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  1. navery

    Fairfield Ramp

    They have shut off the water and Truman is on the rise quickly. Fairfield will probably close again soon.
  2. navery

    Fairfield Ramp

    They said Fairfield reopened today
  3. navery

    Lake condition

    No problem, good luck! Post pics!
  4. navery

    Lake condition

    Google will work for pretty much anything. Closed boat ramps include Windsor Crossing, Fairfield, Shawnee Bend, and Berry Bend. Ramps that may be closed next week include Long Shoal, Osage Bluff, Thibaut Point, Crowe's Crossing, and Sac River. High water boat ramps are open at Shawnee Bend, Berry Bend, and State Park. Bledsoe Ferry Ramp is also open. Also, I believe osage bluff still has a useable ramp per their fishing report today.
  5. navery

    Lake condition

    Level is 727 and slowly falling. Normal pool is 706. Fairfield will still be underwater as most all of the regular ramps are. You will need to use the high water ramps.
  6. What brand of net and top water lure are those?
  7. Went again today for a couple hours. They are also hitting top water. Caught whites at kk island
  8. Correct. 15 white bass, hybrids or a mix of the two, per person with only 4 being over 18".
  9. The red spots are where I would look for whites and hybrids. Fish the points and banks that the wind is blowing into. I caught 4 man limits with some buddies I took out Wednesday. Smallest was 8 lbs. They were in 4-12 ft of water
  10. If he is looking for hybrids he will need to go up past the bridge, or look for them at kk island.
  11. Yes, but I would go a lot further up(bottom right of your picture) to find them.
  12. The whites and hybrids will be mixed in together. They are in the creek channels, but this may be tough since you don't have a graph that shows that. Be careful as there is a lot of standing timber the further you go back in the creeks. You probably won't see them breaking the surface this early, so you will just have cast until you find them. 3" Chartreuse and white sassy shad and rooster tails will catch them. Good luck and post your results!
  13. navery

    More hybrids

    Them releasing water hasn't affected them yet but the water had just started dropping so I don't know if it's affecting them or not. Took my buddies last Thursday and took my wife and her friend Saturday. Their fish are in this pic. Have been busy working in Arkansas so I wasn't able to post earlier and haven't been since. I'm sure they're still voraciously eating somewhere though.
  14. navery

    More hybrids

    Went back and found them again. This time I took two buddies so they could hear some drag sing, and no we were not using 13"crappie for bait. It was bycatch and one of my buddies refuses to throw fish back. Still left them biting. Water temps 53-55
  15. Yeah they were fun to catch. It wasn't too hard to leave them because I know where they are, lol. Can always go back while the water stays up.
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