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  1. Pump, and filtration all work excellent. $200
  2. Shad Tank Made by - Creek Bank Size - 30 gallon $220
  3. Minn Kota Maxxum 24v 42" Shaft 65lbs Thrust
  4. I was on the water at Cape Fair Friday, I put in at point 15 and ran up Flat to the Dry Cheek, and up to Blunks with no issues. I don't suggest that the glittery boats make either of those runs, but the aluminum boats will have no issues, flip up the puck, and hammer down!
  5. Prime example of that - go Google beaver lake striper guides. Ive heard the constant pressure on Beaver lake by guides is a large contributer in the loss of the 20+ Striper http://www.beaverfeverguides.com
  6. Good point, you must have a job that requires you to stay on task
  7. Hey MJK, I posted under general discussion, not fishing reports. I wanted to see what people thought about guides making money on tax dollars, I'm not "idiot" that went on a tangent. Out of everyone who posted and stuck to the subject thanks your values are well received, the rest are guys are like you who want to change status with more wasted posting "Golden Shiner"!
  8. I beg to differ sir, you are still engaged or I'd have nothing to reply to.
  9. I really don't believe that you would've have taken the time to sit down and hammer out that rant, if you believed what you wrote. I was actually looking for a serious discussion but its impossible with all the hurt butt on this site. Is this facebook, do you need my address and a pic of me on my profile with a list of my likes, dislikes and +1's? Oh right that is me in the pic too! I'm not mocking the guide trade, but I do think regulations on stocked fish should have some different regulations. Get some wet wipes it does wonders!
  10. Lets answer a few of your questions- I do have a job after all. Yes I do think its kind of crap that a guide can operate on public water funded with tax dollars, but I can live with that. Answering your next four questions is a waste of time, your talking dipshit. I'd like if the guides did turn the fish loose. Obviously your not a farmer, or know how that market works so I'll save some time on that cluster of DS. I don't think guides cheat more then other cash business at all, that is not what I'm staying, but a cheat is a cheat. Finally (drum roll), the answer is yes, I love stirring the OAF pot! So put that in your pipe and smoke it!!!!!
  11. You're right, I'm not disputing that at all. Kids are a prime way of cheating on taxes!
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