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  1. Tried it today also three short Walters and two keepers that were donated by a couple who I believe felt sorry for me was with my way older brother and noise from his oxygen bottles banging around in boat surely was no help probably should have had more of the nice couples tea she was drinking
  2. Good pic of guy in green shirt great trip today with lmt out caught lot of Walters drum. Bream. Whites blacks and a plethora of catfish great time thanks again young Ed if you can get him to take you fishing you won’t be disappointed
  3. Funny about the ulterra they never show on the add the fact that you still Have to load the boat
  4. also made it out today brother and I fished from nine till about 2 or so threw all except the retriever dog three fish two nice spots and one brown fish pretty slow launched at baxter went to hydes hollow area water clearing up someone had cleaned two large spoonbill at the ramp real pleasant to look at where would they have snagged them up in this area any ideas
  5. had a resort on Toledo bend for a few years brother and I we rented a 18 foot pontoon with a house type structure on it that was heated and cooled all the luxurys of home would go out two nights before for yhe clients and put out five gallon buckets of pogey meal tied to trees about twenty feet apart then take the clients out tie up each end to a tree pull up the floor like the cover of a baptismal hang some lanters and wail on the crappie would not be uncommon to catck 3 or 4 HUNDRED yep that is HUNDRED a night ice them down throw them in the fish cleaning machine and do it again the next night
  6. word to the wise if you do not have or do not use some type of lure retriever you need deep pockets or free lures must have used my hound dog no less then ten or fifteen times lost zero baits absolutely a must in these big rocks
  7. got the tub wet around noon fished till three baxter area mostly points with steep banks large rock three to fifteen feet rc molting craw and red wart five nice keepers one was mean mouth pic of smally small jaw so full of dads they were coming out the old girls well you can see for yourself great day to be out pic of my decrepid old brother
  8. where is good place to catch yellow perch from shore at bull shoals. I live at Clinton ar and hate to pull boat that far     bob

    IMG_0077 bobs fish.jpg

  9. need some help any one know where one might find live minnows for sale in area arownd Kimberling city thanks for info
  10. we two old dudes will be there my partner will be the one with the oxygen bottles clanging around paxcemaker hearing aids all the way up till they chirp walker and ace bandages on both wrists
  11. been really doing well catching a lot of gills close to a pound have been keeping 30 or so a day still fishing 22 to 25 ft using large red worms on a drop shot type rig small circle hook foot of line then 1/8 ounce bell sinker could be any sinker circle hook eliminates deep hooking make great fillets allmost any gravel point good luck this is pic of what you are looking for
  12. speaking of bluegill and crickets thought i would chime in and maybe be of some help to some locating knee bream (pronounced brim down south) will explain knee brim later. 19 to 22 ft allmost any gravel main lake runout take your ned rig or a c rig with fish doctor or similar bait and slowly troll it (strolling) untillyou get that rat a tat tat bite from mr brim feelsike they pick it up and gargle it and spit it out then do it again all in the blink of an eye these are the ones you want. watch your locator thet will show up like long blobs with streaks coming up usually abouy one to two feet of the bottom. throw out the marker and wail on them. bait crickets are to fragile and to many escapees in the boat knee brim usually take yhem very light and one little hit and that little bug is gone. red worms YES tough no escapees stand a lot of abuse from mr brim put 10 or so in a cleaned out butter tub inch of water and two or three ice cubes no mess lively and tough rigging like c rig 6lb main kine 1/4 ounce slip sinker swivel two or four pd drop line 12 to 14 inch small circle hook drop to bottom crank up two turns wait for bite knee brim are what you want on toledo bend these are gills when you catch them my hand from tip of my thumb to the tip of my flip you off finger is 7 inch if i cannot hold mr brim with one hand and take out the hook with other i have to hold himm between my knees thus a knee brim
  13. went up little indian sunday pm saw maybe 25 to 30 bass (not shad) and ten or so large crappie floating about halph way into creek
  14. rps give me a call if you want on your info on trolling motor 816 213 8703
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