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  1. Paul Mueller had two fish for two days of fishing. This is the guy that caught a 32lb bag in 2014 Classic on Guntersville. Killed me. Only have two today. Herren has a shot maybe.
  2. All but one of my guys stunk it up today. I tried watching some of the live coverage today but it just wasn't that interesting. Water looked rather dirty and no one they had cameras on was doing much of anything.
  3. That's what I'm thinking. Loaded down in my 175 Pro team Tracker with a 60hp prop it'll do 35-36 on flat water. With 40 less usable hp I'm not sure it would do well at all.
  4. Saw this boat for sale and it looks to be pretty similar to my Tracker hull-wise in shape, size, and layout, but it has a jet on it. How would something like this boat handle Ozark rivers? I've always heard these kind of semi-V bass type boats don't do well in super shallow since they aren't flat on the bottom along the transom, unless this Lowe is different than the Tracker underneath.
  5. It's weird because McClelland has both BPS and Cabela's as a sponsor. You'd think they'd have his product in their stores.
  6. I didn't have any additional fees tacked on to my permit when I bought it online.
  7. Try closing the app and reopening. My permit showed up right after I bought it the other day.
  8. I've only been walleye fishing once but our jigs had curly tailed grubs with a chunk of night crawler tacked on for good measure.
  9. LOZ just has a good map on the Navionics site I knew I could use to point out what a channel swing looks like. I've dived down to the bottom of the lake near the Gravois Mills ramp in about 12' of water and I know what you mean about the bottom. I'm not sure how shakey heads can be seen by fish because they should just disappear in the sludge on the bottom. It's not even really muddy, it's just a slimy feeling goo that gives when you put your hand in it.
  10. If you can tell what hull this is from the bottom, this is their boat, looks like the motor broke off the transom.
  11. 👍 Classic is this coming week, need to get the line ups set!
  12. None of the TVA reservoirs have cables for some reason. Seems after the first boat went over one they would.
  13. I think I had read the launch was right by the dam. They were having engine issues prior to launch and they let the field go out without them and they were just going to troll around the launch area and fish but seems they may have gotten the engine to fire and went out. Seems they couldn't get it restarted and went through the flood gates. There was video evidence they were on the boat as it went over the edge. Its actually the 2nd time in about a year this has happened on Pickwick. A small jon boat went over last year sometime.
  14. Some channel swings on Lake of the Ozarks (red arrows)
  15. Looks like it opens for day use on March 1st https://www.fs.usda.gov/recarea/mtnf/recarea/?recid=21780
  16. The state record for yellow perch was just set a couple weeks ago too. https://premierangler.com/new-missouri-state-record-yellow-perch/
  17. I like this little twist MLF has introduced this year. Seems them upping the minimum weight has made things a little more exciting too. https://majorleaguefishing.com/bass-pro-tour/heavy-hitters-top-30-range-from-8-15-to-5-6-after-stage-one-eufaula/
  18. Looks like the 90 hp, 75hp, and the 60HO are the exact same spec wise. All in the tuning I suppose?
  19. I know chain pickerel live in the Current River system as we've caught them on the Jack's Fork before. Not sure if they are in the White River system or not. Could be a musky someone brought over from McDaniel's.
  20. I just found the bag of 50 rubber skirt rings I had bought with my order a few years back were all deteriorated when I went to make some new skirts up. Then I opened up my jig box and all my skirts had fallen apart since the bands for those did the same thing. I guess they all have the same shelf life. So i used some small zip ties to hold them on for now. Thin stainless or copper wire may be in my future of making skirts.
  21. Here's a way of doing it without needing punch weights:
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