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  1. Good afternoon to all- I lived in the Ozarks and fished many of the creeks, streams, rivers and lakes up there. I do miss the smallmouth bass in the creeks, and I do miss the trout that I sometimes could fool- not often. These days I live on the Gulf Coast of Alabama and Florida. My best fly fishing success lately came last fall when I hooked and caught a mid to upper 20 pound redfish on my old 12 weight rig- had quite a little tussle there for a while. I'm headed over to Panama City Beach, Florida the end of February to fish for inshore and offshore stuff- I hope to get into some amberjack on the fly rod- yep, I'm looking for punishment. I hope you all get into some good fish- I hope it's not too cold for you. I planted tomatoes yesterday in the garden, and I caught a whole potfull of fat crappie this morning. Hope to hear from some of you if you ever think about coming down this way to go fishing- it's pretty good. good night to all- Ed
  2. Good evening- that kayak is Old Cob- I've been fishing from that old boat since I built it eight or ten years ago. The only special maintenance it requires is an occasional re-application of epoxy and then varnish. Oyster shells and concrete bridge pilings are rough on a boat's finish- sport of like limestone boulders in Ozark creeks, I expect. I will try to find the out of region section and post to it. Good fishing to all- Ed
  3. Good morning to all- I hope no one minds another out of the Ozarks posting. I finally got official permission from Management ( Momma) to take my old kayak down to the Bon Secour River and go fishing. I've been stove up for a month, and I was ready to get on the water. Stopped and bought a bucket of live shrimp and went to my favorite fishing hole of the river. It was a lovely morning- porpoises rolling and splashing, pelicans dive-bombing bait, and a few fish were caught. I didn't get anything big, and I didn't find the redfish I was after, but I did catch a few speck trout. These things, if you've never caught one- Look lvaguely like a freshwater trout, except they are silver with ink-black spots, and their mouths are bright yellow inside, and they have teeth like a rattlesnake- seriously- they have two long fangs that they use to kill shrimp with. They also use these teeth to educate anglers that grabbing a saltwater fish by the jaw like a bass is a bad idea. It was a good morning, and I am glad I can get back on the water again. I hope all up there in the hills get to go fishing soon- thanks to all who served and protected us- Good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
  4. Good evening- I've SEEN Little River Canyon, and as far as kayaking it- there is NO way I would ever do that. Some big drops and lots of rocks and lots of falls and other stuff that I think would hurt to run into. Beautiful water, but not for me to float on- Good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
  5. Good afternoon to all. I hope some of you Ozark anglers are able to be on the water fishing today- beautiful day down here on the Coast. I'm at home nursing a hurt leg, so no fishing for me. I wanted to post a picture of one of my favorite north Alabama creeks. If you've never been in north Alabama- especially northeast Alabam-, it is country very similar to the roughest, nicest parts of the Ozarks. There are even smallmouth bass in some north Alabama creeks, and they respond to the same lures and techniques of Ozark brownies. The more we look, the more we find things that are the same even in different places. By the way, about ten miles below this little run of water, there is a thirty foot high no-kidding serious waterfall- gorgeous place, but not a place I'd care to take a kayak. Good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
  6. rps- Sorry to monopolize so much of your space, but it seems that you live in a place where my wife and I previously lived. My wife graduated from Green Forest High School- we were married between Green Forest and Alpena- not on the main highway but off toward Coin- if you know where that is, you're one of very few in the world who do. Small world, to be sure. Ed Mashburn

  7. Your article is very comprehensive- in fact, if I were reading this article for magazine publication, I'd suggest it be divided into two separate articles. For a personal blog, it is very good. Your stuff is easy to read and understand, and that's not simple when it comes to discussing fishing techniques and rigging- much easier to show "how it' s done" rather than tell how it's done. I look forward to your photos- that's the real key if you're thinking about magazine publication. Hope to read more of your work- I sent you a personal message, too- Ed Mashburn
