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  1. Thanks so much for the info. I will follow-up and see if they have any left.
  2. Does anyone know if they are still made or sold? I saw the article on here about them but does anyone have more of the history and if you can still get them. I am old school from fishing the parks and remember they worked very well. I remember seeing them is small tubes in a display case in the parks stores. I still have a very few of them but was interested in getting a few new ones. Thanks for any help from all of you! I am using jig hooks with slotted beads to make my current flies.
  3. I agree with you. My eyes and fingers are not what they used to be with small flies. I just try to get away with as little material as I can and it look halfway good. But they do like those small flies !
  4. Gamakatsu makes a barbless scud hook in 26,28 and 30. You can get them from their website. The hook number is a C12-BM and I have used them on the San Juan and Silver Creek. Nice hook with a oversized eye. $6.95 per 25 hooks on website.
  5. NoLuck, I agree 100% with you. You obviously are a skilled fisherman and have taken the time and effort you need to learn Bennett as well as anyone. I admire someone that will take the time to observe the fish and the stream and put the puzzle together. That is the fun and challenge for me as well. I also have been humbled at times but love to stalk that single fish rising and try to unlock the code and get him to take. I agree with you that i would rather fish for him than switch to something just to catch fish. It is a pleasure to talk with someone that shares my love of the challenge. I do hope to see you on the stream some day and we can share our knowledge with each other. Take Care and Good fishing!
  6. NoLuck, thanks for the advice and suggestions. I agree with you the fun is the challenge of finding the right combination of fly and technique. I have fished years all over the West and love to fish streams like Silver Creek and others like Armstrong and Depuys. Spending an hour figuring out how to get dialed in on a hatch. I did not want you to feel I am looking for the secret fly and do not believe one exists for all situations. It has been so long since I have fished the parks I am just looking for a group of flies to tie that are a good start. Thanks to all of you for your suggestions and I appreciate your willing to share your experiences with fishing the parks. I hope once I get back to fishing them more often i can share my result and knowledge.
  7. ok thanks, It should be a lot less cost than the UV stuff. Do you have any suggestions for me on flies to tie? Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the info. on the color. I thought the correct color was more of a pale yellow. I like your idea of using some UV coat to make the fly more durable. I have not used veevus thread but need to try it. Thanks again!
  9. Hey guys, I see that several posts say a P&P midge is a good fly to have for Bennett. I have seen a pattern recipe using a Red or Rose color thread and one with a pale yellow thread. What is your choice for color? Do you have a thread number or color you use? Is it just like a straight zebra midge look or is some variation better for Bennett? How do you guys fish it? Thanks for the help!
  10. Thanks for the color on the glow balls. I have been wanting to tie a few glow balls and San Juan worms. Sounds like I need to tie some tri color ones. Any good color on San Juan worms?
  11. I tied up most all of the flies you all have suggested and will finish the rest this week. Thanks so much for all the help! It looks like a great fly box. I can't wait to try all of your flies! Again , thanks so much for the suggestions and help! Hope to see some of you on the river this season. Hope your fishing trips are all good! Tight Lines
  12. Thanks for the great flies. I like to use woolybuggers when fishing in CO. Your suggestions sound great and I will tie some up this week. On your buggers do you wrap any lead on them as well as the bead head for extra weight or is the bead enough? Thanks for your comments and suggestions.Does anyone have a fly type or color that is specific to Bennett I should tie. A fly that is a local that I should have in my box that you are willing to share. I understand the need to keep your secret pattern.
  13. I tied a few up with purple and silver wire rib. Look good but will let you know if they work. Does the original purple midge only have black bead with purple thread and no ribbing? Thanks for the pic of mini crackleback. Looks good and looks like you used black hackle? Is that a size 18 or 20? My eyes are not what they were so I hope I can see it on water.
  14. Wow Thanks for the great suggestions. On the purple midge do you rib it with black or silver wire? I never thought of a tiny crackleback like you describe. Thanks so much! I will tie these up. Any other dry flies people like to use? I have some small parachute adams that I used years ago when I fished Bennett.
  15. Russell, Thanks so much! Sounds deadly. I will tie some up in size 14. Looks like I need to get these hooks in a few sizes. I like the wide gap on them.
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