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  1. This link to the videos page works for me. It's just when I click on the individual links on that page is when I get the error.
  2. Yep. I’ve bought stuff from them. Good cheap skirt material.
  3. Mine was caught in mid-October.
  4. Phil, I'm getting this error when I lick on the links to the video section. This one was for your One Cast from the other day. It does it when I click on the link to the Bill Babler reaction to his mount also.
  5. My 4lb-8oz one in my avatar was 21.5". Guess it had some eating to do.
  6. Saw this today on one of the jet boat FB groups I'm on. Guess you'll never know what you see on the river:
  7. Seth in the top 100 to start the season. On another note, the 2nd tourney scheduled for this coming week has been postponed to the third week of March. TVA system is blown out right now with more rain coming on Wednesday. That puts the next tournament as the Classic on Guntersville the first weekend of March 6-8.
  8. Makes me think the Meramec can support a possible state record. That one isn't far off.
  9. I’ve seen that in many places on google maps. It’s usually calling a small creek or tributary of the main river as the river. But yeah, calling the river as a creek, that’s pretty bad. They recent did an update so I’m sure someone screwed something up. They also have the Big Piney names Boone Creek
  10. My team isn't that great but somehow I'm in 2nd.
  11. I'm kind of "in the same boat" as you are. I really want something that I can use on lakes like what you have, but I also wouldn't mind something no frills that's easy to handle by myself and can go anywhere. A friend of a friend had 35 jet tiller on a 15' jon and it looked so effortless to control and get him where he wanted to go.
  12. First day of the St. Johns River tournament was cancelled due to high wind: https://www.bassmaster.com/news/bass-cancels-day-1-st-johns-elite-event
  13. It's amazing his batteries last all day running all those electronics!
  14. moguy1973


    First time in history Missouri has had two major sports championships in the same year. Maybe the Cardinals can make it three in a row, but looking at their line up and lack of any major moves in the off season I doubt it. Royals don't have a chance.
  15. My 7 year old has Flu-B. Wife and I are taking Tamiflu to try to keep from getting it. Hopefully our 17mo old doesn't get it. We all had the flu shot too.
  16. I've seen pro's kiss their fish before putting them back in the water but never hug them. I'd think that would get fish slime all over your fishing clothes.
  17. Seems they may have discovered something that fights it: https://www.yahoo.com/news/cocktail-flu-hiv-drugs-appears-124753996.html
  18. I'd like to say that's a great story, but it's really not. Glad me made it through that. I've always wondered how that access got it's name though.
  19. That's awesome. I still remember the Curtis Joseph and Tim Cheveldae fight from back in the day.
  20. It's on the Red Ribbon trout section of the Meramec River.
  21. Boeuf Creek. This review of it I found with a google search sounds like a true fisherman’s review of a body of water: “Fishermen will find that there are no fish here. That's right, no fish. No rainbows, no steelies, no pinks, no perch, no muskies. Nothing. So keep looking for another spot nearby and you'll be glad you did. Alternate names for this stream include Riviere au Boeuf, Buffalow River and Buffalo River.“
  22. I am in, hopefully I can do better than past years!
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