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  1. sounds like that agent was jerk. every time ive ever been checked they just make sure its close. i had one who didnt even take them out of his dip net. if it was in the ballpark, it was ok.
  2. Big Keene


    thats a great day by my standards! how deep were you finding them?
  3. Big Keene


    some days it does pay to get out of bed!! awesome fish...both!
  4. nice fish. bet that had you excited until you saw it! im trying to figure out whats going on with that launch! what a mess!
  5. is the pass valid at any Corps ramp/day use area?
  6. for me fish that size have always been so rare that its hard to count them in even anecdotal evidence. there may be less really big fish, ive never had any luck with them. and depending on how far back we are talking about, then of course. its just that my averages have stayed pretty consistant. personally, i would have to say that its getting better. thanks to everybody on here, it seems like i catch more and better fish every year. BUT...i dont have nearly the experience of most of the people on here. i am still learning new tactics and methods every year.
  7. call them whatever you want, the point is that for the last 30 yrs we have been going to the same spots and catching the same fish. we catch about the same numbers of the same sized fish that we always have. we didnt catch anymore "pigs","hogs","whoppers","lunkers","dinks", or "shorts" 30yrs ago than we do today. if anything we do better now.
  8. i agree. seems like there's a reason nobody fishes for them!
  9. i dont have the experience on stockton, but ive fished TRL the same week(give or take) in the same area(kimberling city) for nearly 30yrs, and some yrs are better and worse than others, but it has been very consistent. up to 18-19" bass yearly, with an occasional hawg 20"+.
  10. thanks everybody for the replies. i went and looked at it and talked it over with the better half, and i think its going to be a go! ill put up some pics if all goes as planned.
  11. quick question...does any have any reason NOT to buy a crestliner canadian 16 if the boat checks out and the price is ok?
  12. glad you managed to avoid that! making a mistake isnt the end of the world as long as you own it, recognize what was the mistake, and learn from it. seems like i donate a hat a year to varioud lakes. where do we get the OAF gear from? i would love a hat or two!
  13. thats why im all ears on this forum. i want to learn how to catch walleye consistantly. you guys on here know more than me, and your willing to share that openly. more to learn = gotta go fishin'!!
  14. very interesting. ill have to pay more attention to that! ill take every advantage..or excuse..i can get! GO CARDS!!!!
  15. does anyone have anything more than anecdotal evidence that the moon affects fishing? does anyone keep records that show for X amount of days before/after a full moon fish activety increases/decreases? i have heard that it slows them down, but i cant say for certain i have ever noticed anything.
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