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  1. Must be a bad Lufkin. Champ if you think you helping this web site with your inquisitions, well that may explain why I have seen this website deteriorate over the last 6 years. So like many others you will never see another submission from me. Nor will I log in ever again. Hope the advertisers are pleased.
  2. Wow, naysayer. Those are 2"x6"x12' boards. I know I recently replaced several rotted ones and had to order new ones from meeks. You are not going to find 2x4 boards on swimming platforms. If your really a good Sherlock look at the screw head size and caculate the board width from there. Oh, and by the way, a 6" board is only 5.5 " actual dimension. So let me help you here. Take the tail on the biggest fish. Squeeze it to get a fair length. Add 5.5+5.5+ estimated difference left on the third board. Oh, also the gap between the boards. But there is an easier way. Use a measuring device as I did and it was almost 16.5 inches. Champ always wants pictures. Always wants proof. Next you'll be asking for a certified measuring device to be laid alongside the fish. Sorry to bruise your ego. You say they look like 2x4s, you don't really know. Yet with that type of speculation, you call in the veracity of the writer! Man, get a life.
  3. yep, the crappie are on! The attached pic shows the 4 I kept and are now in the freezer. The largest is 16"+. Released another dozen. About 2 hours of fishing. Now on to catching some walleye!
  4. Sorry for the delay in responding.  99% of my fishing is in the old river channel where it transitions to shallower water.  Sometimes you can find structure there in the form of rock faces, brush, or trees.  I rarely fish coves.  For these crappie I was in 8-12fow right alongside a drop off to 15'.  They did not come quickly.  Probably 1.5 to 3 hours.

    1. Catchfish82


      Oh no problem. By the old river channel do you mean on the James or White river? Sorry I new to the lake and would really like to learn how to catch some fish. At Stockton, we fish brush piles. Are you spider rigging and just following the river channel until you hit some then? Minnows or jigs? Thanks for the help and sorry for all the questions. We have a place around Joe Bald area, so were right where they both come in. 

  5. Caught 15 - 18 today. 8-12 fow on 1/16oz and 1/8oz jigs. 4 lb test. Some nice fish. The ones in the pic went in the freezer. Hard to line up and keep in the pic when they are flopping. tried to line them up with the scale, frustrating. These are 13" to 15.5". I have a special trick to encourage the larger crappie. The last couple of years they have been running smaller. Nice to see a healthy population of crappie. Also picked up some bass.
  6. Caught 15 - 18 today. 8-12 fow on 1/16oz and 1/8oz jigs. 4 lb test. Some nice fish. The ones in the pic went in the freezer. Hard to line up and keep in the pic when they are flopping. tried to line them up with the scale, frustrating. These are 13" to 15.5". I have a special trick to encourage the larger crappie. The last couple of years they have been running smaller. Nice to see a healthy population of crappie. Also picked up some bass. This post has been promoted to an article
  7. Cindyjo

    Fear Not

    Oh yes. If you fish Castaic fish the Lagoon below the dam. It holds the bigger fish since many of the lunkers are weighed and returned to the lagoon because it is more convenient. It is not very big, but holds some monster bass.
  8. Cindyjo

    Fear Not

    I fished Castaic for 20 years. I lived nearby. The issue at Cas. are the strippers which have changed the entire lake demographics. The strippers came in through a broken gate and were never intended to be in the lake. I remember several years ago someone catching a LMB 2 or 3 ounces short of the world record. He released the fish back in Cas. There are numerous articles of the details of that fish. The lake is deep, but not all that big. I personally never caught any LMB over 7 lbs. from Castaic. They say there are crappie in there but in all those years I never caught a Crappie. I did catch many from Piru Lake which was equal driving distance. Castaic gets very very heavy traffic from L.A. No doubt it holds the worlds record.
  9. Cindyjo

