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  1. Meramec does have chain pickerel. Definitely looks like it could be one of those.
  2. I have heard the same thing about this place. “Hidden” gem.
  3. Can I get a few seeds from one of the money trees you guys have so I can get some of this cool tech for my boat?!?
  4. What about using something like this? I’ve never used one but it seems this will let crank baits get down to where you need them. https://www.overstockbait.com/products/booyah-boo-flex-rig-alpine
  5. I know people on Mille Lacs dislike the brown bass. They compete with their beloved Walleye.
  6. moguy1973


    Or they’ll protest and burn the county to the ground if they don’t get their way.
  7. It’s there now https://m.bassmaster.com/news/cayuga-lake-bassmaster-elite-series-event-canceled-two-ny-tournaments-still-scheduled
  8. moguy1973


    There's already a Scott County MO just south of Cape Girardeau.
  9. If you are interested in a 2 day float on the Gasconade, Boiling Springs can put you in at Riddle Bridge and you can float to their place. We've done that float a couple times and it's good water with lots of fish.
  10. Anyone know if this will fit on the back of my Bass tracker and what would the top speed be with it? https://www.seven-marine.com/motors/seven-627sv/ 😆
  11. My in-laws have a couple of them in their pond that would go over 40" I'd bet. Massive fish. Can see their dorsal fin cruising the surface. Look like little sharks out there.
  12. Been a year since I did my lifestyle change and lost 25lbs. I've kept it off relatively well while not being super strict on my diet and I'm still down 22lbs as of yesterday.
  13. Ok, well, I'm in. I'll be fishing LOZ on Sunday. And I'll be donating to the American Lung Association.
  14. Something awesome that happened to our family in 2020 is we got this little guy the other day to join us. Unfortunately he won’t be little for long.
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