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  1. navery

    Bass Fishing Bite was Very Good 10-25 & 10-27

    Yeah the ulterra trolling motor self deploy sure makes it a lot easier to go fishing by myself. Great report!
  2. navery

    Bass Fishing Bite was Very Good 10-25 & 10-27

    That's a pretty deep v in the background,lol. I was putting in as you guys were snapping pics. I found some hybrids with biggest going right at 12 lbs. Truman is definitely an amazing lake!
  3. navery

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    I wonder if them blitzing after a boat/ PWC passes by has to do with the noise or more with stunning and/or disorienting that year's shad on the surface with prop wash and scattering, leaving the hybrids an advantage that they have learned? Could be one or both, but I will have to keep a weathered eye out for this behavior from now on.
  4. navery

    Whites, Hybrids and Stripers?

    From what I have read and spoken to others about, the theory behind these thumpers working on stripers is because it mimics the sound of the augers in the feeding trucks while they were at the hatcheries. They are conditioned to feed when they here that sound. Never talked to anyone about using it on whites.
  5. navery

    Trolling Plate

    Just drag a couple of 5 gallon buckets of the back of your boat. It will slow you down and be a lot cheaper. You could also invest in a wind sock to drag if you wanted something that is more easily stowed.
  6. What mopanfisher said except make sure once you smell bleach at a faucet inside the house, run all faucets until you smell bleach. Shock your entire system. If you don't treat all water in all the lines, the bacteria can work its way back through the system.
  7. navery

    Striper Fishing

    anywhere from 10ft-25ft.
  8. navery

    Striper Fishing

    Any trout colored swimbait. There are all types of brands.
  9. navery


    They are all over by Osage bluff. When you find them, it will only take one throw to fill up a net. Look for them flipping early in the day.
  10. navery

    Shadow Rock Park

    No, but river run is.
  11. navery

    Inline Spinners

    These work great and I will be getting some more. Caught this 14 lber and several other 8 lbers on Truman the first time I used these. Would highly recommend.
  12. navery

    Fishing Etiquette

    That's actually pretty funny, well played!
  13. navery

    Fishing Etiquette

    I would agree, most anglers are polite and respectful. I stated earlier about not sinking to their level and was joking about hot lapping. Insinuating that we we were infringing on bank fisherman while knowing nothing about the area is just ignorance. The area we were in is inaccessible to bank fisherman. You obviously don't mind being rude and crowding other boats, and that's fine. Its your prerogative. I feel the crowding that happened to me was rude and uncalled for, but is out of my control. I do go fishing to "alleviate" stress, but am not always successful obviously. At least I try to find a productive way to enjoy my time instead the alternatives. Either way, I'm over it and am done arguing about it. Everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and opinions, that is one of the amazing things about this beautiful country. Tight lines!
  14. navery

    Osage Bluff 5/31

    Top water early and late, spoons, rattle traps and rooster tails when the sun is up. 8-15 ft of water. Good luck and post pics! Bite is better when they are running water through the dam.
  15. navery

    Fishing Etiquette

    What you do not want to happen to you, do not do it yourself either. " – Sextus the Pythagorean As mentioned earlier, I don't crowd others as I don't like to be crowded. I patiently wait until they are finish our look for fish elsewhere. I like to think of it more as the golden rule, but, to each their own. I like the speedo idea, I just don't believe I have the confidence to pull it off....

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