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  1. I have these also. Best you can buy. They used to be about $12 on Amazon but their prices have gone up to about $19. https://www.amazon.com/Xuron-496-Split-Ring-Plier/dp/B000BL6OZ8/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=xuron+496&qid=1615177529&sr=8-1 They have a little grove that holds the split ring right where it needs to be for the tooth to split it.
  2. Good news for those who use the ramp to put their boat in on the Meramec. https://mdc.mo.gov/newsroom/franklin-county-and-mdc-reach-agreement-resurface-st-mary’s-road?fbclid=IwAR2KJReAAFwsk26rXVdmsk5eYC93ZzOiv1wz-phiIXGeZlMlxC4HLg5xiPI
  3. I think that is about what I paid a couple years ago. It's really not bad since a slip usually costs $15/night or so.
  4. When I stayed at Emerald Point I dry docked my boat at the marina there and they had electrical hookups to charge the batteries. They put your boat in when you want it too (when they are open that is).
  5. I'm guessing there will be some damage to docks when water gets as low as it is? Not that the ice isn't already doing that to a lot?
  6. I bet it's pretty hard to get that solid water to go through the turbines.
  7. CDC is still recommending even those who have gotten the vaccine and those who have gotten the virus prior to still wear masks as they can still be carriers and distributors of the virus. These people may not get sick from the virus but they can still spread it if it is fresh in their body, e.g they were in close contact with someone who has the virus, and the vaccine or their antibodies haven't killed the virus yet. Again, this virus isn't about you getting it and having mild symptoms and making it through it, its about you getting it, not knowing it by being asymptomatic, and spreading it
  8. I have a small single stage 4 stroke Toro I bought a couple years ago after my 2 stroke MTD died on me and left me with having to shovel it. Best $250 I've ever spent. The Toro starts up every time and makes short work out of snow like we had this week. If it's wet heavy snow it struggles a little and makes me wish I had a bigger 2 stage but it works for now. Used it twice Monday and again yesterday to clean things up on my 6 car driveway and long double lot length sidewalk.
  9. We had some Diet Dr Peppers in a box in the garage. They felt liquid when we brought them in to drink. Popped the top and they instantly became DDP slushies.
  10. That's how someone replies to that. "Well, I work for a porn webcam service so you are a little late to the party"
  11. Red shouldered hawk
  12. Gasconade has the length you need for a long float like that and a good smallmouth population. Put in at Gasconade hills resort on the upper stretch and take out at Riddle Bridge Access it’s 60 miles for 10 miles a day if you do a 6 day trip. The only issue I would see is leaving a vehicle at Riddle Bridge would be it’s sketchy and locals are known to break into vehicles left at accesses. It is a relatively short shuttle though at about a half hour.
  13. I took the dog out and then got the snow blower out to prep it for the snows later today. Saw it needed some gas so walked out to the shed to get the gas can. The wind had my nose running and my eyes watering. The snot and tears were freezing on my face. That’s when you know it’s cold.
  14. The red headed ones here are red bellied woodpeckers
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