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  1. Bagnell Dam is pouring out water and Truman seems to be responding. Maybe Stockton's time is on the horizon.
  2. The best ramp is Cedar Ridge south. The courtesy dock is usable and the ramp is steep enough to float a boat.
  3. May be a false alarm, but the lake has come down about an inch since midnight.
  4. They told me 1973 was the record. I assume some of the marinas were not in full operation. I think the next highest was in the early nineties, maybe 1992
  5. We had a good trip Wednesday eve, not as good as yours. We were fishing water with a little color and the depth 12-14' also. The few females we caught looked to be assimilating their eggs.
  6. The majority of fish have spawned out. The post spawn light fishing is really good.
  7. I am hoping you didn't go out in a boat yesterday eve. I was in a protected place in maze creek yesterday eve and didn't realize the main lake had gotten so rough I have a pretty stable boat, but it was tested to the hilt bashing into 3 and 4 ft. rollers going north to State park marina. The real excitement started when I tried to make the turn into the marina at the floating sea walls It looked like something you would see on the ocean with the waves battering over the walls sending spray 20' in the air. got soaked but feel extremely lucky. .
  8. I tried that until the ticks sent me back out of the woods.
  9. Thanks, I checked USGS and sure enough about 2 1/2 inches over the last 24. I kind of hope they will keep it high for the spawn.
  10. I had some 64 degree water halfway between Ruark and CC Monday. Motored into Sons about 6 and had some 62 degree water.
  11. I have been working hard on an addition to the cabin on the lake for the last month. From my experience for the last month after work, late evening is the only time I can catch any numbers of fish, so my contractor and I have been hitting the water about 6 in the eve until 8 keeping just enough for a good meal. I can't remember ever seeing the water temp jump so fast. A week ago we were fishing 54 degree water and within 4 days temps jumped to 64 in some places. The Lunes, water turkeys, and pelicans are congregated big time in open water around Ruark Bridge
  12. Sons was flowing pretty muddy at the 39 bridge Tuesday evening. I'm sure it has pushed further down lake by now. The main lake by the dam was very clear Wednesday evening.
  13. I hate to admit all my misadventures. Slipping and straddling the trailer tongue one night might have been the ultimate.
  14. Beginning last January 1 2018 the license is good for 365 from the date of purchase.
  15. Might check KDWP site for saugeye stocking. Kansas has a bunch of community lakes that are great crappie fishing and from time to time some get a saugeye stocking. I have been fortunate to catch a few exceptionally nice ones when the water is flowing hard.
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