  8. JoeD- I am sorry if my posts offend you. Do us both a favor and when you see my name on a post, just skip over it. Good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
  9. Here's a photo of a sheepshead. This one went about six pounds, I think. they eat shellfish and have teeth like a girl from Arkansas- big and stuck out, if you know what I mean. Lots of fun to catch on properly sized tackle. Good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
  10. Well,, it feels like fall down here on the Gulf Coast- at least,as close to fall as it gets. Today was cool and clear and windy- good day for sailing, not so good for fishing. I enjoy reading the posts on this site from Mr. Berry about the White River and Crooked Creek fishing- I do miss those two places very much. I haven't been able to fish too much lately- went last weekend- we caught a bunch of small speckled trout and a nice sheepshead- I'll try to post a photo of one of these fish. They look funny, but they pull hard and taste very good. I may not be fishing much for a while- got surgery on my leg next week- ruptured an achilles tendon. Uncomfortable. I hope you all have a great fall season up there. If the cold gets too intense in the Ozarks, load up and head to the Gulf- the fishing and the weather stay hot- well, warm- all winter long. Good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
  11. Good morning to all- Hope all of you Ozark buddies are OK. It's starting to cool off some down here on the coast- hmmingbirds that were with you a week ago are starting to come through getting ready to rest for a couple of months before crossing the Gulf to Mexico. This weekend is supposed to be very nice, so I'm taking the old boat to my favorite fishing hole down here and trying to catch some redfish. I do love me some reds! these fish are very strong, and they are not shy about biting. A live shrimp ona hook and that's about all that is required. I hope all of you up there get to go fishing and get some yourself. Good luck to all- Ed Mashburn
  12. Ham- Please give me information- Zig jigs? I'm curious about these- never heard of them down here. Thanks- Ed Mashburn
  13. Good evening to all- Hope everything is well up in the Ozarks. I do miss fishing the creek for brownies when the leaves start floating downstream.. I am able to fish for smallmouth here in Alabama if I want to drive four hours north to the Tennessee River Lakes- below Lake Wheeler Dam is my favorite place. Brothers, there are some fine smallmouth here. It''s pretty much tailwater fishing- drift with the fast water and bump jigs tipped with minnows along the bottom- it takes a six pound brownie to get any attention at all- seven or eight pounds to brag on- seriously. A former world record smallmouth came from these waters. My biggest here so far is only about four pounds- heck, I did better than that on Crooked Creek in Arkansas- but I've got hopes for this fall and winter. I will try to attach a photo of an Alabama smallmouth so you can see they do exist. I really do miss the fall smallmouth fishing up in the hills- good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
  14. Good evening to all- it is a pleasure to be able to talk to people in a civilized manner about this topic. down here on the coast, this is a very hot topic- especially with the recreational anglers and the charter boats who cater to the recreational anglers. If I had the power, every fourth year would be closed to any and all Gulf fishing- recreational AND especially commercial- this would apply to the foreign fishing fleet, also. The problems that we have here are seeing that NOAA is using data collected from other fisheries- down south in the Keys, on the east coast of fFlorida and so on to help determine the status of reef fish in the northern Gulf- that's not always a valid use of statitics. As far as releasing caught snapper- that is a very dubious conservation measure. I really don't expect many of the vented fish that are released make it back down to the reef. venting and releasing is better than nothing, I guess, but not much better. I will say this though, in this year's snapper season, we didn't have to fish the really deep strcuture to catch snapper. We were catching 15-20 pound snapper less than 30 feet deep-sometimes they would hit baits on the surface. i will reports that a 15 pound red snapper chasing down a live bait on the surface is a great deal of fun to see and catch. When snapper are caught in shallow water, they don't blow up at all and can be released in very good shape with a good chance of survival. I wish that you folks could come down and go fishing some time- it's a different ballgame, but the skills are much the same- just don't grab anything by the lower lip like you would a smallmouth! Good fishing to all- Ed Mashburn
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