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  1. I was there Tuesday and it was dirty, but fishable. Take a number and head up the river for white bass.
  2. On a complete different note, when I stepped out of my cabin up here this morning I was greeted by a huge otter trancing through the woods. I am about 1500" from waters edge.
  3. I watched two different boats using them about a week ago at Stockton and they were watching the screen and catching crappie. The fish were over deep water. the person I talked to at the ramp after my day of futility said they were 40" deep over 60' foot of water. I understand they are a great tool, but have reservations where this will lead to fish population wise over the next few years.
  4. waterpossum


    There were some big whites on the flats on the upriver side of CC bridge Thursday. I was crappie fishing with Bobby Garland baits among the huge schools of shad. in 9-12' of water
  5. There has been a 180 acre farm for sale on 1774 over looking Price Branch. I wonder if this is the landowner we are discussing. Years ago I was able to drive into the back of Googer off of Y highway ( county rd 131) but the last time I tried that road was blocked (I believe the corp quit maintaining that road)
  6. Nicely done. Did you fish towards Turkey Creek? I was wondering if some of the timber out in the middle of the lake in that area had started showing. I know the timber around the island is visible, but there's some pretty good sized trees that are scattered in the main lake and four or five that sit smack dab in the middle of Turkey Creek.
  7. The draw down has been very consistent for the last two weeks except for that last deluge of rain. Like clockwork the drawdown is currently 3" a day
  8. I was surprised last week. it's a pretty good launch. Saturday the lot was full. Fishing has been poor for me. I know what you mean about the height on some courtesy docks. The one at the town of Stockton was really high the last time I was there about a week ago.
  9. I like ken's in Arcola, especially the catfish. I have heard that Grandmas place north of Jerrico Springs is a real good place, but they are only open on Friday nights and maybe a couple more evenings during the week. I plan to try and find it next time at the lake.
  10. That duplicated our night, although a few boats came in with multiple fish, just nothing real big. Maybe its an anomaly, but I think especially after dark with all the water that poured into the lake and decaying vegetation there is an oxygen depletion. I would venture a guess that the majority of fish were caught before 9.
  11. I only have one report. A guy was putting his pontoon in Friday night at Cedar Ridge to put out lights. He said he had been out a couple days before and had three crappie and some small white bass from 9:00-2:30 using minnows. He was tying to a bridge pier.
  12. Bagnell Dam is pouring out water and Truman seems to be responding. Maybe Stockton's time is on the horizon.
  13. The best ramp is Cedar Ridge south. The courtesy dock is usable and the ramp is steep enough to float a boat.
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