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  1. Really? I guess I missed that.
  2. Elite tournament up on the Upper Mississippi this week starting Thursday morning. And I guess they do have one next week up in South Dakota at some lake they've never been to in a while or something.
  3. moguy1973

    Gasconade River Access

    Did they extend it? Last I thought it only went to the BP.
  4. moguy1973

    Gasconade River Access

    From what I’ve seen by floating you could make it up about 2 miles above hwy 28 before there’s a hard right turn into a really shallow riffle. With decent water it can be done but during the summer with low flows probably not. There’s a few pretty good log jams up above that too. Between Riddle Bridge and the Big Piney is the smallmouth management area so all that stretch holds good ones usually.
  5. moguy1973

    Anyone see this? This guy is off his rocker.

    I want to know what bass boats do 100mph...Allison's are the only ones I can think of.
  6. moguy1973

    Berkley's 16 new topwater baits

    Definitely looks like a bunch of copies of what is already out there.
  7. Looks like the Choppo is a Whopper Plopper knock off. Hopefully it's priced to sell. Lots of other good looking baits too. I really like the Fusion19 hooks too.
  8. moguy1973

    Big Heads in Bull Shoals????

    I'm wondering if this was a discarded "minnow" that someone dumped in the lake after they were done fishing one day and it grew into this. I want to say at one point big heads were sold as minnows in places. Luckily they don't seem to be able to spawn in lakes.
  9. moguy1973

    No running lights on Trailer problem?

    If you don't have running lights on your tail lights when your headlights or parking lights are on you have a bad brown wire somewhere.
  10. https://www.bassmaster.com/news/table-rock-lake-host-opens-championship-october
  11. Al Agnew posted this up a few years back about how to Ferry a boat too. Really good info in this one:
  12. Ferry it into the eddies and slack water. Or pull it over and fish from the bank in fast moving water. Draft chutes are more for flat water so the wind doesn't blow you around as much. I wouldn't want to be dragging a chute behind me in moving water to get caught on a log. That could become a real bad day quick.
  13. I usually listen to what the pundits say on the fantasy site on who they think is going to win. I didn't this week because they haven't been picking the right people at all lately. Well, of course they were pretty spot on as most picked Hackney and Swindle to do well and both are fishing today.
  14. moguy1973

    Ned Rig Video

    I found it at Home Depot. Same price as the gel and regular gorilla glue.
  15. moguy1973

    Ned Rig Video

    I may have found the best way to glue The zinkerz to the head. Gorilla glue just came out with a new super glue that may end all the mess and waste. It has a brush inside the bottle. I bought some to try it out.

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