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  1. Have a new Honda 4 stroke short shaft and want to convert to a long shaft. Does anyone know how much work it is and know of any for sale or trade? 217-741-4473.
  2. Would like to buy a used lorance blue power cord.
  3. Fished yesterday on main lake points. 14 with 7 being keepers. Senko,tube,grub. all keepers were smallies. All 6 to 10' deep. Could not catch a deep fish. Tried back of one bay and no good.
  4. What area of the lake are you fishing and where are you guys staying?
  5. Thanks again. I will set up my voltmeter and see what it does.
  6. Thanks for the well written explanation fishinwrench. Is it possible to check if the battery is being charged when the engine is running by checking the battery voltage? It appears my battery is not getting charged. When running live well and electronics all day the battery gets low. How do I check and see if it is getting charged. Thank you so much for your help you give on the site.
  7. Can you explain how it can affect your ignition/charging system?
  8. Try the Lake House for food and drink. Located on Indian point. Great food! Good people.
  9. Might talk to Mark at table rock bait and tackle for a place to keep it.
  10. I'm with you champ. It is getting worse!
  11. I like nanofill with a floro leader. Love it!
  12. very slow in the indian point and dam area today.
  13. might try Archie Phillips. I believe he is in Alabama. He does good work.
  14. my vote goes to Mark at Table rock bait and tackle. great guy and he will help you whatever way he can.
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