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  1. Looking for guest bloggers/writers Wooly Bugger Fly Co. is building out its website to include articles and resources for fellow anglers. The articles will be highlighted in our monthly newsletter and listed on our website. With that said, we are seeking out guest bloggers/writers to partner with us. So if you have an article idea or you currently blog, this would be a great way to expand your reader base and exposure. All articles will include your name, short bio, and website link. How to submit You can submit your guest posts by emailing it to contact@woolybuggerflyco.com. Please include your name, a short bio (2 or 3 sentences), and your website link. This will be posted at the top of your article. Article Requirements Content has to relate to anything fly fishing that you think will benefit others (ie how to dead drift a midge, product review, what gear you need for winter fishing, etc) It must be original content – not published anywhere else. Up to 2 links back to your site Short bio (2 or 3 sentences) and website link Feel free to link to your article once it’s published. Please include videos and/or pictures when applicable You can submit your article to social media sites. You are releasing the rights to your article when you submit it to Wooly Bugger Fly. Disclaimer Not all articles will be posted. Wooly Bugger Fly Co. reserves the right to make slight adjustments to your post before being published to the website.
  2. Fished below the cable at Montauk on Tuesday, March 13. Great day to be fishing. Lots of small hatches. We had success with soft hackles and midges. Lots of browns. They were biting right below the water surface.
  3. Thanks everyone. I appreciate everyone's feedback and comments. I ended up ordering the Simms G3s. Can't wait to try them out.
  4. They were Red Ball. I took pretty good care of them. Never had a leak.
  5. After 15 years, I am in the market for some new waders. With the upcoming ban on felt sole waders in Missouri starting next year, I am being forced to buy another pair. Any suggestions or recommendations?
  6. I overheard a guy talking about WB with a blue stripe through the tail. Does anyone know about this or have used it? I would be curious to know what the blue stripe is.
  7. Just sent out our first monthly newsletter

  8. I just got some Black, Olive, and Brown Baby Buggers in sizes 14 to 20. Send me an email and I will send you some.
  9. That is what I am thinking. Either a 20 or 22. Either way, they were everywhere. Nothing like seeing a fly bouncing on the water and then watching a trout time the bounce perfectly, jumping out of the water to grab the fly.
  10. Not sure. Could have been the weather. When I was there, the weather was in the 60s and 70s and there was a huge hatch. They were aggressively coming to the service. During the later part of the day, you had to go deep in the holes to get them out. My brother-in-law had more success with olive buggers with split-shots. You definitely have to give it another try sometime. I typically fish above the spillover and back up through the fly-only area. Lots of great holes. The amazing thing is that you can see fish everywhere. They were surrounding me like sharks. Take care.
  11. I figure these forums are a great way to post potential resources for other anglers. For anyone needing a reel repaired or serviced, I had great experience with Archuleta's Reel Works. My first reel was a Lamson. I wanted to keep it as a back-up and sent it to Archuleta to be repaired. It is as good as new. For what it is worth, his website is http://www.archuletasreelworks.com/
  12. Would a 4 wt rod work for this stream? I have always wanted to try it and am looking to go in a couple of weeks.
  13. Troy- I am sorry to hear that. What part of the stream were you fishing?
  14. Found a hitchhiker in my reel last week when I was fishing. The fish were aggressive and I guess this was the safest place for this little guy to hide out.
  15. If you have young kids or grandkids, you have to check out 'Olive the Woolly Bugger' books by Kirk Werner. This is a great way to get them interested in fly fishing. I plan on buying them for my kids and nephews for Christmas. Check out his books at http://olivethewoollybugger.com/
  16. While the springs isn't my favorite place in Missouri (probably on the bottom of my list), I went there today anyway. I couldn't get them to bite on much. I floated cracklebacks and buggers and nymphs and san juans with no takers. It was rather crowded and tough to compete against those with bait and dough balls (and not to mention the leaves and moss). I only fished from the large hole down to the bridge. Does it get better after the bridge? I have never made it past that bridge.
  17. Why custom fly rods? What attracts anglers to build or buy a custom rod? What are the advantages versus buying a Sage or St. Croix? Is it the joy of catching a fish on something you built (similiar to catching a fish on a fly you tied)? If you don't build your own, why would you buy one? Just thought I would throw these questions out there for discussion.
  18. I spent the last two days fishing at Montauk. The weather was great and the fish were biting. Even though there was a nice mayfly hatch, I caught most of my fish on a crackleback, both olive and brown. I fished above the spillover and all of the way back. There are many nice holes along the way. Fish were everywhere. I did catch some on wooly buggers, scuds and a humpys. But crackleback was the fly of the day. I have to say that Montauk is one of favorite Missouri streams.
  19. Great photos Tim! With these smaller buggers, do you use a sinking line or a tiny split shot?
  20. You can't find those sizes in many, if any, fly shops. I am going to add about 12 dozen to my site. I think they would work great on a 4 wt and a small stream.
  21. Does anyone use or tie Wooly Buggers size 16 and smaller? If so, how successful have they been?
  22. Since I started this post, I should probably include my top 5: 1) Cracklebacks 2) Wooly Buggers (of course) 3) Prince Nymph Beadhead 4) Elk Hair Caddis 5) Olive Scud
  23. Great post. All too often, we get one day to fish and we choose a park just because we feel like we can catch more fish. Thanks for reminding us of all of the other areas in Missouri.
  24. 10 Things I Learned in Montana (Glacier NP) - From our recent blog 10 ) Never bank on McDonald’s being open at 6am for breakfast 24-hour McD’s are reserved for Midwestern fatties. 9 ) When visiting a National Park, be the first ones there. Crowds pour in around 10 am. Beating them there means you get the trail to yourself for a few hours. 8 ) Former pro hockey players are really nice guys; just don’t pick a fist fight. Sitting next to Al McInnis on the plane was a real treat. 7 ) Be careful on the Going to the Sun Road. You could end up dead…literally. Let’s just leave it at that. 6 ) Even though we caught tons of small fish, the breathtaking surroundings more than made up for the lack of a whopper fish. There’s a reason they call Glacier the “Crown of the Continent.” 5 ) Seeing wildlife in the wild is awesome! Moose, elk, deer, eagle, chipmunk, mountain goats, and more. We didn’t spot any bears, but fishing at the location of “Night of the Grizzlies” was good enough for me. Also: beats seeing these same animals in a stinky, overcrowded city zoo. 4 ) Tennis shoes make terrible snow shoes. Just don’t try it unless you like feeling like a scared girl as you tiptoe along a 100ft snow-covered drop-off. 3 ) Never assume a high elevation lake is thawed out in late July. Ask the ranger at the bottom of the hill before packing 20lbs of gear up a 1.5mile snow-covered slope…in tennis shoes. 2 ) When the guide books say the trail is “moderately strenuous” insert ‘hardest dang thing I’ve ever tried.’ Trout Lake is 7.5 miles round trip with 3,100ft of elevation gain. As the ranger said, “Not for the faint of heart.” I thought my heart was going to faint a couple of times! 1 ) Never, EVER, forget the bug spray when going into the back country. Unless you like being a blood donor to the death cloud of mosquitoes and flies. P.S. #1: When standing in the presence of one of God’s beautiful creations I am reminded of how big He is and how small I am. That being said, He knows every hair on my head and cares for us so much no matter how insignificant we may feel.
  25. Does your church have a fly fishing group? If not, you should start one. What a great way to meet other anglers and fellowship. I noticed a number of the larger churches in St. Louis have them. They get together to tie flies, have bible studies and of course, fish together. It's neat seeing so many new guys get interested in fly fishing as a result of these groups.
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