    Fear Not

    I spoke of the last 2 years. 4 years ago my neighbor had a bluegill on a hook/line attached to our dock. The next morning he found a 9lb 7oz LMB took the bait. He released the fish. Of course this is 4 years ago. Im not going to try to speculate why no 8+lb LMB were reported in the 2017 tournaments. Should I be so lucky as to catch another 8+ LMB I will be sure to take a pic. Although it seems rather self indulgent to do so at the risk of further stressing significant breeding stock. Especially at the time they maybe full of eggs. Just a thought. All those lunkers caught and released, and never reported, have what? Just vanished?
  10. Cindyjo

    Fear Not

    I just finished reviewing the fish electro. data and all the comments. Our home is on TR. I fish TR constantly. My fishing results are not as limited as the report. There are many LMB in the 8 - 10+ pound range. I see them often. I catch them (5-8lbs.) on occasion. I am aware of three 8+lb LMB caught within 300 yds of our home within the last 2 years. One I caught. There are BIG LMB out there! Sometimes early in the morning I walk the shoreline. It is quite fascinating to see the number of trophy bass that break the water. No, not carp, or paddlefish, but really big LMB. The electro. shocking which is done is for a limited time, limited area, with very limited results. If you have been trained in statistics you understand the very narrow window these results represent. There is good info to be learned from these reports. If your after trophy fish don't fish where these surveys were taken. One hint based upon sightings and experience......the big ones are generally over deeper water. So fear not!
  11. Cindyjo


    After my last report the rain came. We have been traveling for 10 days so I was anxious to return due to the decreasing lake level and steady weather. Went to a gps location where I thougth the water level would be holding bass Friday evening. Arrived at 6:30. Lost one in the first few casts. However, a steady catch in the next 1.5 hrs. They were there but dispersed in about a 50 yard radius. Kept working the area and ended with 16 fish. 1 - 16". 4 - 15". The rest 12" - 14". One smallmouth. No whites. No major boils. Unremarkable sonar. Seemed they were holding in an area where sunfish showed up on the graph. Too large to be shad, too small to be bass. Seemed a little peculiar but I learned something that evening. Of course, all on a spoon. This May/June fishing makes up for a lot of challenging fishing this past winter.
  12. 1/4 oz kastmaster, color does not matter a great deal they are chasing the flash which mimics a shad. but, I was using the gold colored and silver kastmaster.
  13. anchored (stern) 12' fow wind from se, sun hitting left side of face 20 fow - 12 fow in front of me downwind 20 fow - 12 fow port 12 fow - 50 fow starboard 12 fow - 6 fow aft shoal coming up from my right, anticipated fish would be feeding on wind pushed shad coming from the se indeed they were, most fish caught 15 degrees starboard to 90 degrees port cast spoon count to 6 (2' per second of drop) start retrieving. let it drop, pick up, in 2', let it drop, repeat several fish hit upon the original cast drop all setup very very deliberate only had to anchor in one time for a hang up, then right exactly back to original location. anchored within 10' of night before they will be there again tonight, unfortunately i have another commitment PS - saw many gar spawning/ feeding in the general area
  14. Yes it is that time again. The bass started consolidating just before the rains. Had 1 great night then. Then the rains messed it up. Wednesday this week was fabulous. 1 just over 18". 1 at 17", and lots at keeper or under. All in less than 2 hrs. 14 - 18 fish. All black bass. Thursday was phenomenal. Largest at 17", numerous 14" to 16". Over 25 fish between 6:15 - 7:45. Had 6 consecutive fish in 6 casts. Same area as the night before. Great visuals on the graph. Very heavy schooling. One smallie @ 17". One white. All the rest blacks bass. Could have gone longer, but had enough. Everyone on a spoon. On the bottom with a very slow retrieval. Feeding heavily on shad. Find shad, find fish. This will stay like this for 4 - 8 weeks, and then the summer doldrums. This is what fishing is all about.
  15. Hard to tell. This lake varies 2-3 degrees depending on where you are and time of day.
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