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  1. 5bites

    CC area

    I’ll be curious of the water color in that area considering the recent rain and rising elevation.
  2. 5bites

    Friday Bust

    I too was expecting the change to prompt an active bass bite but lè nope. We had six keepers and some dink’s. Some were real solid and some just keepers. Two on a ned and the rest on a jig. I have been struggling to get a moving bait bite for a few weeks. I know it’s there but I’m either not dedicated enough or am just missing something. Maybe it’s different for others but they seem very grouped up to me. I’ve done lots and lots of idling lately. I’ve seen quite a few schools of crappie. One day I’ll try to catch them that way I can spread my disgust among multiple species.
  3. 5bites

    Report 11/24

    Thanks guys. After I heard about the campers only thing a few years ago I just quit launching there.
  4. 5bites

    Report 11/24

    Can anybody launch at mutton creek north or south? I was thinking a few years ago they made the south ramp campers only.
  5. 5bites

    Custom painting lures

    I’m not sure about thinner but this is what I used. It’s harder than woodpecker lips and was recommended to me by an east coast painter/bait maker. https://www.homedepot.com/p/FAMOWOOD-1-qt-Glaze-Coat-Clear-Epoxy-Kit-5050080/301826159?MERCH=REC-_-mobileweb_navplp_rr-_-NA-_-301826159-_-N
  6. 5bites

    Custom painting lures

    That’s pretty interesting. Looks good. I’ve never heard of anyone doing that.
  7. 5bites

    Looking for fall bass

    I’m glad it’s low. Let some vegetation grow up. Them holding to much water is why we don’t have near the willows we used to. A few good low years would go a long ways if it’s properly managed after that Grand is up because Kansas got a crap load of rain a few weeks ago. Before that it was 742.
  8. 5bites

    Big M area 10/18

    Time for an ultrex. You’d have remote back up then lol.
  9. 5bites

    Old Maps

    Lol well if you don’t want them I’ll sure take them! I love maps. Lakemaster is awesome but there’s something about paper that I enjoy too
  10. 5bites

    Old Maps

    These are awesome looking! Your coloring them and choice of colors made them look even better imo. I’ve thought about 3d printing sections of the lake for fun but haven’t had the motivation to do the cad work. A few years ago I bought a cnc router from a guy that was going to use it for millinglake contours into wood for decoration. Sounds awesome but again I haven’t been motivated to try.
  11. 5bites

    Old Maps

    I love the old Structure Graphics maps. From a historical aspect they are just fascinating to me. I have a handful of Table Rock, Bull Shoals, and Stockton. I wish I had Grand badly. I don’t know that I ever seen one for Grand in person.
  12. 5bites

    First time on Stockton -success!

    Mr. MO Huzgr that is a dandy. To me it seems like the smallmouth population is up so hopefully we get a few more good ones swimming around.
  13. 5bites

    First time on Stockton -success!

    What the heck. That narrator made me hate that I have ears. Cool story though.
  14. 5bites

    Best Boat Fixer in MO.

    You hear that? He hopes you tear up your boat again.

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