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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sJpHqQPexeg&t=226s
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQuLxvePHOA
  3. Thank you guys! and thanks for the info Chillbilly. I never knew that! Will for sure keep that in mind from now on! hold them vertically. I learn something everyday!
  4. I finally decided to start filming every time i go out fishing. i bought one of those fancy hatcams. I finally for two episodes, and many more will come this year. Here are the links to my first two. and the one from this week...
  5. They are very smart at Duck creek because of the really clear water. Make sure you downsize to 4 pound test line. You can catch them even in cold, along with pickerel and redear. With this lake, it is best to use natural colors. There is no need for yellow, pink, etc...problem with Duck creek is they also see you and are easily spooked. You may want to research fishing the local ditches. They have nowhere to hide and the water is stained more, and there are some monsters in them. There are two ditches near Neelyville, Coon Island that are excellent and easy to walk. I have seen some 14+ come from Duck Creek though. I think you just gotta fish and keep walking around, moving every couple minutes or use the paddle boats they offer. The crappie at Duck Creek really take off spawning before other places in the area. mid March they should already be goin nuts. go on cloudy days because they roam around more. when its sunny they spook there
  6. I recently have gotten more into crappie fishing this year way more than before. i rarely ever fished for them on purpose, except a few times over in Southern Illinois at the old coal mine pits, but i recently moved to Poplar Bluff last year so my area of fishing changed and i got hooked on crappie, warmouth, pickerel and redear. Before i was only into the walleye, sauger, white bass and smallies. I got this 16 inch white crappie while fishing a church in town. I showed my local barber during a haircut. he whipped out his phone, only to show me how he travels every year to Mississippi in February and gets several 18 inch slabs. Now i have got to try that. I do not believe it's possible to get one like that here in Missouri. Has anyone ever went to Arkabutla, Grenada, Washington, or Sardis Lakes? I was just thinking to pay for a guided service to make sure.
  7. I agree. i lived in tennessee for a while when i was in the service, and i was amazed on how much bigger the smallies were down there too. every time i would go out a 3-4 pounder was common, to where in missouri it is not every trip you get one that size. i caught a 24 incher near Clarksville out of Yellow Creek, which dumps into Lake Barkely. I never did weigh the thing, just measured it. then i gave it to a taxidermist to keep frozen for me until i could pay to have it mounted but then me and my ex split up and i had kinda forgotten it, and just too much going on. They do get huge in the great lakes. I dont understand why the record is from Dale Hollow lake in tennessee though if they get bigger up north, but it seems like any place that goes into the Tennessee or Cumberland Rivers are also excellent
  8. yeah i caught a walleye also at saline a few times, but about 9/10 of them were saugers but once in a while a walleye will run up there...i go where the south fork and minnith fork come together in late september until around halloween and its just excellent for saugers and the occasional walleye...also caught one at the low water bridge on highway NN.
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