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  1. I would be more than willing to come help you catch them, just to ease that fisherman's elbow of course! I'll even provide the boat! Just tell me when and where!
  2. I was referring to cross timers and down to Avery area. I wish they would stock them in pomme. Closer to Springfield, lol
  3. Why don't more people talk about catching hybrids up there? It's not like the main lake where people can fish on top of you and I know they are there because I caught a few nice ones on an exploratory trip when the lake was 14 feet high earlier this year. They were running enough water that I was able to get my targa 20 up past sugar camp hollow.
  4. It is around 16,000 every other year. Half at k dock and half at Theodosia.
  5. Like I said, the fish have different growth rates at different lakes. Bull shoals is a completely different water system with different forage which is why they are growing faster. THAT is why it is better than LoZ. Also, other than one specific area during a specific time, hardly any are caught at bull shoals every year. You have never worked on any of my equipment so I assume you weren't talking to me. Also, the 150,000 stocking mentioned earlier in the thread were fry, which is totally different situation to how they are stocking bull shoals. Trying to compare bull shoals to LOZ is like comparing a trout hatchery to a lake. They are two completely different situations.
  6. Siusaluki, you should just give up. I haven't joined the debate because I learned a while ago he won't admit when he speaks out of ignorance, won't admit when he is wrong and is hypocritical. Some of his retorts in this thread alone prove that. He reads or is told all his information, but then says he doesn't believe what he's told or "fed" by literature. It's not worth your time arguing with him. You are correct, they do stock pure strain striped bass in LOZ, usually with overages once they are done stocking Bull Shoals. Him stating that there had not been a stocking for over 20 years and understands how hard natural reproduction is should tell his common sense that they have been stocked. MDC stocked them 2013, 2015 and 2017 after stocking bull shoals. I have been helping them track growth rates there. You are correct that habitat influences growth at different lakes. The ones in bull shoals are averaging 3-4 lbs a year. I have been catching them since they began stocking. There is 4 definitive weight classes there as well. 5-8 lbs, 12-16 lbs, 20-24 lbs and then the old dinosaurs that range from 26 lbs up to 60 lbs that were accidentally introduced by AGFC in 1998.
  7. Nice fish. Didn't realize I responded to this thread. Must have been a butt reply, lol Edited to an acceptable reply now.
  8. How deep were you fishing when you caught your big catfish?
  9. They are running a lot of water through both dams so that is what is causing the current. You should try Warsaw next time. The catfish bite has been excellent. We have been catching at least one over every trip with several slot fish and a ton of unders.
  10. Right now on Truman, I am having better success finding them late afternoon suspended, with them moving into 20-25 ft right at sunset.
  11. Not that you asked, but if I was fishing that lake, the red spots are the most hybrid and striper looking places that stand out to me. I usually look for places like these when fishing new water and usually find them. You will know for sure if you see boats on these spots near sunrise and sunset. I would start out in 35 fow and graph up into 14 fow looking for marks. Good luck and let me know if you see anything like my graph pic at any of these spots.
  12. There were 2 logs about 12" out of the water just up from Rockaway in the channel that I passed Friday afternoon, but that is the only time I have been on that part of the lake. I launched at empire and went up just passed Rockaway. Didn't notice anything else other than shallow weeds. Go slow out of empire though. Gets very shallow trying to get to the channel from the ramp. I had my motor trimmed up high and was still churning mud. Worst case, you could just use your trolling motor to get over the shallow stuff. Just saw this was from June. Oh well, I guess this is just a current conditions report.
  13. Went to my friends lake house up the Gravois. First time fishing LOZ lower lake, but was still able to find some nice hybrids and a couple of walleye.
  14. I am sorry that offended you, but without proof of ameren lying, it is indeed a theory, and reading that back, I should have left out parade. It does come across as antagonistic, and that wasn't my intent. Yes, friends sounds great. Let's go chase hybrids sometime! I have been catching the snot out of them on Truman since the beginning of April.
  15. You are kind of a cyber bully aren't you? I edited my response above with more explanation for you and am I the only one that hears a voice yelling your condescending words in my head as I read them, lol
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