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  1. Personal Best Smallie

    Wow. That looks like something that would come out of Minnesota. Total football.
  2. Rumbling night in the ozarks...

    The heart of that rotation came right through St. Louis although it had weakened slightly when it got here. They caught several small spinups that could have produced small tornados but not much damage up this way has been reported. Lots of super loud house-shaking thunder though.
  3. Rumbling night in the ozarks...

    Big rotation around Sullivan right now heading towards the St. Louis area.
  4. It is downright looney out there!

    Loons are great. There were a lot on Stockton when we went last year. There will be a big group of them on the water and you'll be heading right for them and then they will be gone underwater.
  5. No luck this past weekend

    For bass it’s a tough lake unless you know how to fish that coon tail. I am not one of those people. I’ve had topwater luck there with weedless frogs before but it’s hard to fish anything that runs under the surface unless you want to catch coon tail.
  6. New here and i like to fight!

  7. photo or avatar viewing problems?

    Yep, not seeing any images that have seemed to be ones that have been uploaded. Linked photos still work.
  8. I want to say that he said he hit a stump that was just under the surface and it threw him into that cluster of trees. I believe the water was up that year too.
  9. I like the swing head design of the Project Z Chatterbait but I have haven't caught a single fish on it yet.
  10. best spot for little one

    All that rain isn't going to be a good time doing much at Bennett this week.
  11. Yeah Seth. You chose wisely. Me not so much
  12. Awww Donna! Didn't get picks in
  13. Don’t forget to put in your Fantasy lineup!

    It's Ryan Butler and his screen name here is rdbfishing.
  14. I use a butt seat just to lean against and to rest my feet when I'm eating a sandwich. Like slothman said I'm not sure how people Captain Morgan the trolling motor without a seat to lean up against without falling over.
  15. Don't build in a flood plain?

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