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  1. awesome markings on that 2nd smallmouth! beautiful. nice trip.
  2. awesome markings on that 2nd smallmouth! beautiful. nice trip.
  3. any sort of natural with green or purple in it seem to do well for me on Stockton. Keitech Electric shad and Silver Flash Minnow are 2 of my favs 2-3" for crappie 3-5" for bass/walleye
  4. external factors influence color choices as much as anything. water clarity, clouds/sun, etc... i would at least keep one natural color and one unnatural(chart, black, pink,...) ready to go. if the graph shows fish should be there, then i wouldn't leave the area without throwing at least 2 or 3 different colors.
  5. we put out spore logs a few years back, had really good production for a couple of years. it was fun.
  6. http://ozarkanglers.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/monthly_2020_09/imagejpeg_0(3).thumb.jpg.70f69042894f946c6784936144196e50.jpg Hey! i caught that largemouth!! seems like it always comes together on the last day.
  7. what depth would you start at? or do you watch the graph for an idea of where they are holding at?
  8. big fan of Southwinds!!
  9. Keitech makes a 2" swing impact and ez shiner that are deadly on panfish. it"s about the only thing we use anymore for panfishing. on a 32nd oz jig, lights out!! Amen to that!!!
  10. Nice fish 10" bluegill are worth going back and getting crickets or red wigglers for. an ultralight and jumbo bluegill is a hard to beat combo!! top notch fillets as well! win win
  11. we were in the Kimberling area the beginning of Aug, and we had a big bluegill bonanza. the eastern point of Schooner creek, 25 ft, whole or half nightcrawlers. we caught giant bluegills, some really nice channel cats, spotted and smallmouth bass, and a few short walleye. lots of bluegill in the 10 inch range, it was a blast. good luck check out
  12. a topwater bite and fishin with the kiddos is hard to beat!!
  13. last week we were on them good in the Kimberling area. the eastern point of Schooner Creek was our best. whole or half crawlers, 25 ft deep is where we found the most consistent 9-10" gills. it was a blast. nice walleye too! and bass.
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