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  1. Stayed at sister creek resort and as everyone knows the lake went up about 8 feet when we got there on Thursday and ended up about 12 feet up when we left. It looked like we were fishing in a flooded forest. We found fish in the bushes and off the bushes, but be prepared to get hung up. It seemed like the fish were confused on if they should be in the bushes or out on the original lake points. We ended up holding our own with all the rain that came in and no sunshine till sunday. I think if they would have had time for the high water to stabilize we would have seen more In the bushes. Maybe by next week the and stable high water, the majority of fish wil be in the bushes. The majority of our fish were over 2lbs with a few 3 and 4lbers mixed in. Friday was windy, rainy and maybe the worst day of our trip but the most productive for us as we managed 16lbs of fish. The majority were smallmouth but those smallies feel like double thier weight when you fight one. We caught the bigger ones on tubes and jigs around little sisters creek, bull shoals boat dock and oakland area. We were fishing brush on sides of points, and backing out off the brush which seemed to produce bigger bites. Picked up a few on cranks, and dragging wurmbs and flukes along with a few walleye in the 17" range. No top water bite for us. On Sunday sun was shining and decided to get out of the bushes and fish secondary points all morning for those bigger smallies. Landed better quality fish with.my buddy hooking what look to be close to a 5lber that got off at the boat. He caught it right at high noon dragging a big jig and teased me by handing me the rod and asking if I want to reel it in. Guess it back fired on him as he lost it at the boat. A few of the smallmouth we caught were not totally spawned out like they should be but most of the ones we caught were. A few of the largemouth had red tails as well. All fish released...ran Into some meat eaters from up north at the resort and they had no Intention of release anything. They ripped some big fillets off about a 5lb smallie and a few smaller ones. Said they were down passing time till the northern fishing kicked in full swing. Was seeing down 20ft is some coves which amazed me after all the rain dumped on the lake.
  2. Lol...looks that way...I jumped out to weigh it and figured I'd dunk my self since it was a hot day...water felt good though
  3. Pulled boat down to fish bullshoals but brought kayaks along to fish the ever popular crooked creek. Floated the 3mile float from Kelly's slab to yellville. Didn't catch any any 4 or 5lb fish but did catch lots of nice smallie on jigs, ned, flukes and cranks...they are all in spawning mode and pulled this 3lb one on a jig and pig ...I can see how these deep pools can hold some big fish
  4. That stretch of adventure outdoors to Indian spring is a great float that gives you the opportunity to catch some nice smallie, largies and trout...great float
  5. Just wanted to add that the fishing has been fabulous...stayed at sisters creek resort and didn't have to go far to find fish as sisters creek was full of them....caught multiple smallmouth all in the 2lb range. I kept the boat in 20 - 25ft of water and was nailing them on cranks and swimbaits. Guess we were catching spawning fish because they still had fat bellies and red tails. Was catching smaillies on top water in the morning in Howard creek but guessing they already spawned as bellies were not fat.....did nail a big walleye on the crank in sisters creek that would have went 8 - 10lbs but net was to small and my buddy let her jump out. It's just a fish story now, but all fish were smallmouth with one or two largemouth mixed in. Smallie were have way back in the coves or cuts of the creek arms and evening bite was great with cranks up to last light
  6. Yeah I say that on the semo group...sorry to hear that. I have agreed upon insurance which I'm assuming will replace you for the amont you agree on? Are you getting a new haul or getting it repaired? Just curious on the process...bummer about the boat
  7. Was wondering if the sullivan river gage has been fixed or if it is still down? A little off because we just got rain, but the gage in steelville is reading 516, Sullivan is reading 760, and Eureka reading 640. Steelville and Eureka have pretty much been below the norm last few months because no rain, but why has sullivan been above the norm all summer? Wondering if the moved the gage to a differnt location or higher than previous location? If this is the case sort of throws all refrence points off when reading Sullivan gage.
  8. Lol...I put in at blue springs on sunday and ran to cambell bridge....fished till 11 and ended up with 3 all at 12".....water was still murky that far up river
  9. I would just save the money and get a down imagine fish finder. Dont take my kayaks out as much as myself and buddies have boats. They both have downimaging and work very well
  10. Not fast enough for as in eureka...darn valley park levee article from last time we flooded ..http://news.stlpublicradio.org/post/engineering-report-says-valley-park-levee-may-have-been-built-too-high#stream/0
  11. I would love to get a spot lock motor, but curious about a few things.....how hard is it to pull motor up in a hurry....sometimes motors bind in shallow water and you need to raise it in a hurry. In those cases you are able to scissor the motor up to get it unstick....wonder how this will work for you? Don't those motors only slide up and down to adjust? How quick can u drop it in the water....say after some quick shallow current you want to drop motor in a hurry to fish the eddies...is this possible?
  12. Look, all I can say is for you all don't like the fact we are tring to do our part and help out the smallmouth population by trying to rid the spots no matter the method we choose then stay off the river and fish the county parks
  13. http://www.david-w-shaw.com/beavers-eat-fish-wait-what/......you'll enjoy it
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