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  1. thanks Wrench, I will get the serial number tonight. I think that the volt regulator is built into the alternator.
  2. 2010 90 hp mercury 4 stroke motor is not keeping the battery charged. I can run about a 1/2 day the and the volts continually drop down to around 11.5 and then will not turn over the motor. I had the alternator and battery tested and they are both fine. I have checked all connections and everything is clean and tight. Anybody else ever have this issue.
  3. Always wanted to float from 215 to taylor or to the steel bridge. How long a float would that be?
  4. Thanks, ill try them next time i,m up. A little out of my way but Ive always wanted to try leaches and if they have good quality shiners that's a plus.
  5. where did you buy your shiners?
  6. count me in, a walleye tournament would be fun.
  7. I have a Stoeger Couger 9mm pistol for sale. It comes with 2 15 rd mags, carring case and holster. I am the original owner of the gun, I bought new at Bass Pro in Springfield. This is a great shooting gun and I have about 300 rounds thru it. The only reason I am selling is because I'm just not into pistols much anymore and I would like to buy my daughter a youth deer rifle for Christmas. I am asking $300
  8. Big Mike


    Thanks everybody for the response. Some good information here.
  9. Big Mike


    Been duck hunting for a few years now but I have never hunted teal. I have a few questions that maybe some of you may be able to answer. 1. will mallard decoys work or do I need to use just teal decoys. 2. I will be hunting the backwaters of large lakes. Do teal inhabit these areas? From what I have watched and read most teal are shot from small ponds. 3. Is it true that teal come in early and then that's it. I look forward to trying this out this year. I appreciate all of the good people on this site and have enjoyed reading all of the posts and learned a lot.
  10. 2011 sun tracker fishn barge 21. Merc 90 4 stoke Wireless 55 lb thrust moterguide plenty of room for my kids and I can still fish. Boat control can be a issue when it's windy. One day I'll get a bigger trolling motor. The one I have is way underpowered for the boat. She will still catch fish though
  11. #7 flicker shad slick purple candy Will catch anything in the lake. I can get them down to 18ft with 6lb mono.
  12. If I was bowfishing the tourney I would be at stockton. There are some giant carp. Saw one bow fishing boat Friday night. First one I've ever seen on stockton
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