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  1. moguy1973

    Lake house rental

    We stayed at Dooley's Lodges and Resort when we were there last. They have a private ramp with boat dock and slips. Nice cabins. SDC/Indian point area. Good prices too. https://dooleylodges.com/index.html
  2. moguy1973

    Blown River Backup

    That was one of those funny looking red eye trout @ 0:50 wasn't it?
  3. moguy1973

    Clunn gets it done!

    Plus 2 practice days!
  4. Right in the middle of the pack so far. This coming week's should be a little more easy knowing what a few of these guy have to bring to the table. Going to be a busy week streaming fishing tournament action this week. MLF and BASS both have a tournament. Internet is going to be getting a workout.
  5. moguy1973

    Clunn gets it done!

    He doesn't want to break a hip or something. LOL He had to take a breather after that one though. They didn't show it in that clip above but he did say "I don't know if that's a 9 or a 10 anymore, but it's up there." Ended up being a 9-14.
  6. moguy1973

    Fishing kayak.

    The Ocean Kayaks have generous storage inside them and great access to that storage due to their large rod pod center opening. Can't really stand in them as they are a more narrow kayak, unless you opt for the Big Game. I have an older 11.5' model and I've fit a small tent, two inflatable camp mats and two small sleeping bags inside mine, as well as a small cooler and all my fishing stuff I need for an overnight with a buddy without weighing it down too much. Most kayaks don't have adequate storage inside that's accessible you will find though. The hybrid kayaks seem to have a lot of deck storage like a canoe does while maintaining the kayak feel so I'd look at some like the NuCanoe or the Native Slayer models
  7. moguy1973

    Carry on the tradition

    Too pretty to use. Those need to be in a glass case.
  8. Seth is doing very well so far. 176champion with all 5 fishing the weekend though. (top 35 fish the Saturday and 10 on Sunday this year)
  9. Different password. Send a message to abkeenan and he'll get you fixed up.
  10. moguy1973

    Bass Pro Tour

    In BASS they can use 10' rods now but they have to have a casting or spinning reel on them. No fly reels. But they can use flies all they want. Just going to be hard to cast them without some sort of float for weight.
  11. moguy1973

    Bass Pro Tour

    Yeah if you have ever watched the Cup events they've had the anglers that are always worried about what the others are doing by asking for the marshal to read off the scoretracker, they are always the ones that do poorly because it makes them stress out and gets them off their game.
  12. moguy1973

    Bass Pro Tour

    Yeah, the rules of this thing are kind of murky so far. Looks like each stage is 5 days of fishing with 40 anglers per day for the first 4 days and then the top 40 from those in the last day and all weights are set back to 0 for that day.
  13. moguy1973

    Bass Pro Tour

    I guess it will be one of their "Stages" They only list up to Stage 4 in April on their web page in Dayton, TN.
  14. moguy1973

    Bass Pro Tour

    I'm thinking that's one of their select cup events.
  15. moguy1973

    Bass Pro Tour

    I like it. Change is good and traditional bass tournaments have gotten stale and aren't that fun to watch on TV.

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