be impressive.
  11. It’s all going to be one big company someday.
  12. Somebody Stole a Shipment of Bass Pro Guns.

    Chute on site?
  13. Yet Another Boat Question

    Best of luck with that...
  14. Whoever can design a dragon fly "fly" to hover above the water like that on that river wins.
  15. Tent Mattress

    This is what I use too. They slide nicely down into the very back of my kayak out of the way when they are rolled up.

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