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  1. Opening day at Bennett

    Who stands elbow to elbow? Just have to know where and when to fish .
  2. The time is fast coming for opening day . Who is game this year ?
  3. Huge Crowds

    Hey rcguy how was the fishing during the week at Bennett. Was the crowd low . Hope you caught Alot of fish .
  4. FINALLY!!!!

    Have a great menu planned .
  5. FINALLY!!!!

    Well what's the story you coming bowl Hollween weekend or not ?
  6. FINALLY!!!!

    About time you got out of the back yard and got your feet wet .
  7. Fishing Must be Good!!

    For all of those who gripe about the size of fish being caught at BSSP need to get off the couch and make a trip down and see what size is really being caught. 8 out of 10 are running about 2 lbs or better .
  8. Fishing Must be Good!!

    Cool, good to hear . This used to be a fun site, guess nobody fishes BENNETT anymore. Thanks for the report.
  9. 13lb Brown in Zone 3

    Nice catch
  10. How's Fishing?

    It's hell but someone has to suffer .
  11. How's Fishing?

  12. No reports since No Luck left town , anyone fishing lately ?
  13. March 1st Opener

    Sorry to hear that Jerry our prayers are with you .
  14. March 1st Opener

    I bought a culvert fire pit ( cheep) . It'll do the job . Have a small firewood pile left from the previous tenant.
  15. March 1st Opener

    Well I guess that I'll be down tues - Fri afternoon . Nothing else to but watch the show and break in the new waders . See you all down there .

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