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  1. Fishable or iced in

    Thanks for the info guys. I will try Beaver. I was able to launch my deep v at shadow rock a couple of weeks ago but had to wear knee high muck boots to do it.
  2. Fishable or iced in

    Does anyone know if shadow rock or k dock are usable? By the gauge, it looks like they have been running water pretty regularly so I would think it would be open, but would appreciate info before dragging the boat 1.5 hours. Thanks in advance
  3. Ultrex review?

    Is not an ultrex, but I upgraded from a Terrova to the ulterra and it is substantially better. It does have the external GPS puck. I was having similar issues as you guys with my old Terrova. It would hold on an area rather than a 6ft spot.
  4. River Run CampGround and Ramp

    It was still under water 2 weeks ago.
  5. Brand new, came on my new Targa. Had tracker put an ulterra on it day 1 and have this leftover. 24 volt, 70 lb thrust, 60"shaft. $700 SOLD
  6. Launch ramp

    Thanks for the info! I am gong to try it this week.
  7. Launch ramp

    I was able to launch last week in swan and skirt around the bridge but am worried that it will be to shallow now. From what I see on the gauge, it looks like the lake dropped 2 ft from last week? Any suggestions? Is beaver useable?
  8. Blues baby!!!

    Nice pics! I fish the pothole also. Never know what you are going to catch down there. Where did you guys launch from with the high water?
  9. Fishing Report anyone?

    I've heard of a few small stripers being caught also, but people tend to be hush hush about it.
  10. SOLD 2013 Tracker ProGuide 175 Combo

    Mine were wired by the dealer at time of sale when they installed the bank charger so I never really looked how they are wired. Mine are located up in the front deck just in front of the windshield. There is not a bunch of extra room with the second battery, but they fit fine? They are great boats. I have caught a ton of fish out of this one, but need more room for the family now that my girls are getting big enough to go with. When I get this one sold I will probably get one of the Targa V20's.
  11. Looking for a little advice

    Truman is so big it is hard to answer your questions accurately. What direction are you coming from. What are you fishing for. Are you just wanting to pleasure boat. It has so many different areas. Your boat will be fine on most of them barring any really windy days and depending on your boating knowledge.
  12. Powersite Dam Question

    How high is the water now? Are any ramps usable now?
  13. Anyone been out?

    They should be for awhile. From what I hear its the same as it has been for the last three weeks or more. Tons of eater size blue cats, some nice flathead being caught on spoons from the west side and hybrids in the foam from the bank on the east side. Crappie off the docks in the dead channel.
  14. Greetings from islamorada

    You guys should head south and hand feed the tarpon at 7 mile bridge. It's a blast. If your resort is on the Atlantic side, you can catch sharks from the bank at night. You just need to use a steel leader and fresh cut bait and preferably 40 lb test or bigger. I have caught many while staying at the Islander resort there in Islamorada. Biggest was a7 ft Lemon shark. I just used some kingfish from our offshore trip earlier in the day. Or just use shrimp to catch some fish of a pier, cut them in half and throw them as far out as you can. Bloodier, the better. Post pics of you catch one! Also the stone crab claws from the fish market there are the best!

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